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Noun wool has 3 senses


wooln. [OE. wolle, wulle, AS. wull; akin to D. wol, OHG. wolla, G. wolle, Icel. & Sw. ull, Dan. uld, Goth, wulla, Lith. vilna, Russ. volna, L. vellus, Skr. wool, v to cover. Flannel, Velvet.].
  •  The soft and curled, or crisped, species of hair which grows on sheep and some other animals, and which in fineness sometimes approaches to fur; -- chiefly applied to the fleecy coat of the sheep, which constitutes a most essential material of clothing in all cold and temperate climates.  [1913 Webster]
    " Wool consists essentially of keratin."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Short, thick hair, especially when crisped or curled.  [1913 Webster]
    "Wool of bat and tongue of dog."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A sort of pubescence, or a clothing of dense, curling hairs on the surface of certain plants.  [1913 Webster]
Dead pulled wool, wool pulled from a carcass. -- Mineral wool. See under Mineral. -- Philosopher's wool. (Chem.) See Zinc oxide, under Zinc. -- Pulled wool, wool pulled from a pelt, or undressed hide. -- Slag wool. Same as Mineral wool, under Mineral. -- Wool ball, a ball or mass of wool. -- Wool burler, one who removes little burs, knots, or extraneous matter, from wool, or the surface of woolen cloth. -- Wool comber. (a) One whose occupation is to comb wool. (b) A machine for combing wool. -- Wool grass (Bot.), a kind of bulrush (Scirpus Eriophorum) with numerous clustered woolly spikes. -- Wool scribbler. See Woolen scribbler, under Woolen, a. -- Wool sorter's disease (Med.), a disease, resembling malignant pustule, occurring among those who handle the wool of goats and sheep. -- Wool staple, a city or town where wool used to be brought to the king's staple for sale. [Eng.] -- Wool stapler. (a) One who deals in wool. (b) One who sorts wool according to its staple, or its adaptation to different manufacturing purposes. -- Wool winder, a person employed to wind, or make up, wool into bundles to be packed for sale.


wool, n.
1 fine soft wavy hair from the fleece of sheep, goats, etc.
2 a yarn produced from this hair. b cloth or clothing made from it.
3 any of various wool-like substances (steel wool).
4 soft short under-fur or down.
5 colloq. a person's hair, esp. when short and curly.

pull the wool over a person's eyes deceive a person. wool-fat lanolin. wool-fell Brit. the skin of a sheep etc. with the fleece still on. wool-gathering absent-mindedness; dreamy inattention. wool-grower a breeder of sheep for wool. wool-oil suint. wool-pack
1 a fleecy cumulus cloud.
2 hist. a bale of wool. wool-skin = wool-fell. wool-sorters' disease anthrax. wool-stapler a person who grades wool.
wool-like adj.
OE wull f. Gmc



Aralac, Avisco, Celanese, Chemstrand, Dacron, Dynel, Lastex, Manila, Orlon, Terylene, Velon, Vicara, acetate rayon, alpaca, angora, bast, blubber, breeze, bristle, butter, capillament, cashmere, cilium, clay, cloth, coat, coir, cotton, cushion, dough, down, drapery, eiderdown, etoffe, fabric, feather bed, feathers, felt, flax, fleece, floss, flue, fluff, foam, fur, goods, hair, hemp, horsehair, jute, kapok, lace, linen, llama hair, mane, material, merino, mohair, napery, near-silk, nylon, oakum, pelt, pile, pillow, plush, pubescence, pubic hair, pudding, puff, putty, raffia, rag, rayon, rubber, satin, setula, shag, silk, sisal, spandex, spun rayon, stuff, swansdown, textile, textile fabric, texture, thistledown, tissu, tissue, tussah, velvet, wax, weave, web, weft, woof, worsted, yarn, zephyr




N roughness, tooth, grain, texture, ripple, asperity, rugosity, salebrosity, corrugation, nodosity, arborescence, pilosity, brush, hair, beard, shag, mane, whisker, moustache, imperial, tress, lock, curl, ringlet, fimbriae, pili, cilia, villi, lovelock, beaucatcher, curl paper, goatee, papillote, scalp lock, plumage, plumosity, plume, panache, crest, feather, tuft, fringe, toupee, wool, velvet, plush, nap, pile, floss, fur, down, byssus, moss, bur, fluff, knot (convolution), rough, uneven, scabrous, scaly, knotted, rugged, rugose, rugous, knurly, asperous, crisp, salebrous, gnarled, unpolished, unsmooth, roughhewn, craggy, cragged, crankling, scraggy, prickly, arborescent, leafy, well-wooded, feathery, plumose, plumigerous, laciniate, laciniform, laciniose, pappose, pileous, pilose, trichogenous, trichoid, tufted, fimbriated, hairy, ciliated, filamentous, hirsute, crinose, crinite, bushy, hispid, villous, pappous, bearded, pilous, shaggy, shagged, fringed, befringed, setous, setose, setaceous, like quills upon the fretful porcupine, rough as a nutmeg grater, rough as a bear, downy, velvety, flocculent, woolly, lanate, lanated, lanuginous, lanuginose, tomentose, fluffy, against the grain, cabello luengo y corto el seso.

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