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Noun, Verb (transitive)


Verb Laud has 1 sense


Laudn. [L. laus, laudis. See Laud, v. i.].
  •  High commendation; praise; honor; exaltation; glory.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
    "So do well and thou shalt have laud of the same."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A part of divine worship, consisting chiefly of praise; -- usually in the pl.  [1913 Webster]
    " In the Roman Catholic Church, the prayers used at daybreak, between those of matins and prime, are called lauds."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Music or singing in honor of any one.  [1913 Webster]
Laudv. i. [L. laudare, fr. laus, laudis, praise. Cf. Allow.].
     To praise in words alone, or with words and singing; to celebrate; to extol.  [1913 Webster]
    "With all the company of heaven, we laud and magnify thy glorious name."  [1913 Webster]


Laud, v. & n.
--v.tr. praise or extol, esp. in hymns.
1 literary praise; a hymn of praise.
2 (in pl.) the traditional morning prayer of the Roman Catholic Church.

ME: (n.) f. OF laude, (v.) f. L laudare, f. L laus laudis praise



Agnus Dei, Benedicite, Gloria, Gloria Patri, Gloria in Excelsis, Introit, Magnificat, Miserere, Nunc Dimittis, Te Deum, Trisagion, Vedic hymn, acclaim, accolade, admire, adore, adulate, adulation, advance, alleluia, answer, anthem, antiphon, antiphony, apotheosis, apotheosize, belaud, bepraise, bepraisement, bless, bless the Lord, blow up, boast of, brag about, canticle, celebrate, chant, chorale, commend, congratulation, cry up, deification, deify, doxologize, doxology, eloge, emblazon, encomium, eulogium, eulogize, eulogy, exalt, exaltation, excessive praise, extol, flatter, flattery, glorification, glorify, glorify the Lord, glory, hallelujah, hero worship, hero-worship, homage, hommage, honor, hosanna, hymn, hymn of praise, hymnody, hymnography, hymnology, idolatry, idolize, idolizing, kudos, laudation, lionize, lionizing, magnification, magnify, make much of, mantra, meed of praise, motet, offertory, offertory sentence, overpraise, paean, panegyric, panegyrize, pay tribute, porter aux nues, praise, praise God, promote, psalm, psalmody, puff, puff up, recommend, report, response, responsory, revere, reverence, salute, sing praises, tribute, trumpet, venerate, versicle, worship




VB worship, lift up the heart, aspire, revere, adore, do service, pay homage, humble oneself, kneel, bow the knee, bend the knee, fall down, fall on one's knees, prostrate oneself, bow down and worship, pray, invoke, supplicate, put up, offer up prayers, offer petitions, beseech, say one's prayers, tell one's beads, return thanks, give thanks, say grace, bless, praise, laud, glorify, magnify, sing praises, give benediction, lead the choir, intone, deacon, deacon off propitiate, offer sacrifice, fast, deny oneself, vow, offer vows, give alms, work out one's salvation, go to church, attend service, attend mass, communicate.


N approbation, approval, approvement, sanction, advocacy, nod of approbation, esteem, estimation, good opinion, golden opinions, admiration, love, appreciation, regard, account, popularity, kudos, credit, repute, best seller, commendation, praise, laud, laudation, good word, meed of praise, tribute of praise, encomium, eulogy, eulogium, eloge, panegyric, homage, hero worship, benediction, blessing, benison, applause, plaudit, clap, clapping, clapping of hands, acclaim, acclamation, cheer, paean, hosannah, shout of applause, peal of applause, chorus of applause, chorus of praise, Prytaneum, approving, in favor of, lost in admiration, commendatory, complimentary, benedictory, laudatory, panegyrical, eulogistic, encomiastic, lavish of praise, uncritical, approved, praised, uncensured, unimpeached, popular, in good odor, in high esteem, in favor, in high favor, deserving of praise, worthy of praise, praiseworthy, commendable, of estimation, good, meritorious, estimable, creditable, plausible, unimpeachable, beyond all praise, with credit, to admiration, well, with three times three, Int, hear hear!, bully for you!, well done!, bravo!, bravissimo!, euge!, macte virtute!, so far so good, that's right, quite right, optime!, one cheer more, may your shadow never be less!, esto perpetua!, long life to!, viva!, enviva!, Godspeed!, valete et plaudite!, encore!, bis!, probatum est, tacent satis laudant, servant of God, well done!.

VB approve, approbate, think good, think much of, think well of, think highly of, esteem, value, prize, set great store by, set great store on, do justice to, appreciate, honor, hold in esteem, look up to, admire, like, be in favor of, wish Godspeed, hail, hail with satisfaction, stand up for, stick up for, uphold, hold up, countenance, sanction, clap on the back, pat on the back, keep in countenance, indorse, give credit, recommend, mark with a white mark, mark with a stone, commend, belaud, praise, laud, compliment, pay a tribute, bepraise, clap the hands, applaud, cheer, acclamate, encore, panegyrize, eulogize, cry up, proner, puff, extol, extol to the skies, magnify, glorify, exalt, swell, make much of, flatter, bless, give a blessing to, have a good word for, say a good word for, speak well of, speak highly of, speak in high terms of, sing the praises of, sound the praises of, chaunt the praises of, resound the praises of, sing praises to, cheer to the echo, applaud to the echo, applaud to the very echo, cheer to the very echo, redound to the honor, redound to the praise, redound to the credit of, do credit to, deserve praise, recommend itself, pass muster, be praised, receive honorable mention, be in favor with, be in high favor with, ring with the praises of, win golden opinions, gain credit, find favor with, stand well in the opinion of, laudari a laudato viro.

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