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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Noun bail has 2 senses

Verb bail has 5 senses


bailn. [F. baille a bucket, pail; cf. LL. bacula, dim. of bacca a sort of vessel. Cf. Bac.].
     A bucket or scoop used in bailing water out of a boat.  [1913 Webster]
    "The bail of a canoe . . . made of a human skull."  [1913 Webster]
bailv. t. 
  •  To lade; to dip and throw; -- usually with out; as, to bail water out of a boat.  [1913 Webster]
    "Buckets . . . to bail out the water."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To dip or lade water from; -- often with out to express completeness; as, to bail a boat.  [1913 Webster]
    "By the help of a small bucket and our hats we bailed her out."  [1913 Webster]
bailv. t. [OF. bailler to give, to deliver, fr. L. bajulare to bear a burden, keep in custody, fr. bajulus he who bears burdens.].
  •  To deliver; to release.  [1913 Webster]
    "Ne none there was to rescue her, ne none to bail."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To set free, or deliver from arrest, or out of custody, on the undertaking of some other person or persons that he or they will be responsible for the appearance, at a certain day and place, of the person bailed.  [1913 Webster]
    " The word is applied to the magistrate or the surety. The magistrate bails (but admits to bail is commoner) a man when he liberates him from arrest or imprisonment upon bond given with sureties. The surety bails a person when he procures his release from arrest by giving bond for his appearance."  Blackstone.  [1913 Webster]
bailn. [OF. bail guardian, administrator, fr. L. bajulus. See Bail to deliver.].
  •  Custody; keeping.  [1913 Webster]
    "Silly Faunus now within their bail."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The person or persons who procure the release of a prisoner from the custody of the officer, or from imprisonment, by becoming surety for his appearance in court.  [1913 Webster]
    "The bail must be real, substantial bondsmen."  [1913 Webster]
    "A. and B. were bail to the arrest in a suit at law."  [1913 Webster]
    "Excessive bail ought not to be required."  [1913 Webster]
bailn. [OE. beyl; cf. Dan. böile a bending, ring, hoop, Sw. bögel, bygel, and Icel. beyla hump, swelling, akin to E. bow to bend.].
  •  The arched handle of a kettle, pail, or similar vessel, usually movable.  Forby.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A half hoop for supporting the cover of a carrier's wagon, awning of a boat, etc.  [1913 Webster]
bailn. [OF. bail, baille. See Bailey.].
  •  A line of palisades serving as an exterior defense.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The outer wall of a feudal castle. Hence: The space inclosed by it; the outer court.  Holinshed.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A certain limit within a forest.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A division for the stalls of an open stable.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The top or cross piece (or either of the two cross pieces) of the wicket.  [1913 Webster]


bail, n. & v.
1 money etc. required as security against the temporary release of a prisoner pending trial.
2 a person or persons giving such security.
--v.tr. (usu. foll. by out)
1 release or secure the release of (a prisoner) on payment of bail.
2 (also bale by assoc. with bale out 1: see BALE(1)) release from a difficulty; come to the rescue of.

forfeit (colloq. jump) bail fail to appear for trial after being released on bail. go (or stand) bail (often foll. by for) act as surety (for an accused person).
bailable adj.
bail, n. & v.
1 Cricket either of the two crosspieces bridging the stumps.
2 the bar on a typewriter holding the paper against the platen.
3 a bar separating horses in an open stable.
4 Austral. & NZ a framework for securing the head of a cow during milking.
--v. Austral. & NZ (usu. foll. by up)
1 tr. secure (a cow) during milking.
2 a tr. make (a person) hold up his or her arms to be robbed. b intr. surrender by throwing up one's arms. c tr. buttonhole (a person).

bail, v.tr. (also bale)
1 (usu. foll. by out) scoop water out of (a boat etc.).
2 scoop (water etc.) out.

bail out var. of bale out
1 (see BALE(1)).
bailer n.
obs. bail (n.) bucket f. F baille ult. f. L bajulus carrier



arraignment, bond, bucket, charge, cup, decant, dip, dish, dish out, dish up, earnest, earnest money, escrow, fork, gage, guaranty, handsel, hock, hostage, impeachment, indictment, information, lade, ladle, mainprise, pawn, pignus, pledge, pour, presentment, recognizance, replevin, replevy, scoop, security, shovel, spade, spoon, surety, token payment, true bill, undertaking, vadimonium, vadium, warranty




N security, guaranty, guarantee, gage, warranty, bond, tie, pledge, plight, mortgage, collateral, debenture, hypothecation, bill of sale, lien, pawn, pignoration, real security, vadium, stake, deposit, earnest, handsel, caution, promissory note, bill, bill of exchange, I, O, U, personal security, covenant, specialty, parole, acceptance, indorsement, signature, execution, stamp, seal, sponsor, cosponsor, sponsion, sponsorship, surety, bail, mainpernor, hostage, godchild, godfather, godmother, recognizance, deed of indemnity, covenant of indemnity, authentication, verification, warrant, certificate, voucher, docket, doquet, record, probate, attested copy, receipt, acquittance, quittance, discharge, release, muniment, title deed, instrument, deed, deed poll, assurance, indenture, charter, charter poll, paper, parchment, settlement, will, testament, last will and testament, codicil, bonis avibus, gone where the woodbine twineth.


N receptacle, inclosure, recipient, receiver, reservatory, compartment, cell, cellule, follicle, hole, corner, niche, recess, nook, crypt, stall, pigeonhole, cove, oriel, cave, capsule, vesicle, cyst, pod, calyx, cancelli, utricle, bladder, pericarp, udder, stomach, paunch, venter, ventricle, crop, craw, maw, gizzard, breadbasket, mouth, pocket, pouch, fob, sheath, scabbard, socket, bag, sac, sack, saccule, wallet, cardcase, scrip, poke, knit, knapsack, haversack, sachel, satchel, reticule, budget, net, ditty bag, ditty box, housewife, hussif, saddlebags, portfolio, quiver, chest, box, coffer, caddy, case, casket, pyx, pix, caisson, desk, bureau, reliquary, trunk, portmanteau, band-box, valise, grip, grip sack, skippet, vasculum, boot, imperial, vache, cage, manger, rack, vessel, vase, bushel, barrel, canister, jar, pottle, basket, pannier, buck-basket, hopper, maund, creel, cran, crate, cradle, bassinet, wisket, whisket, jardiniere, corbeille, hamper, dosser, dorser, tray, hod, scuttle, utensil, brazier, cuspidor, spittoon, cistern, vat, caldron, barrel, cask, drum, puncheon, keg, rundlet, tun, butt, cag, firkin, kilderkin, carboy, amphora, bottle, jar, decanter, ewer, cruse, caraffe, crock, kit, canteen, flagon, demijohn, flask, flasket, stoup, noggin, vial, phial, cruet, caster, urn, epergne, salver, patella, tazza, patera, pig gin, big gin, tyg, nipperkin, pocket pistol, tub, bucket, pail, skeel, pot, tankard, jug, pitcher, mug, pipkin, galipot, gallipot, matrass, receiver, retort, alembic, bolthead, capsule, can, kettle, bowl, basin, jorum, punch bowl, cup, goblet, chalice, tumbler, glass, rummer, horn, saucepan, skillet, posnet, tureen, beaker, flask, Erlenmeyer flask, Florence flask, round-bottom flask, graduated cylinder, test tube, culture tube, pipette, Pasteur pipette, disposable pipette, syringe, vial, carboy, vacuum flask, Petri dish, microtiter tray, centrifuge tube, bail, beaker, billy, canakin, catch basin, catch drain, chatti, lota, mussuk, schooner, spider, terrine, toby, urceus, plate, platter, dish, trencher, calabash, porringer, potager, saucer, pan, crucible, glassware, tableware, vitrics, compote, gravy boat, creamer, sugar bowl, butter dish, mug, pitcher, punch bowl, chafing dish, shovel, trowel, spoon, spatula, ladle, dipper, tablespoon, watch glass, thimble, closet, commode, cupboard, cellaret, chiffonniere, locker, bin, bunker, buffet, press, clothespress, safe, sideboard, drawer, chest of drawers, chest on chest, highboy, lowboy, till, scrutoire, secretary, secretaire, davenport, bookcase, cabinet, canterbury, escritoire, etagere, vargueno, vitrine, chamber, apartment, room, cabin, office, court, hall, atrium, suite of rooms, apartment, flat, story, saloon, salon, parlor, by-room, cubicle, presence chamber, sitting room, best room, keeping room, drawing room, reception room, state room, gallery, cabinet, closet, pew, box, boudoir, adytum, sanctum, bedroom, dormitory, refectory, dining room, salle-a-manger, nursery, schoolroom, library, study, studio, billiard room, smoking room, den, stateroom, tablinum, tenement, bath room, bathroom, toilet, lavatory, powder room, john, jakes, necessary, loo, men's room, ladies' room, rest room, (uncleanness), 653 attic, loft, garret, cockloft, clerestory, cellar, vault, hold, cockpit, cubbyhole, cook house, entre-sol, mezzanine floor, ground floor, rez-de-chaussee, basement, kitchen, pantry, bawarchi-khana, scullery, offices, storeroom, lumber room, dairy, laundry, coach house, garage, hangar, outhouse, penthouse, lean-to, portico, porch, stoop, stope, veranda, patio, lanai, terrace, deck, lobby, court, courtyard, hall, vestibule, corridor, passage, breezeway, ante room, ante chamber, lounge, piazza, veranda, conservatory, greenhouse, bower, arbor, summerhouse, alcove, grotto, hermitage, lodging, bed, carriage, capsular, saccular, sacculated, recipient, ventricular, cystic, vascular, vesicular, cellular, camerated, locular, multilocular, polygastric, marsupial, siliquose, siliquous.

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