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kick the bucket



Verb kick the bucket has 1 sense


kick the bucket


VB die, expire, perish, meet one's death, meet one's end, pass away, be taken, yield one's breath, resign one's breath, resign one's being, resign one's life, end one's days, end one's life, end one's earthly career, breathe one's last, cease to live, cease to breathe, depart this life, be no more, go off, drop off, pop off, lose one's life, lay down one's life, relinquish one's life, surrender one's life, drop into the grave, sink into the grave, close one's eyes, fall dead, drop dead, fall down dead, drop down dead, break one's neck, give up the ghost, yield up the ghost, be all over with one, pay the debt to nature, shuffle off this mortal coil, take one's last sleep, go the way of all flesh, hand in one's checks, pass in one's checks, hand in one's chips, pass in one's chips, join the greater number, join the majority, come to dust, turn to dust, cross the Stygian ferry, cross the bar, go to one's long account, go to one's last home, go to Davy Jones's locker, go to the wall, receive one's death warrant, make one's will, step out, die a natural death, go out like the snuff of a candle, come to an untimely end, catch one's death, go off the hooks, kick the bucket, buy the farm, hop the twig, turn up one's toes, die a violent death.

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