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Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Verb Obtrude has 2 senses


Obtrudev. t. [L. obtrudere, obtrusum; ob (see Ob-) + trudere to thrust. See Threat.].
  •  To thrust impertinently; to present to a person without warrant or solicitation; as, to obtrude one's self upon a company; to obtrude one's opinion on another.  [1913 Webster]
    "The objects of our senses obtrude their particular ideas upon our minds, whether we will or no."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To offer with unreasonable importunity; to urge unduly or against the will.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]
Obtrudev. i. 
     To thrust one's self upon a company or upon attention; to intrude.  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- To Obtrude, Intrude.


Obtrude, v.
1 intr. be or become obtrusive.
2 tr. (often foll. by on, upon) thrust forward (oneself, one's opinion, etc.) importunately.

obtruder n. obtrusion n.
L obtrudere obtrus- (as OB-, trudere push)



barge in, boot out, bounce, break in, break in upon, burst in, butt in, cast, cast out, charge in, chuck out, come between, crash, crash in, crash the gates, creep in, crowd in, cut in, defenestrate, detrude, discard, discharge, edge in, eject, elbow in, encroach, entrench, exclude, expel, extrude, foist in, force upon, give the hook, heave out, horn in, impinge, impose, impose on, impose upon, infiltrate, infringe, insinuate, interfere, interlope, interpose, intervene, intrude, invade, irrupt, jettison, junk, kick downstairs, kick out, obtrude on, oust, press in, press upon, presume, push in, push upon, put on, put out, put upon, reject, remove, rush in, slink in, slip in, smash in, sneak in, squeeze in, steal in, storm in, throng in, throw away, throw out, throw overboard, thrust in, thrust out, thrust upon, toss out, trench, trespass, turn out, work in, worm in




VB be active, busy oneself in, stir, stir about, stir one's stumps, bestir oneself, rouse oneself, speed, hasten, peg away, lay about one, bustle, fuss, raise up, kick up a dust, push, make a push, make a fuss, make a stir, go ahead, push forward, fight one's way, elbow one's way, make progress, toll, plod, persist, keep up the ball, keep the pot boiling, look sharp, have all one's eyes about one, rise, arouse oneself, hustle, get up early, be about, keep moving, steal a march, kill two birds with one stone, seize the opportunity, lose no time, not lose a moment, make the most of one's time, not suffer the grass to grow under one's feet, improve the shining hour, make short work of, dash off, make haste, do one's best take pains, do wonders, work wonders, have many irons in the fire, have one's hands full, have much on one's hands, have other things to do, have other fish to fry, be busy, not have a moment to spare, not have a moment that one can call one's own, have one's fling, run the round of, go all lengths, stick at nothing, run riot, outdo, overdo, overact, overlay, overshoot the mark, make a toil of a pleasure, have a hand in, take an active part, put in one's oar, have a finger in the pie, mix oneself up with, trouble, one's head about, intrigue, agitate, tamper with, meddle, moil, intermeddle, interfere, interpose, obtrude, poke one's nose in, thrust one's nose in.


VB lie between, come between, get between, intervene, slide in, interpenetrate, permeate, put between, introduce, import, throw in, wedge in, edge in, jam in, worm in, foist in, run in, plow in, work in, interpose, interject, intercalate, interpolate, interline, interleave, intersperse, interweave, interlard, interdigitate, sandwich in, fit in, squeeze in, let in, dovetail, splice, mortise, insinuate, smuggle, infiltrate, ingrain, interfere, put in an oar, thrust one's nose in, intrude, obtrude, have a finger in the pie, introduce the thin end of the wedge, thrust in.


VB insert, introduce, intromit, put into, run into, import, inject, interject, infuse, instill, inoculate, impregnate, imbue, imbrue, graft, ingraft, bud, plant, implant, dovetail, obtrude, thrust in, stick in, ram in, stuff in, tuck in, press, in, drive in, pop in, whip in, drop in, put in, impact, empierce, imbed, immerse, immerge, merge, bathe, soak, dip, plunge, bury, insert itself, lodge itself, plunge in medias res.

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