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Noun, Verb (intransitive), Adjective, Adverb


Noun home has 9 senses

Adverbial home has 3 senses

Adjective home has 3 senses

Verb home has 2 senses


homen. [OE. hom, ham, AS. hām; akin to OS. h, D. & G. heim, Sw. hem, Dan. hiem, Icel. heimr abode, world, heima home, Goth. haims village, Lith. këmas, and perh. to Gr. kw`mh village, or to E. hind a peasant; cf. Skr. ksh abode, place of rest, security, kshi to dwell.
  •  One's own dwelling place; the house in which one lives; esp., the house in which one lives with his family; the habitual abode of one's family; also, one's birthplace.  [1913 Webster]
    "The disciples went away again to their own home."  [1913 Webster]
    "Home is the sacred refuge of our life."  [1913 Webster]
    "Home! home! sweet, sweet home!
    There's no place like home.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  One's native land; the place or country in which one dwells; the place where one's ancestors dwell or dwelt.  Hawthorne.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The abiding place of the affections, especially of the domestic affections.  [1913 Webster]
    "He entered in his house -- his home no more,
    For without hearts there is no home.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  The locality where a thing is usually found, or was first found, or where it is naturally abundant; habitat; seat; as, the home of the pine.  [1913 Webster]
    "Her eyes are homes of silent prayer."  [1913 Webster]
    "Flandria, by plenty made the home of war."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A place of refuge and rest; an asylum; as, a home for outcasts; a home for the blind; hence, esp., the grave; the final rest; also, the native and eternal dwelling place of the soul.  [1913 Webster]
    "Man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The home base; as, he started for home.  [1913 Webster]
At home.(a) At one's own house, or lodgings. (b) In one's own town or country; as, peace abroad and at home. (c) Prepared to receive callers. -- Home department, the department of executive administration, by which the internal affairs of a country are managed. [Eng.] To be at home on any subject, to be conversant or familiar with it. -- To feel at home, to be at one's ease. -- To make one's self at home, to conduct one's self with as much freedom as if at home.
Syn. -- Tenement; house; dwelling; abode; domicile.
  •  Of or pertaining to one's dwelling or country; domestic; not foreign; as home manufactures; home comforts.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Close; personal; pointed; as, a home thrust.  [1913 Webster]
  •  In various games, the ultimate point aimed at in a progress; goal  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]
Home base or Home plate (Baseball), the base at which the batter stands when batting, and which is the last base to be reached in scoring a run. -- Home farm, grounds, etc., the farm, grounds, etc., adjacent to the residence of the owner. -- Home lot, an inclosed plot on which the owner's home stands. [U. S.] -- Home rule, rule or government of an appendent or dependent country, as to all local and internal legislation, by means of a governing power vested in the people within the country itself, in contradistinction to a government established by the dominant country; as, home rule in Ireland. Also used adjectively; as, home-rule members of Parliament. -- Home ruler, one who favors or advocates home rule. -- Home stretch (Sport.), that part of a race course between the last curve and the winning post. -- Home thrust, a well directed or effective thrust; one that wounds in a vital part; hence, in controversy, a personal attack.
  •  To one's home or country; as in the phrases, go home, come home, carry home.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Close; closely.  [1913 Webster]
    "How home the charge reaches us, has been made out."  [1913 Webster]
    "They come home to men's business and bosoms."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To the place where it belongs; to the end of a course; to the full length; as, to drive a nail home; to ram a cartridge home.  [1913 Webster]
    " Home is often used in the formation of compound words, many of which need no special definition; as, home-brewed, home-built, home-grown, etc."  [1913 Webster]
    "Wear thy good rapier bare and put it home."  [1913 Webster]
To bring home. See under Bring. -- To come home.(a) To touch or affect personally. See under Come. (b) (Naut.) To drag toward the vessel, instead of holding firm, as the cable is shortened; -- said of an anchor. -- To haul home the sheets of a sail (Naut.), to haul the clews close to the sheave hole. Totten.
homev. i. 
  •  To return home.  [PJC]
  •  To proceed toward an object or location intended as a target; -- of missiles which can change course in flight under internal or external control; usually used with in on; as, the missile homed in on the radar site.  [PJC]
  •  To arrive at or get closer to an object sought or an intended goal; used with in on; as, the repairman quickly homed in on the cause of the malfunction.  [PJC]


home, n., adj., adv., & v.
1 a the place where one lives; the fixed residence of a family or household. b a dwelling-house.
2 the members of a family collectively; one's family background (comes from a good home).
3 the native land of a person or of a person's ancestors.
4 an institution for persons needing care, rest, or refuge (nursing home).
5 the place where a thing originates or is native or most common.
6 a the finishing-point in a race. b (in games) the place where one is free from attack; the goal. c Lacrosse a player in an attacking position near the opponents' goal.
7 Sport a home match or win.
1 a of or connected with one's home. b carried on, done, or made, at home. c proceeding from home.
2 a carried on or produced in one's own country (home industries; the home market). b dealing with the domestic affairs of a country.
3 Sport played on one's own ground etc. (home match; home win).
4 in the neighbourhood of home.
1 a to one's home or country (go home). b arrived at home (is he home yet?). c US at home (stay home).
2 a to the point aimed at (the thrust went home). b as far as possible (drove the nail home; pressed his advantage home).
1 intr. (esp. of a trained pigeon) return home (cf. HOMING 1).
2 intr. (often foll. by on, in on) (of a vessel, missile, etc.) be guided towards a destination or target by a landmark, radio beam, etc.
3 tr. send or guide homewards.
4 tr. provide with a home.

at home
1 in one's own house or native land.
2 at ease as if in one's own home (make yourself at home).
3 (usu. foll. by in, on, with) familiar or well informed.
4 available to callers. at-home n. a social reception in a person's home. come home to become fully realized by. come home to roost see ROOST(1). home and dry having achieved one's purpose. home away from home = home from home. home-bird a person who likes to stay at home. home-brew beer or other alcoholic drink brewed at home. home-brewed (of beer etc.) brewed at home. home-coming arrival at home. Home Counties the counties closest to London. home economics the study of household management. home farm Brit. a farm (one of several on an estate) set aside to provide produce for the owner. home-felt felt intimately. home from home a place other than one's home where one feels at home; a place providing homelike amenities. home-grown grown or produced at home.
Home Guard hist.
1 the British citizen army organized in 1940 to defend the UK against invasion, and disbanded in 1957.
2 a member of this. home help Brit. a woman employed to help in a person's home, esp. one provided by a local authority. home, James! joc. drive home quickly! home-made made at home. home-making creation of a (pleasant) home. home movie a film made at home or of one's own activities.
Home Office
1 the British government department dealing with law and order, immigration, etc., in England and Wales.
2 the building used for this. home of lost causes Oxford University. home-owner a person who owns his or her own home. home perm a permanent wave made with domestic equipment. home plate Baseball a plate beside which the batter stands. home port the port from which a ship originates. home rule the government of a country or region by its own citizens. home run Baseball a hit that allows the batter to make a complete circuit of the bases. Home Secretary (in the UK) the Secretary of State in charge of the Home Office. home signal a signal indicating whether a train may proceed into a station or to the next section of the line. home straight (US stretch) the concluding stretch of a racecourse. home town the town of one's birth or early life or present fixed residence. home trade trade carried on within a country. home truth basic but unwelcome information concerning oneself. home unit Austral. a private residence, usu. occupied by the owner, as one of several in a building. near home affecting one closely.
homelike adj.
OE ham f. Gmc



Heaven, Paradise, VA hospital, Vaterland, a better place, abode, accessible, adept in, afterlife, afterworld, almshouse, ancestral halls, asylum, at ease, at home, available, bailiwick, base hospital, birthplace, chimney corner, clinic, comfortable, commorancy, community hospital, composed, convalescent home, convalescent hospital, conversant with, cosy, cradle, cuttingly, deeply, destiny, diggings, digs, domal, domestic, domicile, domiciliary, dwelling, effectively, emphasize, eternal home, evacuation hospital, familiar with, family, family homestead, fate, fatherland, field hospital, fireplace, fireside, foster home, foyer, future state, general hospital, habitat, habitation, halfway house, harshly, haunt, haven, hearth, hearth and home, hearthstone, home place, home roof, home sweet home, homeground, homeland, homestead, homewards, hospice, hospital, hospitium, house, household, impress upon, in, infirmary, ingle, inglenook, ingleside, inland, inpatient clinic, institution, internal, intestine, la patrie, life after death, life to come, living quarters, locality, lodgings, maison de sante, make clear, manorial, mansional, menage, mental hospital, mother country, motherland, municipal, national, native, native environment, native land, native soil, next world, nursing home, orphanage, osteopathic hospital, otherworld, outpatient clinic, palatial, paternal roof, patria, peaceful, place, placid, policlinic, polyclinic, poor farm, poorhouse, postexistence, private hospital, proficient in, profoundly, proprietary hospital, public hospital, range, refuge, relaxed, residence, residency, residential, residentiary, rest home, retreat, roof, rooftree, sanatorium, serene, severely, shelter, sick bay, sickbed, sickroom, site, skilled in, snug harbor, soil, special hospital, stamping, station hospital, stress, surgical hospital, teaching hospital, tellingly, territory, the beyond, the good hereafter, the grave, the great beyond, the great hereafter, the hereafter, the old country, the unknown, toft, tranquil, untroubled, up on, veterans hospital, voluntary hospital, ward, welcoming, well-baby clinic, what bodes, what is fated, workhouse, world to come




N refuge, sanctuary, retreat, fastness, acropolis, keep, last resort, ward, prison, asylum, ark, home, refuge for the destitute, almshouse, hiding place, sanctum sanctorum, roadstead, anchorage, breakwater, mole, port, haven, harbor, harbor of refuge, seaport, pier, jetty, embankment, quay, covert, cover, shelter, screen, lee wall, wing, shield, umbrella, barrier, dashboard, dasher, wall, fort, anchor, kedge, grapnel, grappling iron, sheet anchor, killick, mainstay, support, cheek, ballast, jury mast, vent-peg, safety valve, blow-off valve, safety lamp, lightning rod, lightning conductor, safety belt, airbag, seat belt, antilock brakes, antiskid tires, snow tires, means of escape, lifeboat, lifejacket, life buoy, swimming belt, cork jacket, parachute, plank, steppingstone, emergency landing, safeguard, any port in a storm, bibere venenum in auro, valet anchora virtus.


N focus, point of convergence, corradiation, center, gathering place, resort haunt retreat, venue, rendezvous, rallying point, headquarters, home, club, depot, trysting place, place of meeting, place of resort, place of assignation, point de reunion, issue.


N abode, dwelling, lodging, domicile, residence, apartment, place, digs, pad, address, habitation, where one's lot is cast, local habitation, berth, diggings, seat, lap, sojourn, housing, quarters, headquarters, resiance, tabernacle, throne, ark, home, fatherland, country, homestead, homestall, fireside, hearth, hearth stone, chimney corner, inglenook, ingle side, harem, seraglio, zenana, household gods, lares et penates, roof, household, housing, dulce domum, paternal domicile, native soil, native land, habitat, range, stamping ground, haunt, hangout, biosphere, environment, ecological niche, nest, nidus, snuggery, arbor, bower, lair, den, cave, hole, hiding place, cell, sanctum sanctorum, aerie, eyrie, eyry, rookery, hive, covert, resort, retreat, perch, roost, nidification, kala jagah, bivouac, camp, encampment, cantonment, castrametation, barrack, casemate, casern, tent, building, chamber, xenodochium, tenement, messuage, farm, farmhouse, grange, hacienda, toft, cot, cabin, hut, chalet, croft, shed, booth, stall, hovel, bothy, shanty, dugout, wigwam, pen, barn, bawn, kennel, sty, doghold, cote, coop, hutch, byre, cow house, cow shed, stable, dovecote, columbary, columbarium, shippen, igloo, iglu, jacal, lacustrine dwelling, lacuslake dwelling, lacuspile dwelling, log cabin, log house, shack, shebang, tepee, topek, house, mansion, place, villa, cottage, box, lodge, hermitage, rus in urbe, folly, rotunda, tower, chateau, castle, pavilion, hotel, court, manor-house, capital messuage, hall, palace, kiosk, bungalow, casa, country seat, apartment house, flat house, frame house, shingle house, tenement house, temple, hamlet, village, thorp, dorp, ham, kraal, borough, burgh, town, city, capital, metropolis, suburb, province, country, county town, county seat, courthouse, ghetto, street, place, terrace, parade, esplanade, alameda, board walk, embankment, road, row, lane, alley, court, quadrangle, quad, wynd, close, yard, passage, rents, buildings, mews, square, polygon, circus, crescent, mall, piazza, arcade, colonnade, peristyle, cloister, gardens, grove, residences, block of buildings, market place, place, plaza, anchorage, roadstead, roads, dock, basin, wharf, quay, port, harbor, quarter, parish, assembly room, meetinghouse, pump room, spa, watering place, inn, hostel, hostelry, hotel, tavern, caravansary, dak bungalow, khan, hospice, public house, pub, pot house, mug house, gin mill, gin palace, bar, bar room, barrel house, cabaret, chophouse, club, clubhouse, cookshop, dive, exchange, grill room, saloon, shebeen, coffee house, eating house, canteen, restaurant, buffet, cafe, estaminet, posada, almshouse, poorhouse, townhouse, garden, park, pleasure ground, plaisance, demesne, cage, terrarium, doghouse, pen, aviary, barn, stall, zoo, urban, metropolitan, suburban, provincial, rural, rustic, domestic, cosmopolitan, palatial, eigner Hert ist goldes Werth, even cities have their graves, ubi libertas ibi patria, home sweet home.


N nearness, proximity, propinquity, vicinity, vicinage, neighborhood, adjacency, contiguity, short distance, short step, short cut, earshot, close quarters, stone's throw, bow shot, gun shot, pistol shot, hair's breadth, span, purlieus, neighborhood, vicinage, environs, alentours, suburbs, confines, banlieue, borderland, whereabouts, bystander, neighbor, borderer, approach, convergence, perihelion, near, nigh, close at hand, near at hand, close, neighboring, bordering upon, contiguous, adjacent, adjoining, proximate, proximal, at hand, handy, near the mark, near run, home, intimate, near, nigh, hard by, fast by, close to, close upon, hard upon, at the point of, next door to, within reach, within call, within hearing, within earshot, within an ace of, but a step, not far from, at no great distance, on the verge of, on the brink of, on the skirts of, in the environs, at one's door, at one's feet, at one's elbow, at one's finger's end, at one's side, on the tip of one's tongue, under one's nose, within a stone's throw, in sight of, in presence of, at close quarters, cheek by jole, cheek by jowl, beside, alongside, side by side, tete-a-tete, in juxtaposition, yardarm to yardarm, at the heels of, on the confines of, at the threshold, bordering upon, verging to, in the way, about, hereabouts, thereabouts, roughly, in round numbers, approximately, approximatively, as good as, well-nigh.


N interiority, inside, interior, interspace, subsoil, substratum, intrados, contents, substance, pith, marrow, backbone, heart, bosom, breast, abdomen, vitals, viscera, entrails, bowels, belly, intestines, guts, chitterings, womb, lap, penetralia, recesses, innermost recesses, cave, interior, internal, inner, inside, inward, intraregarding, inmost, innermost, deep seated, gut, intestine, intestinal, inland, subcutaneous, abdominal, coeliac, endomorphic, interstitial, inwrought, inclosed, home, domestic, indoor, intramural, vernacular, endemic, internally, inwards, within, in, inly, here in, there in, where in, ab intra, withinside, in doors, within doors, at home, in the bosom of one's family.


N sociality, sociability, sociableness, social intercourse, consociation, intercourse, intercommunity, consortship, companionship, comradeship, clubbism, esprit de corps, conviviality, good fellowship, good company, joviality, jollity, savoir vivre, festivity, festive board, merrymaking, loving cup, hospitality, heartiness, cheer, welcome, welcomeness, greeting, hearty welcome, hearty reception, warm reception, urbanity, familiarity, good fellow, jolly fellow, bon enfant, bawcock, social circle, family circle, circle of acquaintance, coterie, society, company, social gathering, social reunion, assembly, barbecue, bee, corn-husking, corn-shucking, house raising, barn raising, husking, husking-bee, infare, party, entertainment, reception, levee, at, home, conversazione, soiree, matin_ee, evening party, morning party, afternoon party, bridge party, garden party, surprise party, kettle, kettle drum, partie carr_ee, dish of tea, ridotto, rout, housewarming, ball, festival, smoker, smoker-party, sociable, stag party, hen party, tamasha, tea-party, tea-fight, (amusement), the feast of reason and the flow of soul, birthday party, Christmas party, New Year's Eve party, Thanksgiving Day Dinner, bonenkai, wedding reception, visiting, round of visits, call, morning call, interview, assignation, tryst, trysting place, appointment, club, sociable, companionable, clubbable, conversable, cosy, cosey, chatty, conversational, homiletical, convivial, festive, festal, jovial, jolly, hospitable, welcome, welcome as the roses in May, f=eted, entertained, free and easy, hall fellow well met, familiar, on visiting terms, acquainted, social, neighborly, international, gregarious, en famille, in the family circle, sans fa, arm in arm, a crowd is not company, be bright and jovial among your guests tonight, his worth is warrant for his welcome, let's be red with mirth, welcome the coming speed the parting guest.


N quiescence, rest, stillness, quiescence, stagnation, stagnancy, fixity, immobility, catalepsy, indisturbance, quietism, quiet, tranquility, calm, repose, peace, dead calm, anticyclone, statue-like repose, silence, not a breath of air, not a mouse stirring, sleep, pause, lull, stand still, standing still, lock, dead lock, dead stop, dead stand, full stop, fix, embargo, resting place, gite, bivouac, home, pillow, haven, goal, quiescent, still, motionless, moveless, fixed, stationary, immotile, at rest at a stand, at a standstill, at anchor, stock, still, standing still, sedentary, untraveled, stay-at-home, becalmed, stagnant, quiet, unmoved, undisturbed, unruffled, calm, restful, cataleptic, immovable, sleeping, silent, still as a statue, still as a post, still as a mouse, still as death, vegetative, vegetating, at a stand, tout court, at the halt, Int, stop!, stay!, avast!, halt!, hold hard!, whoa!, hold!, sabr karo!, requiescat in pace, Deus nobis haec otia fecit, the noonday quiet holds the hill.


N arrival, advent, landing, debarkation, disembarkation, reception, welcome, vin d'honneur, home, goal, goalpost, landing place, landing stage, bunder, resting place, destination, harbor, haven, port, airport, spaceport, terminus, halting place, halting ground, landing strip, runway, terminal, journey's end, anchorage, return, remigration, meeting, rencounter, encounter, completion, recursion, arriving, homeward bound, here, hither, Int, welcome!, hail!, all Hail!, good-day, good morrow!, any port in a storm.

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