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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Noun mandate has 3 senses

Verb mandate has 3 senses


mandaten. [L. mandatum, fr. mandare to commit to one's charge, order, orig., to put into one's hand; manus hand + dare to give: cf. F. mandat. See Manual, Date a time, and cf. Commend, Maundy Thursday.].
  •  An official or authoritative command, order, or authorization from a superior official to a subordinate; an order or injunction; a commission; a judicial precept.  [1913 Webster]
    "This dream all-powerful Juno; I bear
    Her mighty mandates, and her words you hear.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  An authorization to carry out a specific public policy, given by the electorate to their representatives; -- it is considered to be implied by the election of a candidate by a significant margin after that candidate has campaigned with that policy as a prominent element of the campaign platform.  [PJC]
  •  Authorization by a multinational body to a nation to administer the government and affairs of a territory, usually a former colony; as, termination of the British mandate in Palestine.  [PJC]
  •  A rescript of the pope, commanding an ordinary collator to put the person therein named in possession of the first vacant benefice in his collation.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A contract by which one employs another to manage any business for him. By the Roman law, it must have been gratuitous.  Erskine.  [1913 Webster]


mandate, n. & v.
1 an official command or instruction by an authority.
2 support for a policy or course of action, regarded by a victorious party, candidate, etc., as derived from the wishes of the people in an election.
3 a commission to act for another.
4 Law a commission by which a party is entrusted to perform a service, often gratuitously and with indemnity against loss by that party.
5 hist. a commission from the League of Nations to a member State to administer a territory.
6 a papal decree or decision.
1 instruct (a delegate) to act or vote in a certain way.
2 (usu. foll. by to) hist. commit (a territory etc.) to a mandatary.

mandator n.
L mandatum, neut. past part. of mandare command f. manus hand + dare give: sense 2 of n. after F mandat



adverse possession, agency, agentship, ally, alodium, archduchy, archdukedom, assignment, authority, authorization, behest, bench warrant, bid, bidding, body politic, brevet, buffer state, burgage, call on, call the signals, call upon, capias, captive nation, care, caveat, charge, chieftaincy, chieftainry, city-state, claim, colony, command, commission, commissioning, commitment, commonweal, commonwealth, consignment, constitutional referendum, country, county, cure, de facto, de jure, death warrant, declare, decree, delegated authority, delegation, dependency, deputation, derivative title, devolution, devolvement, dictate, direct, direct initiative, domain, dominion, duchy, dukedom, earldom, embassy, empery, empire, empowerment, enjoin, entrusting, entrustment, errand, executorship, exequatur, factorship, facultative referendum, fee fief, fee position, fee simple, fee simple absolute, fee simple conditional, fee simple defeasible, fee simple determinable, fee tail, feodum, feud, fiat, fiefdom, fieri facias, frankalmoign, free city, free socage, freehold, full power, gavelkind, give an order, give the word, grand duchy, habere facias possessionem, having title to, hold, holding, imperative, indirect initiative, initiative, injunction, instruct, interdict, issue a command, issue a writ, jurisdiction, kingdom, knight service, land, lay fee, lease, leasehold, legal claim, legal possession, legation, license, lieutenancy, mandamus, mandant, mandated territory, mandatee, mandatory, mandatory injunction, mandatory referendum, mission, mittimus, nation, nationality, nisi prius, notice, notification, occupancy, occupation, office, ordain, order, order about, original title, owning, plebiscite, plebiscitum, plenipotentiary power, polis, polity, possessing, possession, power, power of attorney, power to act, precept, preoccupancy, preoccupation, prepossession, prescription, principality, principate, process, proclaim, procuration, prohibitory injunction, promulgate, pronounce, property, property rights, proprietary rights, protectorate, province, proxy, puppet government, puppet regime, purview, realm, recall, referendum, regency, regentship, republic, responsibility, rule, satellite, say the word, search warrant, seisin, seneschalty, settlement, socage, sovereign nation, squatting, state, statutory referendum, sublease, sultanate, superpower, task, tenancy, tenantry, tenure, tenure in chivalry, territory, title, toparchia, toparchy, trust, trusteeship, underlease, undertenancy, usucapion, vicarious authority, villein socage, villeinhold, villenage, warrant, warrant of arrest, warrant of attorney, word, writ




N requirement, need, wants, necessities, necessaries, necessaries of life, stress, exigency, pinch, sine qua non, matter of necessity, case of need, case of life or death, needfulness, essentiality, necessity, indispensability, urgency, requisition, run upon, demand, call for, charge, claim, command, injunction, mandate, order, precept, desideratum, want, Adj, required, requisite, needful, necessary, imperative, essential, indispensable, prerequisite, called for, in demand, in request, urgent, exigent, pressing, instant, crying, absorbing, in want of, destitute of, ex necessitate rei, of necessity, there is no time to lose, it cannot be spared, it cannot be dispensed with, mendacem memorem esse oportet, necessitas non habet legem, nec tecum possum trivere nec sine te.


N command, order, ordinance, act, fiat, hukm, bidding, dictum, hest, behest, call, beck, nod, despatch, dispatch, message, direction, injunction, charge, instructions, appointment, fixture, demand, exaction, imposition, requisition, claim, reclamation, revendication, ultimatum, request, requirement, dictation, dictate, mandate, caveat, decree, senatus consultum, precept, prescript, rescript, writ, ordination, bull, ex cathedra pronouncement, edict, decretal, dispensation, prescription, brevet, placit, ukase, ukaz, firman, hatti- sherif, warrant, passport, mittimus, mandamus, summons, subpoena, nisi prius, interpellation, citation, word, word of command, mot d'ordre, bugle call, trumpet call, beat of drum, tattoo, order of the day, enactment, plebiscite, commanding, authoritative, decretory, decretive, decretal, callable, jussive, in a commanding tone, by a stroke of the pen, by a dash of the pen, by order, at beat of drum, on the first summons, the decree is gone forth, sic volo sic jubeo, le Roi le veut, boutez en avant.

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