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Noun hunter has 4 senses


  •  One who hunts wild animals either for sport or for food; a huntsman.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A dog that scents game, or is trained to the chase; a hunting dog.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A horse used in the chase; especially, a thoroughbred, bred and trained for hunting.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One who hunts or seeks after anything, as if for game; as, a fortune hunter a place hunter.  [1913 Webster]
    "No keener hunter after glory breathes."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A kind of spider. See Hunting spider, under Hunting.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A hunting watch, or one of which the crystal is protected by a metallic cover.  [1913 Webster]
Hunter's room, the lunation after the harvest moon. -- Hunter's screw (Mech.), a differential screw, so named from the inventor. See under Differential.


hunter, n.
1 a (fem. huntress) a person or animal that hunts. b a horse used in hunting.
2 a person who seeks something.
3 a watch with a hinged cover protecting the glass.

hunter's moon the next full moon after the harvest moon.



Nimrod, Orion, archer, artilleryman, beater, bidet, big game hunter, bird dog, bowman, cannoneer, carabineer, carriage horse, cart horse, cavalry horse, chaser, courser, crack shot, dead shot, deadeye, delver, digger, draft horse, dray horse, driving horse, field dog, fill horse, filler, follower, gigster, good shot, gun, gun dog, gunman, gunner, hack, hackney, hunting dog, huntress, huntsman, jacker, jacklighter, jument, lead, leader, marksman, markswoman, mount, musketeer, pack horse, palfrey, perquisitor, plow horse, pole horse, polo pony, post-horse, pursuant, pursuer, quester, ransacker, remount, research worker, researcher, researchist, rider, riding horse, rifleman, road horse, roadster, rouncy, rummager, saddle horse, saddler, searcher, seeker, shaft horse, sharpshooter, shikari, shooter, shot, sniper, sporting dog, sportsman, sportswoman, stalker, stalking-horse, sumpter, sumpter horse, targetshooter, thill horse, thiller, toxophilite, tracker, trapper, trapshooter, water dog, wheeler, wheelhorse, white hunter, workhorse, zetetic




N pursuit, pursuing, prosecution, pursuance, enterprise, business, adventure, quest, scramble, hue and cry, game, hobby, still-hunt, chase, hunt, battue, race, steeple chase, hunting, coursing, venation, venery, fox chase, sport, sporting, shooting, angling, fishing, hawking, shikar (Geog loc:India), pursuer, hunter, huntsman, shikari (Geog loc:India), sportsman, Nimrod, hound, pursuing, in quest of, in pursuit, in full cry, in hot pursuit, on the scent, in pursuance of, after, Int, tallyho!, yoicks!, soho!.


N carrier, porter, bearer, tranter, conveyer, cargador, express, expressman, stevedore, coolie, conductor, locomotive, motor, beast, beast of burden, cattle, horse, nag, palfrey, Arab, blood horse, thoroughbred, galloway, charger, courser, racer, hunter, jument, pony, filly, colt, foal, barb, roan, jade, hack, bidet, pad, cob, tit, punch, roadster, goer, racehorse, pack horse, draft horse, cart horse, dray horse, post horse, ketch, Shetland pony, shelty, sheltie, garran, garron, jennet, genet, bayard, mare, stallion, gelding, bronco, broncho, cayuse, creature, critter, cow pony, mustang, Narraganset, waler, stud, Pegasus, Bucephalus, Rocinante, ass, donkey, jackass, mule, hinny, sumpter horse, sumpter mule, burro, cuddy, ladino, reindeer, camel, dromedary, llama, elephant, carrier pigeon, pallet, brace, cart, dolley, support, fork lift, carriage, ship, equine, asinine.


N killing, homicide, manslaughter, murder, assassination, trucidation, iccusion, effusion of blood, blood, blood shed, gore, slaughter, carnage, butchery, battue, massacre, fusillade, noyade, thuggery, Thuggism, deathblow, finishing stroke, coup de grace, quietus, execution, judicial murder, martyrdom, butcher, slayer, murderer, Cain, assassin, terrorist, cutthroat, garroter, bravo, Thug, Moloch, matador, sabreur, guet-a-pens, gallows, executioner, man-eater, apache, hatchet man, highbinder, regicide, parricide, matricide, fratricide, infanticide, feticide, foeticide, uxoricide, vaticide, suicide, felo de se, hara-kiri, suttee, Juggernath, immolation, auto da fe, holocaust, suffocation, strangulation, garrote, hanging, lapidation, deadly weapon, Aceldama, slaughtering, phthisozoics, sport, sporting, the chase, venery, hunting, coursing, shooting, fishing, pig- sticking, sportsman, huntsman, fisherman, hunter, Nimrod, slaughterhouse, meat packing plant, shambles, abattoir, fatal accident, violent death, casualty, killing, murderous, slaughterous, sanguinary, sanguinolent, blood stained, blood thirsty, homicidal, red handed, bloody, bloody minded, ensanguined, gory, thuggish, mortal, fatal, lethal, dead, deadly, mortiferous, lethiferous, unhealthy internecine, suicidal, sporting, piscatorial, piscatory, in at the death, assassination has never changed the history of the.

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