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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive), Adjective, Adverb


Noun Free has 1 sense

Adjective Free has 9 senses

Adverbial Free has 1 sense

Verb Free has 11 senses


Freea. [OE. fre, freo, AS. freó, frī; akin to D. vrij, OS. & OHG. frī, G. frei, Icel. frī, Sw. & Dan. fri, Goth. freis, and also to Skr. prija beloved, dear, fr. prī to love, Goth. frij. Cf. Affray, Belfry, Friday, Friend, Frith inclosure.].
  •  Exempt from subjection to the will of others; not under restraint, control, or compulsion; able to follow one's own impulses, desires, or inclinations; determining one's own course of action; not dependent; at liberty.  [1913 Webster]
    "That which has the power, or not the power, to operate, is that alone which is or is not free."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not under an arbitrary or despotic government; subject only to fixed laws regularly and fairly administered, and defended by them from encroachments upon natural or acquired rights; enjoying political liberty.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Liberated, by arriving at a certain age, from the control of parents, guardian, or master.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not confined or imprisoned; released from arrest; liberated; at liberty to go.  [1913 Webster]
    "Set an unhappy prisoner free."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not subjected to the laws of physical necessity; capable of voluntary activity; endowed with moral liberty; -- said of the will.  [1913 Webster]
    "Not free, what proof could they have given sincere
    Of true allegiance, constant faith, or love.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Clear of offense or crime; guiltless; innocent.  [1913 Webster]
    "My hands are guilty, but my heart is free."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Unconstrained by timidity or distrust; unreserved; ingenuous; frank; familiar; communicative.  [1913 Webster]
    "He was free only with a few."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Unrestrained; immoderate; lavish; licentious; -- used in a bad sense.  [1913 Webster]
    "The critics have been very free in their censures."  [1913 Webster]
    "A man may live a free life as to wine or women."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not close or parsimonious; liberal; open-handed; lavish; as, free with his money.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Exempt; clear; released; liberated; not encumbered or troubled with; as, free from pain; free from a burden; -- followed by from, or, rarely, by of.  [1913 Webster]
    "Princes declaring themselves free from the obligations of their treaties."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Characteristic of one acting without restraint; charming; easy.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Ready; eager; acting without spurring or whipping; spirited; as, a free horse.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Invested with a particular freedom or franchise; enjoying certain immunities or privileges; admitted to special rights; -- followed by of.  [1913 Webster]
    "He therefore makes all birds, of every sect,
    Free of his farm.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Thrown open, or made accessible, to all; to be enjoyed without limitations; unrestricted; not obstructed, engrossed, or appropriated; open; -- said of a thing to be possessed or enjoyed; as, a free school.  [1913 Webster]
    "Why, sir, I pray, are not the streets as free
    For me as for you?
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not gained by importunity or purchase; gratuitous; spontaneous; as, free admission; a free gift.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not arbitrary or despotic; assuring liberty; defending individual rights against encroachment by any person or class; instituted by a free people; -- said of a government, institutions, etc.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Certain or honorable; the opposite of base; as, free service; free socage.  Burrill.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Privileged or individual; the opposite of common; as, a free fishery; a free warren.  Burrill.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not united or combined with anything else; separated; dissevered; unattached; at liberty to escape; as, free carbonic acid gas; free cells.  [1913 Webster]
Free agency, the capacity or power of choosing or acting freely, or without necessity or constraint upon the will. -- Free bench (Eng. Law), a widow's right in the copyhold lands of her husband, corresponding to dower in freeholds. -- Free board (Naut.), a vessel's side between water line and gunwale. -- Free bond (Chem.), an unsaturated or unemployed unit, or bond, of affinity or valence, of an atom or radical. -- Free-borough men (O.Eng. Law). See Friborg. -- Free chapel (Eccles.), a chapel not subject to the jurisdiction of the ordinary, having been founded by the king or by a subject specially authorized. [Eng.] Bouvier. -- Free charge (Elec.), a charge of electricity in the free or statical condition; free electricity. -- Free church. (a) A church whose sittings are for all and without charge. (b) An ecclesiastical body that left the Church of Scotland, in 1843, to be free from control by the government in spiritual matters. -- Free city, or Free town, a city or town independent in its government and franchises, as formerly those of the Hanseatic league. -- Free cost, freedom from charges or expenses. South. -- Free and easy, unconventional; unrestrained; regardless of formalities. [Colloq.] “Sal and her free and easy ways.” W. Black. -- Free goods, goods admitted into a country free of duty. -- Free labor, the labor of freemen, as distinguished from that of slaves. -- Free port. (Com.) (a) A port where goods may be received and shipped free of custom duty. (b) A port where goods of all kinds are received from ships of all nations at equal rates of duty. -- Free public house, in England, a tavern not belonging to a brewer, so that the landlord is free to brew his own beer or purchase where he chooses. Simmonds. -- Free school. (a) A school to which pupils are admitted without discrimination and on an equal footing. (b) A school supported by general taxation, by endowmants, etc., where pupils pay nothing for tuition; a public school. -- Free services (O.Eng. Law), such feudal services as were not unbecoming the character of a soldier or a freemen to perform; as, to serve under his lord in war, to pay a sum of money, etc. Burrill. -- Free ships, ships of neutral nations, which in time of war are free from capture even though carrying enemy's goods. -- Free socage (O.Eng. Law), a feudal tenure held by certain services which, though honorable, were not military. Abbott. -- Free States, those of the United States before the Civil War, in which slavery had ceased to exist, or had never existed. -- Free stuff (Carp.), timber free from knots; clear stuff. -- Free thought, that which is thought independently of the authority of others. -- Free trade, commerce unrestricted by duties or tariff regulations. -- Free trader, one who believes in free trade. -- To make free with, to take liberties with; to help one's self to. [Colloq.] -- To sail free (Naut.), to sail with the yards not braced in as sharp as when sailing closehauled, or close to the wind.
  •  Freely; willingly.  [1913 Webster]
    "I as free forgive you
    As I would be forgiven.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Without charge; as, children admitted free.  [1913 Webster]
Freev. t. [OE. freen, freoien, AS. freógan. See Free, a.].
  •  To make free; to set at liberty; to rid of that which confines, limits, embarrasses, oppresses, etc.; to release; to disengage; to clear; -- followed by from, and sometimes by off; as, to free a captive or a slave; to be freed of these inconveniences.  Clarendon.  [1913 Webster]
    "Our land is from the rage of tigers freed."  [1913 Webster]
    "Arise, . . . free thy people from their yoke."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To remove, as something that confines or bars; to relieve from the constraint of.  [1913 Webster]
    "This master key
    Frees every lock, and leads us to his person.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To frank.  Johnson.  [1913 Webster]


Free, adj., adv., & v.
--adj. (freer; freest)
1 not in bondage to or under the control of another; having personal rights and social and political liberty.
2 (of a State, or its citizens or institutions) subject neither to foreign domination nor to despotic government; having national and civil liberty (a free press; a free society).
3 a unrestricted, unimpeded; not restrained or fixed. b at liberty; not confined or imprisoned. c released from ties or duties; unimpeded. d unrestrained as to action; independent (set free).
4 (foll. by of, from) a not subject to; exempt from (free of tax). b not containing or subject to a specified (usu. undesirable) thing (free of preservatives; free from disease).
5 (foll. by to + infin.) able or permitted to take a specified action (you are free to choose).
6 unconstrained (free gestures).
7 a available without charge; costing nothing. b not subject to tax, duty, trade-restraint, or fees.
8 a clear of engagements or obligations (are you free tomorrow?). b not occupied or in use (the bathroom is free now). c clear of obstructions.
9 spontaneous, unforced (free compliments).
10 open to all comers.
11 lavish, profuse; using or used without restraint (very free with their money).
12 frank, unreserved.
13 (of a literary style) not observing the strict laws of form.
14 (of a translation) conveying the broad sense; not literal.
15 forward, familiar, impudent.
16 (of talk, stories, etc.) slightly indecent.
17 Physics a not modified by an external force. b not bound in an atom or molecule.
18 Chem. not combined (free oxygen).
19 (of power or energy) disengaged or available.
1 in a free manner.
2 without cost or payment.
3 Naut. not close-hauled.
1 make free; set at liberty.
2 (foll. by of, from) relieve from (something undesirable).
3 disengage, disentangle.

free agent a person with freedom of action. free and easy informal, unceremonious. free association Psychol. a method of investigating a person's unconscious by eliciting from him or her spontaneous associations with ideas proposed by the examiner. free-born inheriting a citizen's rights and liberty. Free Church a Church dissenting or seceding from an established Church. free enterprise a system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of State control. free fall movement under the force of gravity only, esp.:
1 the part of a parachute descent before the parachute opens.
2 the movement of a spacecraft in space without thrust from the engines. free fight a general fight in which all present join. free-for-all a free fight, unrestricted discussion, etc. free-form (attrib.) of an irregular shape or structure. free hand freedom to act at one's own discretion (see also FREEHAND). free-handed generous. free-handedly generously. free-handedness generosity. free house Brit. an inn or public house not controlled by a brewery and therefore not restricted to selling particular brands of beer or liquor. free kick Football a set kick allowed to be taken by one side without interference from the other. free labour the labour of workmen not in a trade union.
1 indulgence in pleasures, esp. that of eating.
2 Biol. living freely and independently; not attached to a substrate. free love sexual relations according to choice and unrestricted by marriage. free market a market in which prices are determined by unrestricted competition. free on board (or rail) without charge for delivery to a ship or railway wagon. free pass an authorization of free admission, travel, etc.
free port
1 a port area where goods in transit are exempt from customs duty.
2 a port open to all traders. free radical Chem. an unchanged atom or group of atoms with one or more unpaired electrons. free-range esp. Brit. (of hens etc.) kept in natural conditions with freedom of movement. free rein see REIN.
free school
1 a school for which no fees are charged.
2 a school run on the basis of freedom from restriction for the pupils. free speech the right to express opinions freely. free-spoken speaking candidly; not concealing one's opinions. free-standing not supported by another structure. free trade international trade left to its natural course without restriction on imports or exports. free verse = VERS LIBRE. free vote a Parliamentary vote not subject to party discipline. free wheel the driving wheel of a bicycle, able to revolve with the pedals at rest. free-wheel v.i
1 ride a bicycle with the pedals at rest, esp. downhill.
2 move or act without constraint or effort.
free will
1 the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate.
2 the ability to act at one's own discretion (I did it of my own free will). free world esp. US the non-Communist countries.
freely adv. freeness n.
OE freo, freon f. Gmc



abandoned, able, above, absolve, accessible, acquit, adrift, affranchise, afloat, afoot and lighthearted, allowed, amnesty, approachable, arbitrary, artless, as a gift, as our guest, at large, at leisure, at liberty, at loose ends, at will, autarchic, autarkic, autonomous, available, bald, bare, bighearted, bluff, blunt, bounteous, bountiful, break loose, break out, broad, brusque, candid, cast off, casual, charitable, cleanse, cleanse away, clear, clear of, cleared, communicative, complimentary, conversable, costless, cut loose, debauched, decontaminate, deliver, delivered, democratic, demonstrative, deobstruct, deserted, destigmatize, detach, detached, diffuse, direct, disburden, discharge, disclose, disclosed, discretional, discretionary, disembarrass, disembroil, disencumber, disengage, disengaged, disentangle, disenthrall, disinvolve, disjoin, dislodge, dismiss, dispense from, dispense with, disperse, dissipated, dissolute, doff, downright, ease, ease off, easy, easygoing, effusive, elective, eleemosynary, emancipate, emancipated, empty, enfranchise, enfranchised, escaped, except, exculpate, excuse, exempt, exempt from, exonerate, expansive, expenseless, explicit, expose, exposed, extra, extract, extricate, extricated, extroverted, fallow, fast, fled, floating, flown, footloose, footloose and fancy-free, for free, for love, for nothing, for the asking, forgive, forsaken, forthright, frank, frankhearted, free and easy, free as air, free for nothing, free from, free gratis, free of, free of charge, free of cost, free up, free will, free-born, free-speaking, free-spoken, free-tongued, freebie, freeborn, freed, freehanded, freehearted, freely, fugitive, furlough, gallant, gay, generous, genuine, get out, giftlike, give absolution, give dispensation from, give release, give respite, given, giving, gossipy, gracious, grant amnesty to, grant immunity, grant remission, gratis, gratuitous, gratuitously, greathearted, handsome, heart-to-heart, honest, hospitable, idle, in the clear, independent, individualistic, informal, ingenuous, intermit, jobless, justify, large, largehearted, lavish, leisure, leisured, let go, let loose, let off, let out, let up, liberal, liberate, liberated, licentious, loose, loosely, loosen, lumpen, magnanimous, manifest, manumit, munificent, naked, natural, newsy, nonmandatory, nonpros, off, off duty, off work, offered, on one, on parole, on the house, on the loose, open, open-handed, openhanded, openhearted, openly, optional, out, out of, out of employ, out of harness, out of work, outgoing, outright, outspoken, pardon, parole, patefy, permitted, plain, plain-spoken, princely, proffered, profligate, profuse, purge, purge away, quash the charge, quit, quit of, rakehell, rakehellish, rakehelly, rakish, ransom, recover, redeem, redeemed, relax, relaxed, release, released, relieve, remise, remit, remove, reprieve, rescue, rescued, retired, retrieve, reveal, rickety, rid, rid of, round, runaway, salvage, save, save the necessity, scatter, scot-free, self-acting, self-active, self-determined, self-determining, self-directing, self-governed, self-governing, self-revealing, self-revelatory, semiretired, separate, set at large, set at liberty, set free, shaky, shed of, shrive, shut of, sincere, slack, slack off, slacken, sociable, sovereign, spare, spontaneous, spring, sprung, stintless, straight, straight-out, straightforward, suspend, take off, talkative, tear loose, tenantless, to his heirs, transparent, unanchored, unasked, unattached, unbar, unbesought, unbidden, unbind, unblock, unbolt, unbought, unbound, unbridled, unbuckle, unburden, unbutton, uncage, uncalled-for, uncase, unceremonious, unchain, unchained, unchecked, unclasp, unclench, unclog, unclogged, unclosed, unclutch, unclutter, uncoerced, uncommitted, uncompelled, unconditional, unconditioned, unconfined, unconstrained, uncontrolled, uncork, uncover, uncovered, uncurtain, undo, undone, undrape, unemployable, unemployed, unencumbered, unengaged, unenslaved, unequivocal, unfasten, unfastened, unfetter, unfettered, unfilled, unfixed, unfold, unforced, unfoul, unglue, ungrudging, unguarded, unhampered, unhidden, unhindered, unimpeded, uninfluenced, uninhabited, uninhibited, uninvited, uninvolved, unknot, unlace, unlatch, unleash, unlock, unloose, unloosen, unmanned, unobstructed, unoccupied, unpaid-for, unpeopled, unplug, unpopulated, unpressured, unprompted, unravel, unrepressed, unrequested, unrequired, unreserved, unreservedly, unrestrained, unrestricted, unreticent, unroll, unscramble, unseal, unsecretive, unselfish, unshackle, unshackled, unsheathe, unshrinking, unshut, unsilent, unsnarl, unsolicited, unsought, unsparing, unstaffed, unstick, unstinted, unstinting, unstop, unstopped, unstrap, unstuck, unsuppressed, untaken, untangle, untaxed, untenanted, untended, untie, untied, unused, unveil, unwrap, vacant, vindicate, voluntary, volunteer, weigh anchor, well out of, whitewash, wide-open, wild, willful, with abandon, withdraw the charge, without, without charge, without restraint, without stint




N will, volition, conation, velleity, liberum arbitrium, will and pleasure, free will, freedom, discretion, option, voluntariness, spontaneity, spontaneousness, originality, pleasure, wish, mind, desire, frame of mind, intention, predetermination, selfcontrol, determination, force of will, voluntary, volitional, willful, free, optional, discretional, discretionary, volitient, volitive, minded, prepense, intended, autocratic, unbidden &c (bid), spontaneous, original, unconstrained, voluntarily, at will, at pleasure, a volonte, a discretion, al piacere, ad libitum, ad arbitrium, as one thinks proper, as it seems good to, a beneplacito, of one's won accord, of one's own free will, proprio motu, suo motu, ex meromotu, out of one's won head, by choice, purposely, deliberately, stet pro ratione voluntas, sic volo sic jubeo, a vostro beneplacito, beneficium accipere libertatem est vendere, Deus vult, was man nicht kann meiden muss man willig leiden.


N disjunction, disconnection, disunity, disunion, disassociation, disengagement, discontinuity, abjunction, cataclasm, inconnection, abstraction, abstractedness, isolation, insularity, insulation, oasis, island, separateness, severalty, disjecta membra, dispersion, apportionment, separation, parting, circumcision, detachment, segregation, divorce, sejunction, seposition, diduction, diremption, discerption, elision, caesura, break, fracture, division, subdivision, rupture, compartition, dismemberment, dislocation, luxation, severance, disseverance, scission, rescission, abscission, laceration, dilaceration, disruption, abruption, avulsion, divulsion, section, resection, cleavage, fission, partibility, separability, fissure, breach, rent, split, rift, crack, slit, incision, dissection anatomy, decomposition, cutting instrument, buzzsaw, circular saw, rip saw, separatist, disjoined, discontinuous, multipartite, abstract, disjunctive, secant, isolated, insular, separate, disparate, discrete, apart, asunder, far between, loose, free, unattached, unannexed, unassociated, unconnected, distinct, adrift, straggling, rift, reft, scissile, divisible, discerptible, partible, separable, separately, one by one, severally, apart, adrift, asunder, in twain, in the abstract, abstractedly.


N completeness, completion, integration, allness, entirety, perfection, solidity, solidarity, unity, all, ne plus ultra, ideal, limit, complement, supplement, make-weight, filling, up, impletion, saturation, saturity, high water, high tide, flood tide, spring tide, fill, load, bumper, bellyful, brimmer, sufficiency, complete, entire, whole, perfect, full, good, absolute, thorough, plenary, solid, undivided, with all its parts, all- sided, exhaustive, radical, sweeping, thorough-going, dead, regular, consummate, unmitigated, sheer, unqualified, unconditional, free, abundant, brimming, brimful, topful, topfull, chock full, choke full, as full as an egg is of meat, as full as a vetch, saturated, crammed, replete, fraught, laden, full-laden, full-fraught, full-charged, heavy laden, completing, supplemental, supplementary, ascititious, completely, altogether, outright, wholly, totally, in toto, quite, all out, over head and ears, effectually, for good and all, nicely, fully, through thick and thin, head and shoulders, neck and heel, neck and crop, in all respects, in every respect, at all points, out and out, to all intents and purposes, toto coelo, utterly, clean, clean as a whistle, to the full, to the utmost, to the backbone, hollow, stark, heart and soul, root and branch, down to the ground, to the top of one's bent, as far as possible, a outrance, throughout, from first to last, from beginning to end, from end to end, from one end to the other, from Dan to Beersheba, from head to foot, from top to toe, from top to bottom, de fond en comble, a fond, a capite ad calcem, ab ovo usque ad mala, fore and aft, every, whit, every inch, cap-a-pie, to the end of the chapter, up to the brim, up to the ears, up to the eyes, as a as can be, on all accounts, sous tous les rapports, with a vengeance, with a witness, falsus in uno falsus in omnibus, false in one thing, false in everything, omnem movere lapidem, una scopa nuova spazza bene.


VB be easy, go on smoothly, run smoothly, have full play, go on all fours, run on all fours, obey the helm, work well, flow with the stream, swim with the stream, drift with the stream, go with the stream, flow with the tide, drift with the tide, see one's way, have all one's own way, have the game in one's own hands, walk over the course, win at a canter, make light of, make nothing of, make no bones of, be at home in, make it look easy, do it with one's eyes closed, do it in one's sleep, render easy, facilitate, smooth, ease, popularize, lighten, lighten the labor, free, clear, disencumber, disembarrass, disentangle, disengage, deobstruct, unclog, extricate, unravel, untie the knot, cut the knot, disburden, unload, exonerate, emancipate, free from, deoppilate, humor, lubricate, relieve, leave a hole to creep out of, leave a loophole, leave the matter open, give the reins to, give full play, give full swing, make way for, open the door to, open the way, prepare the ground, smooth the ground, clear the ground, open the way, open the path, open the road, pave the way, bridge over, permit.


N freedom, liberty, independence, license, facility, scope, range, latitude, play, free play, full play, free scope, full scope, free stage and no favor, swing, full swing, elbowroom, margin, rope, wide berth, Liberty Hall, franchise, denization, free man, freed man, livery man, denizen, autonomy, self-government, liberalism, free trade, noninterference, Monroe Doctrine, immunity, exemption, emancipation, enfranchisement, affranchisement, free land, freehold, allodium, frankalmoigne, mortmain, bushwhacker, freelance, free thinker, free trader, independent, free, free as air, out of harness, independent, at large, loose, scot-free, left alone, left to oneself, in full swing, uncaught, unconstrained, unbuttoned, unconfined, unrestrained, unchecked, unprevented, unhindered, unobstructed, unbound, uncontrolled, untrammeled, unsubject, ungoverned, unenslaved, unenthralled, unchained, unshackled, unfettered, unreined, unbridled, uncurbed, unmuzzled, unrestricted, unlimited, unmitigated, unconditional, absolute, discretionary, unassailed, unforced, uncompelled, unbiassed, spontaneous, free and easy, at ease, at one's ease, degage, quite at home, wanton, rampant, irrepressible, unvanquished, exempt, freed, freeborn, autonomous, freehold, allodial, gratis, eleutherian, unclaimed, going a begging, freely, ad libitum, ubi libertas ibi patria, free white and twenty-one.


VB liberate, free, set free, set clear, set at liberty, render free, emancipate, release, enfranchise, affranchise, manumit, enlarge, disband, discharge, disenthrall, disenthral, dismiss, let go, let loose, loose, let out, let slip, cast adrift, turn adrift, deliver, absolve, unfetter &c, untie, loose, loosen, relax, unbolt, unbar, unclose, uncork, unclog, unhand, unbind, unchain, unharness, unleash, disengage, disentangle, clear, extricate, unloose, gain one's liberty, obtain one's liberty, acquire one's liberty, get rid of, get clear of, deliver oneself from, shake off the yoke, slip the collar, break loose, break prison, tear asunder one's bonds, cast off trammels, escape.


N impurity, uncleanness, immodesty, grossness, indelicacy, indecency, impudicity, obscenity, ribaldry, Fescennine, smut, bawdry, double entente, equivoque, concupiscence, lust, carnality, flesh, salacity, pruriency, lechery, lasciviency, lubricity, Sadism, sapphism, incontinence, intrigue, faux pas, amour, amourette, gallantry, debauchery, libertinish, libertinage, fornication, liaison, wenching, venery, dissipation, seduction, defloration, defilement, abuse, violation, rape, incest, prostitution, social evil, harlotry, stupration, whoredom, concubinage, cuckoldom, adultery, advoutry, crim, con, free love, seraglio, harem, brothel, bagnio, stew, bawdyhouse, cat house, lupanar, house of ill fame, bordel, bordello, impure, unclean, not to be mentioned to ears polite, immodest, shameless, indecorous, indelicate, indecent, Fescennine, loose, risque, coarse, gross, broad, free, equivocal, smutty, fulsome, ribald, obscene, bawdy, pornographic, concupiscent, prurient, lickerish, rampant, lustful, carnal, carnal-minded, lewd, lascivious, lecherous, libidinous, erotic, ruttish, salacious, Paphian, voluptuous, goatish, must, musty, unchaste, light, wanton, licentious, debauched, dissolute, of loose character, of easy virtue, frail, gay, riggish, incontinent, meretricious, rakish, gallant, dissipated, no better than she should be, on the town, on the streets, on the pave, on the loose, adulterous, incestuous, bestial.


N cheapness, low price, depreciation, bargain, good penny worth, snap, gratuity, free quarters, free seats, free admission, pass, free pass, free warren, give-away, freebee, run of one's teeth, nominal price, peppercorn rent, labor of love, drug in the market, deadhead, cheap, low, low priced, moderate, reasonable, inexpensive, unexpensive, well worth the money, worth the money, magnifique et pas cher, good at the price, cheap at the price, dirt cheap, dog cheap, cheap, cheap as dirt, cheap and nasty, catchpenny, discounted, half-price, depreciated, unsalable, gratuitous, gratis, free, for nothing, costless, expenseless, without charge, not charged, untaxed, scotfree, shotfree, rent-free, free of cost, free of expense, honorary, unbought, unpaid, for a mere song, for a song, at cost, at cost price, at prime cost, at a reduction, a bon marche.


N liberality, generosity, munificence, bounty, bounteousness, bountifulness, hospitality, charity, liberal, free, generous, charitable, hospitable, bountiful, bounteous, handsome, unsparing, ungrudging, unselfish, open handed, free handed, full handed, open hearted, large hearted, free hearted, munificent, princely, overpaid, handsome is that handsome does.


VB not have, be without, excuse, be exempt, exempt, release, acquit, discharge, quitclaim, remise, remit, free, set at liberty, let off, pass over, spare, excuse, dispense with, give dispensation, license, stretch a point, absolve, exonerate, save the necessity.

N exemption, absence, exception, immunity, privilege, release, exempt from, devoid of, without, unpossessed of, unblest with, immune from, not having, unpossessed, untenanted, without an owner, unobtained, unacquired, exemption, freedom, irresponsibility, immunity, liberty, license, release, exoneration, excuse, dispensation, absolution, franchise, renunciation, discharge, exculpation, exempt, free, immune, at liberty, scot-free, released, unbound, unencumbered, irresponsible, unaccountable, not answerable, excusable, bonis nocet quisquis pepercerit malis.

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