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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Noun dredge has 1 sense

Verb dredge has 3 senses


dredge, v. & n.
1 tr. a (often foll. by up) bring up (lost or hidden material) as if with a dredge (don't dredge all that up again). b (often foll. by away, up, out) bring up or clear (mud etc.) from a river, harbour, etc. with a dredge.
2 tr. clean (a harbour, river, etc.) with a dredge.
3 intr. use a dredge.
--n. an apparatus used to scoop up oysters, specimens, etc., or to clear mud etc., from a river or sea bed.

dredge, v.tr.
1 sprinkle with flour, sugar, etc.
2 (often foll. by over) sprinkle (flour, sugar, etc.) on.

obs. dredge sweetmeat f. OF dragie, dragee, perh. f. L tragemata f. Gk tragemata spices



avulse, besprinkle, bore, bread, breathe, brew, burrow, color, crumb, cut out, decoct, delve, deracinate, dig, dig out, dig up, digger, dike, disentangle, dot, drag up, draw, draw out, draw up, dredge up, dredger, drill, driller, drive, dust, dye, entincture, eradicate, evolve, evulse, excavate, excavator, excise, exsect, extract, extricate, fish up, flavor, flour, furrow, gather up, get out, gouge, gouge out, groove, groundhog, grub, grub up, haul up, imbrue, imbue, impregnate, infiltrate, infuse, instill, leaven, lower, mine, miner, navvy, penetrate, pepper, permeate, pervade, pick out, pick up, pluck out, pluck up, powder, pull, pull out, pull up, quarry, rake out, remove, rip out, root out, root up, sandhog, sap, sapper, saturate, scoop, scoop out, scrabble, scrape, scratch, season, shovel, sink, spade, spatter, speck, speckle, splatter, spot, sprinkle, steam shovel, steep, stud, suffuse, take out, take up, tear out, temper, tincture, tinge, transfuse, trench, trough, tunnel, tunneler, unearth, unravel, uproot, weed out, withdraw, wrest out




VB assemble, collect, muster, meet, unite, join, rejoin, cluster, flock, swarm, surge, stream, herd, crowd, throng, associate, congregate, conglomerate, concentrate, precipitate, center round, rendezvous, resort, come together, flock get together, pig together, forgather, huddle, reassemble, assemble, muster, bring together, get together, put together, draw together, scrape together, lump together, collect, collocate, colligate, get, whip in, gather, hold a meeting, convene, convoke, convocate, rake up, dredge, heap, mass, pile, pack, put up, truss, cram, acervate, agglomerate, aggregate, compile, group, aggroup, concentrate, unite, collect into a focus, bring into a focus, amass, accumulate, collect in a dragnet, heap Ossa upon Pelion.


VB extract, draw, take out, draw out, pull out, tear out, pluck out, pick out, get out, wring from, wrench, extort, root up, weed up, grub up, rake up, root out, weed out, grub out, rake out, eradicate, pull up by the roots, pluck up by the roots, averruncate, unroot, uproot, pull up, extirpate, dredge, remove, educe, elicit, evolve, extricate, eliminate, eviscerate, express, squeeze out, press out.


N elevation, raising, erection, lift, sublevation, upheaval, sublimation, exaltation, prominence, lever, crane, derrick, windlass, capstan, winch, dredge, dredger, dredging machine, dumbwaiter, elevator, escalator, lift, elevated, stilted, attollent, rampant, on stilts, on the shoulders of, on one's legs, on one's hind legs.

VB heighten, elevate, raise, lift, erect, set up, stick up, perch up, perk up, tilt up, rear, hoist, heave, uplift, upraise, uprear, upbear, upcast, uphoist, upheave, buoy, weigh mount, give a lift, exalt, sublimate, place on a pedestal, set on a pedestal, escalate 102, take up, drag up, fish up, dredge, stand up, rise up, get up, jump up, spring to one's feet, hold oneself, hold one's head up, drawn oneself up to his full height.

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