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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (intransitive)


Noun broil has 1 sense

Verb broil has 3 senses


broiln. [F. brouiller to disorder, from LL. brogilus, broilus, brolium, thicket, wood, park; of uncertain origin; cf. W. brog a swelling out, OHG. prōil marsh, G. brÜhl, MHG. brogen to rise. The meaning tumult, confusion, comes apparently from tangled undergrowth, thicket, and this possibly from the meaning to grow, rise, sprout.].
     A tumult; a noisy quarrel; a disturbance; a brawl; contention; discord, either between individuals or in the state.  [1913 Webster]
    "I will own that there is a haughtiness and fierceness in human nature which will which will cause innumerable broils, place men in what situation you please."  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- Contention; fray; affray; tumult; altercation; dissension; discord; contest; conflict; brawl; uproar.
broilv. t. [OE. broilen, OF. bruillir, fr. bruir to broil, burn; of Ger. origin; cf. MHG. brÜejen, G. brÜhen, to scald, akin to E. brood.].
  •  To cook by direct exposure to heat over a fire, esp. upon a gridiron over coals.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To subject to great (commonly direct) heat.  [1913 Webster]
broilv. i. 
     To be subjected to the action of heat, as meat over the fire; to be greatly heated, or to be made uncomfortable with heat.  [1913 Webster]
    "The planets and comets had been broiling in the sun."  [1913 Webster]


broil, v. esp. US 1 tr. cook (meat) on a rack or a gridiron.
2 tr. & intr. make or become very hot, esp. from the sun.

broil, n. a row; a tumult.

obs. broil to muddle: cf. EMBROIL



ado, affray, agitation, altercate, altercation, argument, bake, baking, barbecue, barbecuing, baste, basting, battle, be in heat, bicker, blanch, blaze, blood feud, bloom, bluster, bobbery, boil, boiling, bother, box, braise, braising, brawl, brew, brewing, broiling, brouhaha, brown, burn, cacophony, casserole, catering, chaos, choke, clash, close, coddle, collide, combat, combust, come to blows, commotion, contend, contention, contest, controversy, cook, cookery, cooking, course, cover, cuisine, culinary masterpiece, culinary preparation, culinary science, curry, cut and thrust, devil, differ, dish, dispute, disturbance, do, do to perfection, domestic science, donnybrook, donnybrook fair, duel, dustup, ebullition, embroilment, entree, exchange blows, fanaticism, fence, ferment, feud, fight, fight a duel, fire, flame, flame up, flap, flare, flare up, flicker, flite, fliting, flush, fomentation, foofaraw, fracas, fray, free-for-all, frenzy, fricassee, frizz, frizzle, fry, frying, fume, furor, furore, fury, fuss, gasp, give and take, give satisfaction, glow, grapple, grapple with, griddle, grill, grilling, hassle, have words, heat, helter-skelter, home economics, hubbub, imbroglio, incandesce, join issue, jostle, joust, knock-down-and-drag-out, logomachy, main dish, melee, melt, mix it up, nutrition, open quarrel, oven-bake, pan, pan-broil, pan-broiling, pandemonium, pant, parboil, parch, passion, pell-mell, poach, poaching, polemic, pother, prepare, prepare food, quarrel, racket, radiate heat, rage, rampage, rassle, riot, roast, roasting, rough-and-tumble, roughhouse, row, ruckus, ruction, rumpus, run a tilt, saute, sauteing, scald, scallop, scorch, scramble, scrimmage, scuffle, sear, searing, seethe, set to, sharp words, shimmer with heat, shindy, shirr, shirring, side dish, simmer, simmering, skirmish, slanging match, smolder, smother, snarl, spar, spark, spat, squabble, steam, steeping, stew, stewing, stifle, stir, stir-fry, storminess, strife, strive, struggle, suffocate, sweat, swelter, tempestuousness, thrust and parry, tiff, tilt, to-do, toast, toasting, tourney, trouble, tumult, tumultuousness, turbulence, turmoil, tussle, uproar, upset, vendetta, wage war, war, wildness, words, wrangle, wrestle, zeal, zealousness




N discord, disagreement, discord, disaccord, dissidence, dissonance, jar, clash, shock, jarring, jostling, screw loose, variance, difference, dissension, misunderstanding, cross purposes, odds, brouillerie, division, split, rupture, disruption, division in the camp, house divided against itself, disunion, breach, schism, feud, faction, quarrel, dispute, tiff, tracasserie, squabble, altercation, barney, demel_e, snarl, spat, towrow, words, high words, wrangling, jangle, brabble, cross questions and crooked answers, snip-snap, family jars, polemics, litigation, strife, warfare, outbreak, open rupture, declaration of war, broil, brawl, row, racket, hubbub, rixation, embroilment, embranglement, imbroglio, fracas, breach of the peace, piece of work, scrimmage, rumpus, breeze, squall, riot, disturbance, commotion, bear garden, Donnybrook, Donnybrook Fair, subject of dispute, ground of quarrel, battle ground, disputed point, bone of contention, bone to pick, apple of discord, casus belli, question at issue, vexed question, vexata quaestio, brand of discord, troublous times, cat-and-dog life, contentiousness, enmity, hate, Kilkenny cats, disputant, strange bedfellows, discordant, disagreeing, out of tune, ajar, on bad terms, dissentient, unreconciled, unpacified, contentious, quarrelsome, unpacific, gladiatorial, controversial, polemic, disputatious, factious, litigious, litigant, pettifogging, at odds, at loggerheads, at daggers drawn, at variance, at issue, at cross purposes, at sixes and sevens, at feud, at high words, up in arms, together by the ears, in hot water, embroiled, torn, disunited, quot homines tot sententiae, no love lost between them, non nostrum tantas componere lites, Mars gravior sub pace latet, discord, discordance, dissonance, cacophony, want of harmony, caterwauling, harshness, Babel, Dutch concert, cat's concert, marrowbones and cleavers, discordant, dissonant, absonant, out of tune, tuneless, unmusical, untunable, unmelodious, immelodious, unharmonious, inharmonious, singsong, cacophonous, harsh, jarring.


N contention, strife, contest, contestation, struggle, belligerency, opposition, controversy, polemics, debate, war of words, logomachy, litigation, paper war, high words, sparring, competition, rivalry, corrivalry, corrivalship, agonism, concours, match, race, horse racing, heat, steeple chase, handicap, regatta, field day, sham fight, Derby day, turf, sporting, bullfight, tauromachy, gymkhana, boat race, torpids, wrestling, greco-roman wrestling, pugilism, boxing, fisticuffs, the manly art of self-defense, spar, mill, set-to, round, bout, event, prize fighting, quarterstaff, single stick, gladiatorship, gymnastics, jiujitsu, jujutsu, kooshti, sumo, athletics, athletic sports, games of skill, shindy, fracas, clash of arms, tussle, scuffle, broil, fray, affray, affrayment, velitation, colluctation, luctation, brabble, brigue, scramble, melee, scrimmage, stramash, bushfighting, free fight, stand up fight, hand to hand, running fight, conflict, skirmish, rencounter, encounter, rencontre, collision, affair, brush, fight, battle, battle royal, combat, action, engagement, joust, tournament, tilt, tilting, tournay, list, pitched battle, death struggle, struggle for life or death, life or death struggle, Armageddon, hard knocks, sharp contest, tug of war, naval engagement, naumachia, sea fight, duel, duello, single combat, monomachy, satisfaction, passage d'armes, passage of arms, affair of honor, triangular duel, hostile meeting, digladiation, deeds of arms, feats of arms, appeal to arms, pugnacity, combativeness, bone of contention, contending, together by the ears, at loggerheads, at war, at issue, competitive, rival, belligerent, contentious, combative, bellicose, unpeaceful, warlike, quarrelsome, pugnacious, pugilistic, gladiatorial, palestric, palestrical, a verbis ad verbera, a word and a blow, a very pretty quarrel as it stands, commune periculum concordiam parit, lis litem generat.


VB be hot, glow, flush, sweat, swelter, bask, smoke, reek, stew, simmer, seethe, boil, burn, blister, broil, blaze, flame, smolder, parch, fume, pant, heat, recalesce, thaw, give.

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