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Noun inhibition has 4 senses


inhibitionn. [L. inhibitio: cf. F. inhibition.].
  •  The act of inhibiting, or the state of being inhibited; restraint; prohibition; embargo.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A stopping or checking of an already present action; a restraining of the function of an organ, or an agent, as a digestive fluid or enzyme, etc.; as, the inhibition of the respiratory center by the pneumogastric nerve; the inhibition of reflexes, etc.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A writ from a higher court forbidding an inferior judge from further proceedings in a cause before; esp., a writ issuing from a higher ecclesiastical court to an inferior one, on appeal.  Cowell.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The reduction in rate or stopping of a chemical or biochemical reaction, due to interaction with a chemical agent.  [PJC]


inhibition, n.
1 Psychol. a restraint on the direct expression of an instinct.
2 colloq. an emotional resistance to a thought, an action, etc. (has inhibitions about singing in public).
3 Law an order forbidding alteration to property rights.
4 a the act of inhibiting. b the process of being inhibited.

ME f. OF inhibition or L inhibitio (as INHIBIT)



Eighteenth Amendment, Prohibition Party, Volstead Act, arrest, arrestation, arrestment, ban, bar, barrier, block, blockage, blocking, bottling up, censorship, check, clogging, closing up, closure, constraint, constriction, contraband, control, cooling, cooling down, cooling off, corking up, cramp, curb, curtailment, deceleration, defence, delay, denial, detainment, detention, disallowance, embargo, exclusion, fixation, foot-dragging, forbiddance, forbidden fruit, forbidding, hampering, hindering, hindrance, holdback, holding, holding in, holdup, impediment, index, index expurgatorius, index librorum prohibitorum, injunction, interdict, interdiction, interdictum, interference, interruption, keeping, law, legal restraint, let, locking in, maintenance, monopoly, negativism, no-no, nuisance value, obstruction, obstructionism, occlusion, opposition, preclusion, prehension, preservation, prevention, prohibition, prohibitory injunction, proscription, protection, protectionism, protective tariff, psychological block, rationing, refusal, rein, rejection, repression, resistance, restraint, restraint of trade, restriction, restrictive covenants, retainment, retardation, retardment, retention, retentiveness, retentivity, retrenchment, ruling out, self-consciousness, self-control, setback, slowing down, squeeze, statute, stranglehold, stricture, sumptuary laws, suppression, taboo, tariff wall, tenacity, thought control, zoning, zoning laws




N hindrance, prevention, preclusion, obstruction, stoppage, embolus, embolism, infarct, interruption, interception, interclusion, hindrance, impedition, retardment, retardation, embarrassment, oppilation, coarctation, stricture, restriction, restraint, inhibition, blockade, interference, interposition, obtrusion, discouragement, discountenance, impediment, let, obstacle, obstruction, knot, knag, check, hitch, contretemps, screw loose, grit in the oil, bar, stile, barrier, turnstile, turnpike, gate, portcullis, beaver dam, trocha, barricade, wall, dead wall, sea wall, levee breakwater, groyne, bulkhead, block, buffer, stopper, boom, dam, weir, burrock, drawback, objection, stumbling-block, stumbling-stone, lion in the path, snag, snags and sawyers, encumbrance, incumbrance, clog, skid, shoe, spoke, drag, drag chain, drag weight, stay, stop, preventive, prophylactic, load, burden, fardel, onus, millstone round one's neck, impedimenta, dead weight, lumber, pack, nightmare, Ephialtes, incubus, old man of the sea, remora, difficulty, insuperable, obstacle, estoppel, ill wind, head wind, trammel, tether, hold back, counterpoise, damper, wet blanket, hinderer, marplot, killjoy, party pooper, party crasher, interloper, trail of a red herring, opponent, hindering, obstructive, obstruent, impeditive, impedient, intercipient, prophylactic, impedimentary, in the way of, unfavorable, onerous, burdensome, cumbrous, cumbersome, obtrusive, hindered, windbound, waterlogged, heavy laden, hard pressed, unassisted &c (assist), single-handed, alone, deserted, occurrent nubes.


N prohibition, inhibition, veto, disallowance, interdict, interdiction, injunction, estoppel, embargo, ban, taboo, proscription, index expurgatorius, restriction, hindrance, forbidden fruit, Maine law, prohibitive, prohibitory, proscriptive, restrictive, exclusive, forbidding, prohibited, not permitted, unlicensed, contraband, impermissible, under the ban of, illegal, unauthorized, not to be thought of, uncountenanced, unthinkable, beyond the pale, on no account, Int, forbid it heaven!, hands off!, keep off!, hold!, stop!, desist!, cease and desist!, avast!, that will never do, don't you dare, forget it, don't even think about doing it, go ahead, make my day.


N counteraction, opposition, contrariety, antagonism, polarity, clashing, collision, interference, inhibition, resistance, renitency, friction, reaction, retroaction, counterblast, neutralization, vis inertiae, check, voluntary opposition &c, voluntary resistance, repression, opposites, action and reaction, yang and yin, yang-yin (contrariety), counteracting, antagonistic, conflicting, retroactive, renitent, reactionary, contrary, although, in spite of, against, for every action there is a reaction, equal in force and opposite in direction.

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