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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive)


Noun chime has 1 sense

Verb chime has 1 sense


chimen. [See Chimb.].
     See Chine, n., 3.  [1913 Webster]
chimen. [OE. chimbe, prop., cymbal, OF. cymbe, cymble, in a dialectic form, chymble, F. cymbale, L. cymbalum, fr. Gr. ky`mbalon. See Cymbal.].
  •  The harmonious sound of bells, or of musical instruments.  [1913 Webster]
    "Instruments that made melodius chime."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A set of bells musically tuned to each other; specif., in the pl., the music performed on such a set of bells by hand, or produced by mechanism to accompany the striking of the hours or their divisions.  [1913 Webster]
    "We have heard the chimes at midnight."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Pleasing correspondence of proportion, relation, or sound.  Cowley.  [1913 Webster]
chimev. i. [See Chime, n.].
  •  To sound in harmonious accord, as bells.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To be in harmony; to agree; to suit; to harmonize; to correspond; to fall in with.  [1913 Webster]
    "Everything chimed in with such a humor."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To join in a conversation; to express assent; -- followed by in or in with.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To make a rude correspondence of sounds; to jingle, as in rhyming.  Cowley  [1913 Webster]
chimev. i. 
  •  To cause to sound in harmony; to play a tune, as upon a set of bells; to move or strike in harmony.  [1913 Webster]
    "And chime their sounding hammers."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To utter harmoniously; to recite rhythmically.  [1913 Webster]
    "Chime his childish verse."  [1913 Webster]


chime, n. & v.
1 a a set of attuned bells. b the series of sounds given by this. c (usu. in pl.) a set of attuned bells as a door bell.
2 agreement, correspondence, harmony.
1 a intr. (of bells) ring. b tr. sound (a bell or chime) by striking.
2 tr. show (the hour) by chiming.
3 intr. (usu. foll. by together, with) be in agreement, harmonize.

chime in
1 interject a remark.
2 join in harmoniously.
3 (foll. by with) agree with.
chimer n.
chime, n. (also chimb) the projecting rim at the end of a cask.

ME: cf. MDu., MLG kimme



accord, accordance, agree, agreement, alliterate, alliteration, announce, answer to, articulate, assent, assonance, assonate, assort with, atone, attune, attunement, battery, be consistent, be harmonious, be in tune, be of one, be uniform with, bell, bells, blend, bones, bong, break in, breathe, butt in, carillon, castanets, celesta, change ringing, check, chime in, chime of bells, chimes, chiming, chink, chip in, chord, chorus, church bell, clang, clanging, clangor, clank, clanking, clapper, clappers, clink, cohere, coincide, come out with, communicate, concentus, concert, concord, concordance, concur, conform, conform with, consist with, consonance, consonancy, consort, convey, cooperate, correspond, cowbell, crash cymbal, cymbals, deliver, denote, diapason, ding, ding-a-ling, dingdong, dinging, dingle, dinner bell, dinner gong, disclose, dong, donging, doorbell, dovetail, drone, electronic carillon, emit, enunciate, euphony, express, fall in together, finger cymbals, fire bell, fit together, fling off, formulate, gamelan, give, give expression, give out with, give tongue, give utterance, give voice, glockenspiel, go together, go with, gong, gong bell, hand bell, handbells, hang together, harmonics, harmonize, harmony, harping, heavy harmony, hit, hold together, homophony, humdrum, idiophone, impart, indicate, intercede, interfere, interlock, interrupt, intersect, intrude, jangle, jibe, jingle, jingle bell, jingle-jangle, jinglejangle, jingling, join in, knell, knelling, let out, lip, lock, lyra, maraca, marimba, mark, match, melodize, metallophone, monochord, monody, monotone, monotony, musicalize, near rhyme, orchestral bells, out with, overlap, parallel, passing bell, peal, peal ringing, pealing, percussion, percussion instrument, percussions, percussive, phonate, phrase, pitter-patter, pour forth, present, pronounce, pun, put forth, put in words, raise, rattle, rattlebones, register, register with, repeated sounds, repetitiousness, repetitiveness, respond to, rhyme, ring, ring changes, ringing, sacring bell, say, set forth, sheepbell, sing in chorus, singsong, sizzler, slant rhyme, sleigh bell, snappers, sort with, sound, sound a knell, sound in tune, sound together, square, square with, stale repetition, stand together, strike, striking, symphonize, symphony, synchronism, synchronization, synchronize, tally, tam-tam, tedium, telephone bell, tell, three-part harmony, throw off, ting, ting-a-ling, tingle, tingling, tink, tinkle, tinkling, tinnitus, tintinnabula, tintinnabulate, tintinnabulum, toll, tolling, tongue, tonitruone, triangle, trot, tubular bells, tune, unison, unisonance, unnecessary repetition, utter, verbalize, vibes, vibraphone, vocalize, voice, whisper, word, xylophone




VB roll, drum, rumble, rattle, clatter, patter, clack, bombinate, hum, trill, shake, chime, peal, toll, tick, beat, drum in the ear, din in the ear.


VB resound, reverberate, reecho, resonate, ring, jingle, gingle, chink, clink, tink, tinkle, chime, gurgle, plash, goggle, echo, ring in the ear.


N concord, accord, harmony, symphony, homologue, agreement, sympathy, empathy, response, union, unison, unity, bonds of harmony, peace, unanimity, league, happy family, rapprochement, reunion, amity, alliance, entente cordiale, good understanding, conciliation, peacemaker, intercessor, mediator, concordant, congenial, agreeing, in accord, harmonious, united, cemented, banded together, allied, friendly, fraternal, conciliatory, at one with, of one mind, at peace, in still water, tranquil, with one voice, in concert with, hand in hand, on one's side, commune periculum concordiam parit, melody concord, melody, rhythm, measure, rhyme, pitch, timbre, intonation, tone, scale, gamut, diapason, diatonic chromatic scale, enharmonic scale, key, clef, chords, modulation, temperament, syncope, syncopation, preparation, suspension, resolution, staff, stave, line, space, brace, bar, rest, appoggiato, appoggiatura, acciaccatura, note, musical note, notes of a scale, sharp, flat, natural, high note, low note, interval, semitone, second, third, fourth, diatessaron, breve, semibreve, minim, crotchet, quaver, semiquaver, demisemiquaver, hemidemisemiquaver, sustained note, drone, burden, tonic, key note, leading note, fundamental note, supertonic, mediant, dominant, submediant, subdominant, octave, tetrachord, major key, minor key, major scale, minor scale, major mode, minor mode, passage, phrase, concord, harmony, emmeleia, unison, unisonance, chime, homophony, euphony, euphonism, tonality, consonance, consent, part, harmony, harmonics, thorough-bass, fundamental-bass, counterpoint, faburden, piece of music, composer, harmonist, contrapuntist (musician), harmonious, harmonical, in concord, in tune, in concert, unisonant, concentual, symphonizing, isotonic, homophonous, assonant, ariose, consonant, measured, rhythmical, diatonic, chromatic, enharmonic, melodious, musical, melic, tuneful, tunable, sweet, dulcet, canorous, mellow, mellifluous, soft, clear, clear as a bell, silvery, euphonious, euphonic, euphonical, symphonious, enchanting fine-toned, full-toned, silver-toned, harmoniously, in harmony, as one, the hidden soul of harmony.

VB agree, accord, harmonize with, fraternize, be concordant, go hand in hand, run parallel, understand one another, pull together, put up one's horses together, sing in chorus, side with, sympathize with, go with, chime in with, fall in with, come round, be pacified, assent, empathize with, enter into the ideas of, enter into the feelings of, reciprocate, hurler avec les loups, go with the stream, swim with the stream, keep in good humor, render accordant, put in tune, come to an understanding, meet halfway, keep the peace, remain at peace, be harmonious, harmonize, chime, symphonize, transpose, put in tune, tune, accord, string.

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