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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Adjective


Noun confederate has 3 senses

Verb confederate has 2 senses

Adjective confederate has 2 senses


confederatea. [L. confoederatus, p. p. of confoederare to join by a league; con- + foederare to establish by treaty or league, fr. foedus league, compact. See Federal.].
  •  United in a league; allied by treaty; engaged in a confederacy; banded together; allied.  [1913 Webster]
    "All the swords
    In Italy, and her confederate arms,
    Could not have made this peace.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Of or pertaining to the government of the eleven Southern States of the United States which (1860-1865) attempted to establish an independent nation styled the Confederate States of America; as, the Confederate congress; Confederate money.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One who is united with others in a league; a person or a nation engaged in a confederacy; an ally; also, an accomplice in a bad sense.  [1913 Webster]
    "He found some of his confederates in gaol."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A name designating an adherent to the cause of the States which attempted to withdraw from the Union (1860-1865).  [1913 Webster]
confederatev. t. 
     To unite in a league or confederacy; to ally.  [1913 Webster]
    "With these the Piercies them confederate."  [1913 Webster]
confederatev. i. 
     To unite in a league; to join in a mutual contract or covenant; to band together.  [1913 Webster]
    "By words men . . . covenant and confederate."  [1913 Webster]


confederate, adj., n., & v.
--adj. esp. Polit. allied; joined by an agreement or treaty.
1 an ally, esp. (in a bad sense) an accomplice.
2 (Confederate) a supporter of the Confederate States.
--v. (often foll. by with)
1 tr. bring (a person, State, or oneself) into alliance.
2 intr. come into alliance.

Confederate States States which seceded from the US in 1860-1.
LL confoederatus (as com-, federate)



abettor, accessory, accompany, accomplice, accomplice in crime, act in concert, act together, adjunct, affiliate, affiliated, allied, ally, amalgamate, associate, associate with, associated, assort with, attend, band, band together, be in cahoots, be in league, bedfellow, brother, brother-in-arms, bunch, bunch up, cabal, cabalistic, cement a union, centralize, club, club together, coact, coadjutor, coalesce, coconspirator, cohort, collaborate, collaborator, colleague, collude, combine, come together, companion, compatriot, compeer, comrade, concert, concord, concur, confederated, confrere, consociate, consolidate, consort, consort with, conspirator, conspiratorial, conspire, cooperate, corporate, couple, couple with, coupled, crony, do business with, enleagued, federalize, federate, federated, fellow, fellow conspirator, fellow member, fellow traveler, flock together, fuse, gang, gang up, get heads together, get together, go along with, go in partners, go in partnership, go partners, go with, hang around with, hang together, harmonize, herd together, hold together, hook up, hook up with, in cahoots, in league, in partnership, in with, join, join forces, join fortunes with, join in, join together, join up with, join with, keep company with, keep together, league, league together, leagued, make common cause, married, marry, merge, organize, pair, pair off, paired, partner, partners with, play ball, pull together, put heads together, reciprocate, run with, socius criminis, stand together, stand up with, team up, team up with, team with, teamed, throw in together, throw in with, tie in, tie in with, tie up, tie up with, unionize, unite, unite efforts, unite with, wait on, wed, wedded, work together




VB cooperate, concur, coact, synergize, conduce, combine, unite one's efforts, keep together, draw together, pull together, club together, hand together, hold together, league together, band together, be banded together, pool, stand shoulder to shoulder, put shoulder to shoulder, act in concert, join forces, fraternize, cling to one another, conspire, concert, lay one's heads together, confederate, be in league with, collude, understand one another, play into the hands of, hunt in couples, side with, take side with, go along with, go hand in hand with, join hands with, make common cause with, strike in with, unite with, join with, mix oneself up with, take part with, cast in one's lot with, join partnership, enter into partnership with, rally round, follow the lead of, come to, pass over to, come into the views of, be in the same boat, row in the same boat, sail in the same boat, sail on the same tack, be a party to, lend oneself to, chip in, participate, have a hand in, have a finger in the pie, take part in, bear part in, second, take the part of, play the game of, espouse a cause, espouse a quarrel.


N auxiliary, recruit, assistant, adjuvant, adjutant, ayudante, coaid, adjunct, help, helper, help mate, helping hand, midwife, colleague, partner, mate, confrere, cooperator, coadjutor, coadjutrix, collaborator, ally, friend, confidant, fidus Achates, pal, buddy, alter ego, confederate, accomplice, complice, accessory, accessory after the fact, particeps criminis, socius criminis, aide-de-camp, secretary, clerk, associate, marshal, right-hand, right-hand man, Friday, girl Friday, man Friday, gopher, gofer, candle- holder, bottle-holder, handmaid, servant, puppet, cat's-paw, jackal, tool, dupe, stooge, ame damnee, satellite, adherent, votary, sectarian, secretary, seconder, backer, upholder, abettor, advocate, partisan, champion, patron, friend at court, mediator, angel (theater, entertainment), friend in need, Jack at a pinch, deus ex machina, guardian angel, tutelary genius.

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