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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Noun compliment has 1 sense

Verb compliment has 2 senses


complimentn. [F. compliment. It complimento, fr. comlire to compliment, finish, suit, fr. L. complere to fill up. See Complete, and cf. Complement.].
     An expression, by word or act, of approbation, regard, confidence, civility, or admiration; a flattering speech or attention; a ceremonious greeting; as, to send one's compliments to a friend.  [1913 Webster]
    "Tedious waste of time, to sit and hear
    So many hollow compliments and lies.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "Many a compliment politely penned."  [1913 Webster]
To make one a compliment, to show one respect; to praise one in a flattering way. Locke. -- To make one's compliments to, to offer formal courtesies to. -- To stand on compliment, to treat with ceremony.
Syn. -- See Adulation.
complimentv. t. 
     To praise, flatter, or gratify, by expressions of approbation, respect, or congratulation; to make or pay a compliment to.  [1913 Webster]
    "Monarchs should their inward soul disguise; . . .
    Should compliment their foes and shun their friends.
    "  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- To praise; flatter; adulate; commend.
complimentv. i. 
     To pass compliments; to use conventional expressions of respect.  [1913 Webster]
    "I make the interlocutors, upon occasion, compliment with one another."  [1913 Webster]


compliment, n. & v.
1 a a spoken or written expression of praise. b an act or circumstance implying praise (their success was a compliment to their efforts).
2 (in pl.) a formal greetings, esp. as a written accompaniment to a gift etc. (with the compliments of the management). b praise (my compliments to the cook).
1 (often foll. by on) congratulate; praise (complimented him on his roses).
2 (often foll. by with) present as a mark of courtesy (complimented her with his attention).

compliments of the season greetings appropriate to the time of year, esp. Christmas. compliments slip a printed slip of paper sent with a gift etc., esp. from a business firm. pay a compliment to praise. return the compliment
1 give a compliment in return for another.
2 retaliate or recompense in kind.
F complimenter f. It. complimento ult. f. L (as COMPLEMENT)



TL, acclaim, accolade, adulate, adulation, applaud, benevolence, beslobber, beslubber, best wishes, blandish, blandishment, blarney, bless, blessing, blessings, boon, bouquet, bunkum, cajole, cajolement, cajolery, commend, commendation, compliments, conceit, congratulate, congratulation, congratulations, encomium, eulogy, eyewash, fair words, favor, fawn upon, fawning, felicitate, felicitation, flatter, flattering remark, flattery, give a bouquet, good wishes, gratulate, gratulation, grease, greetings, hail, hand it to, homage, honeyed phrases, honeyed words, honor, incense, largess, laud, laudation, make fair weather, oil, oil the tongue, orchids, palaver, pay a compliment, polite commendation, posy, praise, present, pretty lies, recommend, regards, rejoice with, respects, salutations, slobber over, soap, soft soap, sweet nothings, sweet talk, sweet words, sycophancy, take off, trade-last, tribute, wheedle, wheedling




N courtesy, respect, good manners, good behavior, good breeding, manners, politeness, bienseance, urbanity, comity, gentility, breeding, polish, presence, civility, civilization, amenity, suavity, good temper, good humor, amiability, easy temper, complacency, soft tongue, mansuetude, condescension, affability, complaisance, pr_evenance, amability, gallantry, pink of politeness, pink of courtesy, compliment, fair words, soft words, sweet words, honeyed phrases, ceremonial salutation, reception, presentation, introduction, accueil, greeting, recognition, welcome, abord, respects, devoir, regards, remembrances, kind regards, kind remembrances, love, best love, duty, empty encomium, flattering remark, hollow commendation, salaams, obeisance, bow, courtesy, curtsy, scrape, salaam, kotow, kowtow, bowing and scraping, kneeling, genuflection, obsequiousness, capping, shaking hands grip of the hand, embrace, hug, squeeze, accolade, loving cup, vin d'honneur, pledge, love token, kiss, buss, salute, mark of recognition, nod, nods and becks and wreathed smiles, valediction, condolence, courteous, polite, civil, mannerly, urbane, well-behaved, well- mannered, well-bred, well-brought up, good-mannered, polished, civilized, cultivated, refined, gentlemanlike, gallant, on one's good behavior, fine spoken, fair spoken, soft-spoken, honey-mouthed, honey- tongued, oily, bland, obliging, conciliatory, complaisant, complacent, obsequious, ingratiating, winning, gentle, mild, good-humored, cordial, gracious, affable, familiar, neighborly, diplomatic, tactful, politic, artful, courteously, with a good grace, with open arms, with outstretched arms, a bras ouverts, suaviter in modo, in good humor, Int, hail!, welcome!, well met!, ave!, all hail!, good day, good morrow!, Godspeed!, pax vobiscum!, may your shadow never be less!, Tien de plus estimable que la ceremonie, the very pink of courtesy.


VB congratulate, gratulate, felicitate, give one joy, wish one joy, compliment, tender one's congratulations, offer one's congratulations, wish many happy returns of the day, wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year, praise, laud (commendation), congratulate oneself.


VB approve, approbate, think good, think much of, think well of, think highly of, esteem, value, prize, set great store by, set great store on, do justice to, appreciate, honor, hold in esteem, look up to, admire, like, be in favor of, wish Godspeed, hail, hail with satisfaction, stand up for, stick up for, uphold, hold up, countenance, sanction, clap on the back, pat on the back, keep in countenance, indorse, give credit, recommend, mark with a white mark, mark with a stone, commend, belaud, praise, laud, compliment, pay a tribute, bepraise, clap the hands, applaud, cheer, acclamate, encore, panegyrize, eulogize, cry up, proner, puff, extol, extol to the skies, magnify, glorify, exalt, swell, make much of, flatter, bless, give a blessing to, have a good word for, say a good word for, speak well of, speak highly of, speak in high terms of, sing the praises of, sound the praises of, chaunt the praises of, resound the praises of, sing praises to, cheer to the echo, applaud to the echo, applaud to the very echo, cheer to the very echo, redound to the honor, redound to the praise, redound to the credit of, do credit to, deserve praise, recommend itself, pass muster, be praised, receive honorable mention, be in favor with, be in high favor with, ring with the praises of, win golden opinions, gain credit, find favor with, stand well in the opinion of, laudari a laudato viro.

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