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Adjective, Noun


Noun dialectic has 2 senses

Adjective dialectic has 1 sense


dialectic, n. & adj. Philos.
1 a the art of investigating the truth of opinions; the testing of truth by discussion. b logical disputation.
2 a inquiry into metaphysical contradictions and their solutions, esp. in the thought of Kant and Hegel. b the existence or action of opposing social forces etc.
1 of or relating to logical disputation.
2 fond of or skilled in logical disputation.

ME f. OF dialectique or L dialectica f. Gk dialektike (tekhne) (art) of debate (as DIALECT)



Aristotelian logic, Boolean algebra, Ramistic logic, airing, algebra of classes, algebra of relations, analysis, buzz session, canvassing, colloquium, conference, consideration, debate, debating, deliberation, dialectics, dialogue, discussion, disputation, doctrine of inference, doctrine of terms, epistemological logic, examination, exchange of views, experimental logic, forensic, formal logic, forum, investigation, joint discussion, logic, logical analysis, logical discussion, logics, logistic, material logic, mathematical logic, open discussion, open forum, panel discussion, propositional calculus, psychological logic, psychologism, rap, rap session, review, seminar, set theory, study, symposium, town meeting, treatment, ventilation




N language, phraseology, speech, tongue, lingo, vernacular, mother tongue, vulgar tongue, native tongue, household words, King's English, Queen's English, dialect, confusion of tongues, Babel, pasigraphie, pantomime, onomatopoeia, betacism, mimmation, myatism, nunnation, pasigraphy, lexicology, philology, glossology, glottology, linguistics, chrestomathy, paleology, paleography, comparative grammar, literature, letters, polite literature, belles lettres, muses, humanities, literae humaniores, republic of letters, dead languages, classics, genius of language, scholarship, lingual, linguistic, dialectic, vernacular, current, bilingual, diglot, hexaglot, polyglot, literary, syllables govern the world.


N reasoning ratiocination rationalism, dialectics, induction, generalization, discussion, comment, ventilation, inquiry, argumentation, controversy, debate, polemics, wrangling, contention, logomachy, disputation, disceptation, paper war, art of reasoning, logic, process of reasoning, train of reasoning, chain of reasoning, deduction, induction, abduction, synthesis, analysis, argument, case, plaidoyer, opening, lemma, proposition, terms, premises, postulate, data, starting point, principle, inference, prosyllogism, syllogism, enthymeme, sorites, dilemma, perilepsis, a priori reasoning, reductio ad absurdum, horns of a dilemma, argumentum ad hominem, comprehensive argument, empirema, epagoge, reasoner, logician, dialectician, disputant, controversialist, controvertist, wrangler, arguer, debater polemic, casuist, rationalist, scientist, eristic, logical sequence, good case, correct just reasoning, sound reasoning, valid reasoning, cogent reasoning, logical reasoning, forcible reasoning, persuasive reasoning, persuasory reasoning, consectary reasoning, conclusive, subtle reasoning, force of argument, strong point, strong argument, persuasive argument, arguments, reasons, pros and cons, reasoning, rationalistic, argumentative, controversial, dialectic, polemical, discursory, discursive, disputatious, Aristotelian, eristic, eristical, debatable, controvertible, logical, relevant, for, because, hence, whence, seeing that, since, sith, then thence so, for that reason, for this reason, for which reason, for as, inasmuch as, whereas, ex concesso, considering, in consideration of, therefore, wherefore, consequently, ergo, thus, accordingly, a fortiori, in conclusion, in fine, finally, after all, au bout du compt, on the whole, taking one thing with another, ab actu ad posse valet consecutio, per troppo dibatter la verita si perde, troppo disputare la verita fa errare.

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