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get off


Verb (intransitive), Verb (transitive)


Verb get off has 11 senses


get off

achieve satisfaction, advance, alight, be getting along, be off, blow, break in, bring out, buzz off, climax, climb down, come, come away, commence, cop a plea, cop out, depart, dismount, ejaculate, embark, emit, escape without penalty, exit, gang along, get along, get away, get away with, get by, get down, get going, get in there, get off cheap, get off scot-free, get on, get out, get out of, get squared away, get under way, give forth, go, go along, go at liberty, go away, go forth, go free, go off, go on, go scot free, inaugurate, initiate, issue, issue forth, jump off, kick off, land, launch, leave, light, make a beginning, make a move, march off, mosey, move away, move off, move out, open, outset, outstart, perch, progress, pull out, put forth, put out, quit, reach orgasm, retire, sally, sally forth, sashay, sashay off, send forth, set a course, set forth, set forward, set off, set out, settle, stagger along, start, start off, start out, start up, strike out, take flight, take wing, toddle along, touch down, unhorse, up and go, warm up, win freedom, wing it, withdraw


get off


VB escape, scape, make one's escape, effect one's escape, make good one's escape, break jail, get off, get clear off, get well out of, echapper belle, save one's bacon, save one's skin, weather the storm, escape scot-free, elude &c, make off, march off, give one the slip, slip through the hands, slip through the fingers, slip the collar, wriggle out of prison, break out, break loose, break loose from prison, break away, slip away, get away, find vent, find a hole to creep out of, disappear, vanish.


VB depart, go away, take one's departure, set out, set off, march off, put off, start off, be off, move off, get off, whip off, pack off, go off, take oneself off, start, issue, march out, debouch, go forth, sally forth, sally, set forward, be gone, hail from, leave a place, quit, vacate, evacuate, abandon, go off the stage, make one's exit, retire, withdraw, remove, vamoose, vamose, go one's way, go along, go from home, take flight, take wing, spring, fly, flit, wing one's flight, fly away, whip away, embark, go on board, go aboard, set sail' put to sea, go to sea, sail, take ship, hoist blue Peter, get under way, weigh anchor, strike tents, decamp, walk one's chalks, cut one's stick, take leave, say good bye, bid goodbye, disappear, abscond, entrain, inspan.

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