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Noun, Verb (intransitive), Adjective


Noun limp has 1 sense

Verb limp has 2 senses

Adjective limp has 2 senses


limpv. i. [Cf. AS. lemphealt lame, OHG. limphen to limp, be weak; perh. akin to E. lame, or to limp, a
     To halt; to walk lamely. Also used figuratively.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
     A halt; the act of limping.  [1913 Webster]
     A scraper for removing poor ore or refuse from the sieve.  [1913 Webster]
limpa. [Cf. Icel. limpa limpness, weakness, and E. lap, n., lop, v. t. Cf. Limber, a.].
  •  Flaccid; flabby, as flesh.  Walton.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Lacking stiffness; flimsy; as, a limp cravat.  [1913 Webster]


limp, v. & n.
1 walk lamely.
2 (of a damaged ship, aircraft, etc.) proceed with difficulty.
3 (of verse) be defective.
--n. a lame walk.

limper n. limpingly adv.
limp, adj.
1 not stiff or firm; easily bent.
2 without energy or will.
3 (of a book) having a soft cover.

limply adv. limpness n.
18th c.: orig. unkn.: perh. rel. to LIMP(1) in the sense 'hanging loose'



amble, andante, anemic, asthenic, bagging, baggy, ballooning, barge, bloodless, bowl along, bundle, chicken, claudicate, claudication, clump, cowardly, cower, crawl, creep, dead march, debilitated, dodder, doddering, dogtrot, drag, drag along, drag out, droop, drooping, droopy, dull, effete, enervated, etiolated, exhausted, faint, faintish, falter, faltering, fatigued, feeble, flabby, flaccid, flexible, flimsy, floppy, flounce, foot, footpace, footslog, frail, funeral march, gait, gallop, gimp, go dead slow, go slow, gone, gutless, halt, hippety-hop, hitch, hobble, hobbling, hop, idle, imbecile, impotent, inch, inch along, ineffective, ineffectual, jog, jog trot, jog-trot, jolt, jump, lackadaisical, languid, languishing, languorous, lax, laze, leisurely gait, limber, listless, lock step, loose, lop, lop-eared, loppy, lukewarm, lumber, lumbering pace, lunge, lurch, lustless, marrowless, mince, mincing steps, mosey, muddle, namby-pamby, nerveless, nodding, pace, paddle, peg, piaffe, piaffer, pithless, pliable, plod, poke, poke along, pooped, powerless, prance, quiver, rack, relaxed, roll, rubbery, sagging, sagging in folds, saggy, sapless, sashay, saunter, scuff, scuffle, scuttle, shake, shamble, shuffle, shuffle along, sidle, sinewless, single-foot, skip, slack, sleazy, slink, slither, slog, slouch, slow march, slow motion, slowness, soft, spent, spineless, spiritless, stagger, stagger along, staggering, stalk, stamp, step, stomp, straddle, straggle, strengthless, stride, stroll, strolling gait, strut, stumble, stump, supple, swag, swagger, swing, teeter, tired, tittup, toddle, toddle along, totter, totter along, tottering, traipse, tread, tremble, trip, trot, trudge, unhardened, unnerved, unstrung, velocity, waddle, walk, wamble, wasted, weak, weakly, wiggle, wobble, worm, worm along, worn out




VB fail, be unsuccessful, not succeed, make vain efforts, do in vain, labor in vain, toil in vain, flunk, lose one's labor, take nothing by one's motion, bring to naught, make nothing of, wash a blackamoor white, roll the stones of Sisyphus, do by halves, lose ground, fall short of, miss, miss one's aim, miss the mark, miss one's footing, miss stays, slip, trip, stumble, make a slip, blunder, make a mess of, make a botch of, bitch it, miscarry, abort, go up like a rocket and come down like the stick, come down in flames, get shot down, reckon without one's host, get the wrong pig by the tail, get the wrong sow by the ear, limp, halt, hobble, titubate, fall, tumble, lose one's balance, fall to the ground, fall between two stools, flounder, falter, stick in the mud, run aground, split upon a rock, beat one's head against a stone wall, run one's head against a stone wall, knock one's head against a stone wall, dash one's head against a stone wall, break one's back, break down, sink, drown, founder, have the ground cut from under one, get into trouble, get into a mess, get into a scrape, come to grief, go to the wall, go to the dogs, go to pot, lick the dust, bite the dust, be defeated, have the worst of it, lose the day, come off second best, lose, fall a prey to, succumb, not have a leg to stand on, come to nothing, end in smoke, flat out, fall to the ground, fall through, fall dead, fall stillborn, fall flat, slip through one's fingers, hang fire, miss fire, flash in the pan, collapse, topple down, go to wrack and ruin, go amiss, go wrong, go cross, go hard with, go on a wrong tack, go on ill, come off ill, turn out ill, work ill, take a wrong term, take an ugly term, take an ugly turn, take a turn for the worse, be all over with, be all up with, explode, dash one's hopes, defeat the purpose, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, jump out of the frying pan into the fire, go from the frying pan into the fire.


VB be weak, drop, crumble, give way, totter, tremble, shake, halt, limp, fade, languish, decline, flag, fail, have one leg in the grave, render weak, weaken, enfeeble, debilitate, shake, deprive of strength, relax, enervate, eviscerate, unbrace, unnerve, cripple, unman, cramp, reduce, sprain, strain, blunt the edge of, dilute, impoverish, decimate, extenuate, reduce in strength, reduce the strength of, mettre de l'eau dans son vin.


VB move slowly, creep, crawl, lag, slug, drawl, linger, loiter, saunter, plod, trudge, stump along, lumber, trail, drag, dawdle, grovel, worm one's way, steal along, job on, rub on, bundle on, toddle, waddle, wabble, slug, traipse, slouch, shuffle, halt, hobble, limp, caludicate, shamble, flag, falter, trotter, stagger, mince, step short, march in slow time, march in funeral procession, take one's time, hang fire, retard, relax, slacken, check, moderate, rein in, curb, reef, strike sail, shorten sail, take in sail, put on the drag, apply the brake, clip the wings, reduce the speed, slacken speed, slacken one's pace, lose ground.


N softness, pliableness, flexibility, pliancy, pliability, sequacity, malleability, ductility, tractility, extendibility, extensibility, plasticity, inelasticity, flaccidity, laxity, penetrability, clay, wax, butter, dough, pudding, alumina, argil, cushion, pillow, feather bed, down, padding, wadding, foam, mollification, softening, soft, tender, supple, pliant, pliable, flexible, flexile, lithe, lithesome, lissom, limber, plastic, ductile, tractile, tractable, malleable, extensile, sequacious, inelastic, aluminous, remollient, yielding, flabby, limp, flimsy, doughy, spongy, penetrable, foamy, cushiony, flaccid, flocculent, downy, edematous, oedematous, medullary, argillaceous, mellow, soft as butter, soft as down, soft as silk, yielding as wax, tender as chicken.

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