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Noun, Verb (transitive)


Noun dare has 1 sense

Verb dare has 3 senses


dare, v. & n.
--v.tr. (3rd sing. present usu. dare before an expressed or implied infinitive without to)
1 (foll. by infin. with or without to) venture (to); have the courage or impudence (to) (dare he do it?; if they dare to come; how dare you?; I dare not speak; I do not dare to jump).
2 (usu. foll. by to + infin.) defy or challenge (a person) (I dare you to own up).
3 literary attempt; take the risk of (dare all things; dared their anger).
1 an act of daring.
2 a challenge, esp. to prove courage.

I dare say
1 (often foll. by that + clause) it is probable.
2 probably; I grant that much (I dare say, but you are still wrong).
darer n.
OE durran with Gmc cognates: cf. Skr. dhrsh, Gk tharseo be bold



affront, aim to, assume, attempt, attempt to, battle cry, be a man, beard, bid defiance, bid to combat, brave, breast, bring before, bring forward, bring up, call out, cartel, challenge, chance, change, confront, confront with, court destruction, dare to, defi, defy, defy danger, deride, double dare, double-dare, encounter, envisage, face, face out, face up to, face with, forget the odds, front, gage, gage of battle, gamble, gauntlet, get fresh, get smart, glove, have a nerve, have the cheek, have the gall, have the guts, have the nerve, hazard, hold in contempt, lay before, make bold, make bold to, make free, meet, meet squarely, outdare, outface, place before, play with fire, present to, presume, pretend, pretend to, provocation, provoke, put it to, rebel yell, ridicule, risk, run the chance, run the risk, scream defiance, seek to, set before, show fight, stare down, stem, strive to, study to, stump, take a chance, take chances, take liberties, take the liberty, taunt, tempt Providence, try and, try to, ultimatum, venture, venture to, war cry, war whoop




N defiance, daring, dare, challenge, cartel, threat, war cry, war whoop, chest-beating, chest-thumping, saber rattling, defiant, defying, with 'with arms akimbo', in defiance of, in the teeth of, under one's very nose, Int, do your worst!, come if you dare!, come on!, marry come up!, hoity toity!, noli me tangere, nemo me impune lacessit, don't tread on me, don't you dare, don't even think of it, Go ahead, make my day!.

VB defy, dare, beard, brave, bid defiance to, set at defiance, set at naught, hurl defiance at, dance the war dance, beat the war drums, snap the fingers at, laugh to scorn, disobey, show fight, show one's teeth, show a bold front, bluster, look big, stand akimbo, beat one's chest, double the fist, shake the fist, threaten, challenge, call out, throw down the gauntlet, fling down the gauntlet, fling down the gage, fling down the glove, throw down the glove.


VB be courageous, dare, venture, make bold, face danger, front danger, affront danger, confront danger, brave danger, defy danger, despise danger, mock danger, look in the face, look full in the face, look boldly in the face, look danger in the face, face, meet, meet in front, brave, beard, defy, take courage, muster courage, summon up courage, pluck up courage, nerve oneself, take heart, take heart, pluck up heart of grace, hold up one's head, screw one's courage to the sticking place, come up to scratch, stick to one's guns, standfire, stand against, bear up, bear up against, hold out, put a bold face upon, show a bold front, present a bold front, show fight, face the music, bell the cat, take the bull by the horns, beard the lion in his den, march up to the cannon's mouth, go through fire and water, run the gantlet, give courage, infuse courage, inspire courage, reassure, encourage, embolden, inspirit, cheer, nerve, put upon one's mettle, rally, raise a rallying cry, pat on the back, make a man of, keep in countenance.

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