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Adverb, Conjunction, Preposition


Sinceadv. [For sins, contr. fr. OE. sithens, sithenes, formed by an adverbial ending (cf. Besides) from OE. sithen, also shortened into sithe, sin, AS. si, sy, seo, afterward, then, since, after; properly, after that; fr. after, later, adv. and prep. (originally a comparative adv., akin to OS. afterward, since, OHG. sīd, G. seit since, Goth. sei late, ni sei no longer) + instrumental of the demonstrative and article. See That.].
  •  From a definite past time until now; as, he went a month ago, and I have not seen him since.  [1913 Webster]
    "We since become the slaves to one man's lust."  [1913 Webster]
  •  In the time past, counting backward from the present; before this or now; ago.  [1913 Webster]
    "How many ages since has Virgil writ?"  [1913 Webster]
    "About two years since, it so fell out, that he was brought to a great lady's house."  [1913 Webster]
  •  When or that.  [1913 Webster]
    "Do you remember since we lay all night in the windmill in St. George's field?"  [1913 Webster]
     From the time of; in or during the time subsequent to; subsequently to; after; -- usually with a past event or time for the object.  [1913 Webster]
    "The Lord hath blessed thee, since my coming."  [1913 Webster]
    "I have a model by which he build a nobler poem than any extant since the ancients."  [1913 Webster]
     Seeing that; because; considering; -- formerly followed by that.  [1913 Webster]
    "Since that my penitence comes after all,
    Imploring pardon.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "Since truth and constancy are vain,
    Since neither love, nor sense of pain,
    Nor force of reason, can persuade,
    Then let example be obeyed.
    "  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- Because; for; as; inasmuch as; considering. See Because.


Since, prep., conj., & adv.
--prep. throughout, or at a point in, the period between (a specified time, event, etc.) and the time present or being considered (must have happened since yesterday; has been going on since June; the greatest composer since Beethoven).
1 during or in the time after (what have you been doing since we met?; has not spoken since the dog died).
2 for the reason that, because; inasmuch as (since you are drunk I will drive you home).
3 (ellipt.) as being (a more useful, since better designed, tool).
1 from that time or event until now or the time being considered (have not seen them since; had been healthy ever since; has since been cut down).
2 ago (happened many years since).

ME, reduced form of obs. sithence or f. dial. sin (f. sithen) f. OE siththon



aeons ago, after, after all, after that, afterwards, ages ago, ago, as, as long as, as things go, back, back when, backward, because, behind, being, being as how, below, cause, considering, ever since, ex post facto, following, for, forasmuch as, from away back, from time immemorial, gone by, in that, in the aftermath, in the sequel, inasmuch as, insofar as, insomuch as, into the past, later, long since, next, parce que, reminiscently, retroactively, retrospectively, seeing, seeing as how, seeing that, since long ago, since time began, subsequent to, subsequently, then, thereafter, thereon, thereupon, therewith, until now, whereas




N circumstance, situation, phase, position, posture, attitude, place, point, terms, regime, footing, standing, status, occasion, juncture, conjunctive, contingency, predicament, emergence, emergency, exigency, crisis, pinch, pass, push, occurrence, turning point, bearings, how the land lies, surroundings, context, environment, location, contingency, dependence (uncertainty), causation, attribution, circumstantial, given, conditional, provisional, critical, modal, contingent, incidental, adventitious, limitative, in the circumstances, under the circumstances, the circumstances, conditions, thus, in such wise, accordingly, that being the case, such being the case, in view of the circumstances, that being so, sith, since, seeing that, as matters stand, as things go, as times go, conditionally, provided, if, in case, if so, if so be, if it be so, depending on circumstances, in certain circumstances, under certain conditions, if it so happen, if it so turn out, in the event of, in such a contingency, in such a case, in such an event, provisionally, unless, without, according to circumstances, according to the occasion, as it may happen, as it may turn out, as it may be, as the case may be, as the wind blows, pro re nata, yet are my sins not those of circumstance.


N posteriority, succession, sequence, following, subsequence, supervention, futurity, successor, sequel, remainder, reversion, subsequent, posterior, following, after, later, succeeding, postliminious, postnate, postdiluvial, postdiluvian, puisne, posthumous, future, afterdinner, postprandial, subsequently, after, afterwards, since, later, at a subsequent, at a later period, at a later date, next, in the sequel, close upon, thereafter, thereupon, upon which, eftsoons, from that time, from that moment, after a while, after a time, in process of time.


N attribution, theory, etiology, ascription, reference to, rationale, accounting for, palaetiology, imputation, derivation from, filiation, affiliation, pedigree, explanation, reason why, attributed, attributable, referable to, referrible to, due to, derivable from, owing to, putative, ecbatic, hence, thence, therefore, for, since, on account of, because, owing to, on that account, from this cause, from that cause, thanks to, forasmuch as, whence, propter hoc, why? wherefore? whence? how comes it, how is it, how happens it? how does it happen? in some way, in some such way, somehow, somehow or other, that is why, hinc illae lachrymae.


N reasoning ratiocination rationalism, dialectics, induction, generalization, discussion, comment, ventilation, inquiry, argumentation, controversy, debate, polemics, wrangling, contention, logomachy, disputation, disceptation, paper war, art of reasoning, logic, process of reasoning, train of reasoning, chain of reasoning, deduction, induction, abduction, synthesis, analysis, argument, case, plaidoyer, opening, lemma, proposition, terms, premises, postulate, data, starting point, principle, inference, prosyllogism, syllogism, enthymeme, sorites, dilemma, perilepsis, a priori reasoning, reductio ad absurdum, horns of a dilemma, argumentum ad hominem, comprehensive argument, empirema, epagoge, reasoner, logician, dialectician, disputant, controversialist, controvertist, wrangler, arguer, debater polemic, casuist, rationalist, scientist, eristic, logical sequence, good case, correct just reasoning, sound reasoning, valid reasoning, cogent reasoning, logical reasoning, forcible reasoning, persuasive reasoning, persuasory reasoning, consectary reasoning, conclusive, subtle reasoning, force of argument, strong point, strong argument, persuasive argument, arguments, reasons, pros and cons, reasoning, rationalistic, argumentative, controversial, dialectic, polemical, discursory, discursive, disputatious, Aristotelian, eristic, eristical, debatable, controvertible, logical, relevant, for, because, hence, whence, seeing that, since, sith, then thence so, for that reason, for this reason, for which reason, for as, inasmuch as, whereas, ex concesso, considering, in consideration of, therefore, wherefore, consequently, ergo, thus, accordingly, a fortiori, in conclusion, in fine, finally, after all, au bout du compt, on the whole, taking one thing with another, ab actu ad posse valet consecutio, per troppo dibatter la verita si perde, troppo disputare la verita fa errare.

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