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Adjective vulgar has 4 senses

  • vulgar(s = adj.all) coarse, common, rough-cut, uncouth - lacking refinement or cultivation or taste; "he had coarse manners but a first-rate mind"; "behavior that branded him as common"; "an untutored and uncouth human being"; "an uncouth soldier--a real tough guy"; "appealing to the vulgar taste for violence"; "the vulgar display of the newly rich"
  • Derived forms noun vulgarity1, verb vulgarize3, verb vulgarize2
  • vulgar(s = adj.all) common, plebeian, unwashed - of or associated with the great masses of people; "the common people in those days suffered greatly"; "behavior that branded him as common"; "his square plebeian nose"; "a vulgar and objectionable person"; "the unwashed masses"
  • Derived form verb vulgarize1
  • vulgar(s = adj.all) common, vernacular - being or characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language; "common parlance"; "a vernacular term"; "vernacular speakers"; "the vulgar tongue of the masses"; "the technical and vulgar names for an animal species"
  • vulgar(s = adj.all) crude, earthy, gross - conspicuously and tastelessly indecent; "coarse language"; "a crude joke"; "crude behavior"; "an earthy sense of humor"; "a revoltingly gross expletive"; "a vulgar gesture"; "full of language so vulgar it should have been edited"
  • Derived form noun vulgarity1


vulgara. [L. vulgaris, from vulgus the multitude, the common people; of uncertain origin: cf. F. vulgaire. Cf. Divulge.].
  •  Of or pertaining to the mass, or multitude, of people; common; general; ordinary; public; hence, in general use; vernacular.   Shak.  [1913 Webster]
    "Things vulgar, and well-weighed, scarce worth the praise."  [1913 Webster]
    "It might be more useful to the English reader . . . to write in our vulgar language."  [1913 Webster]
    "The mechanical process of multiplying books had brought the New Testament in the vulgar tongue within the reach of every class."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Belonging or relating to the common people, as distinguished from the cultivated or educated; pertaining to common life; plebeian; not select or distinguished; hence, sometimes, of little or no value.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
    "Men who have passed all their time in low and vulgar life."  [1913 Webster]
    "In reading an account of a battle, we follow the hero with our whole attention, but seldom reflect on the
    vulgar heaps of slaughter.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Hence, lacking cultivation or refinement; rustic; boorish; also, offensive to good taste or refined feelings; low; coarse; mean; base; as, vulgar men, minds, language, or manners.  [1913 Webster]
    "Be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar."  [1913 Webster]
Vulgar fraction. (Arith.) See under Fraction.
vulgarn. [Cf. F. vulgaire.].
  •  One of the common people; a vulgar person.  [1913 Webster]
    "These vile vulgars are extremely proud."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The vernacular, or common language.  [1913 Webster]


vulgar, adj.
1 a of or characteristic of the common people, plebeian. b coarse in manners; low (vulgar expressions; vulgar tastes).
2 in common use; generally prevalent (vulgar errors).

vulgar fraction a fraction expressed by numerator and denominator, not decimally. vulgar Latin informal Latin of classical times. the vulgar tongue the national or vernacular language, esp. formerly as opposed to Latin.
vulgarly adv.
ME f. L vulgaris f. vulgus common people



Doric, average, barbarian, barbaric, barbarous, barnyard, base, baseborn, below the salt, blatant, blue, boorish, brazen, brazenfaced, broad, cacophonous, caddish, chintzy, clumsy, coarse, cockney, colloquial, colorful, common, commonplace, conversational, crass, crude, demeaning, dirty, disadvantaged, doggerel, dysphemistic, earthy, everyday, extravagant, filthy, flagrant, flaring, flash, flaunting, frank, garish, gauche, gaudy, general, glaring, gorgeous, graceless, gross, gutter, harsh, homely, homespun, household, humble, idiomatic, ignoble, ill-bred, improper, impure, in bad taste, in the shade, inappropriate, inconcinnate, inconcinnous, inconsiderate, incorrect, indecent, indecorous, indelicate, inelegant, infelicitous, inferior, infra dig, insensitive, junior, lascivious, less, lesser, lewd, licentious, loathsome, loud, loutish, louty, low, low-class, lowborn, lowbred, lower, lowly, lurid, lustful, mean, meretricious, minor, modest, nasty, naughty, nonclerical, obscene, obtrusive, off color, offensive, ordinary, ostentatious, outlandish, plain, plebeian, popular, pornographic, profane, rank, raunchy, raw, repulsive, revolting, ribald, risque, rough, rude, salacious, scatological, screaming, second rank, second string, secondary, sensational, servile, shabby-genteel, shameless, smutty, spectacular, spoken, sub, subaltern, subject, subordinate, subservient, tactless, tasteless, tawdry, third rank, third string, third-estate, unbecoming, unbeseeming, uncourtly, uncouth, uncultivated, uncultured, underprivileged, undignified, uneuphonious, unfelicitous, unfeminine, unfitting, ungenteel, ungentle, ungentlemanly, ungraceful, unladylike, unpolished, unrefined, unseemly, unsolicitous, unsuitable, untasteful, vernacular, vile, vulgate, wild




N commonality, commonalty, democracy, obscurity, low condition, low life, low society, low company, bourgeoisie, mass of the people, mass of society, Brown Jones and Robinson, lower classes, humbler classes, humbler orders, vulgar herd, common herd, rank and file, hoc genus omne, the many, the general, the crowd, the people, the populace, the multitude, the million, the masses, the mobility, the peasantry, king Mob, proletariat, fruges consumere nati, demos, hoi polloi, great unwashed, man in the street, mob, rabble, rabble rout, chaff, rout, horde, canaille, scum of the people, residuum of the people, dregs of the people, dregs of society, swinish multitude, foex populi, trash, profanum vulgus, ignobile vulgus, vermin, riffraff, ragtag and bobtail, small fry, commoner, one of the people, democrat, plebeian, republican, proletary, proletaire, roturier, Mr, Snooks, bourgeois, epicier, Philistine, cockney, grisette, demimonde, peasant, countryman, boor, carle, churl, villain, villein, terrae filius, son of the land, serf, kern, tyke, tike, chuff, ryot, fellah, longshoreman, swain, clown, hind, clod, clodhopper, hobnail, yokel, bog-trotter, bumpkin, plowman, plowboy, rustic, hayseed, lunkhead, chaw-bacon, tiller of the soil, hewers of wood and drawers of water, groundling, gaffer, loon, put, cub, Tony Lumpkin, looby, rube, lout, underling, gamin, rough, pot- wallopper, slubberdegullion, vulgar fellow, low fellow, cad, curmudgeon, upstart, parvenu, skipjack, nobody, nobody one knows, hesterni quirites, pessoribus orti, bourgeois gentilhomme, novus homo, snob, gent, mushroom, no one knows who, adventurer, man of straw, beggar, gaberlunzie, muckworm, mudlark, sans culotte, raff, tatterdemalion, caitiff, ragamuffin, Pariah, outcast of society, tramp, vagabond, bezonian, panhandler, sundowner, chiffonnier, Cinderella, cinderwench, scrub, jade, gossoon, Goth, Vandal, Hottentot, Zulu, savage, barbarian, Yahoo, unlicked cub, rough diamond, barbarousness, barbarism, boeotia, ignoble, common, mean, low, base, vile, sorry, scrubby, beggarly, below par, no great shakes, homely, homespun, vulgar, low-minded, snobbish, plebeian, proletarian, of low parentage, of low origin, of low extraction, of mean parentage, of mean origin, of mean extraction, lowborn, baseborn, earthborn, mushroom, dunghill, risen from the ranks, unknown to fame, obscure, untitled, rustic, uncivilized, loutish, boorish, clownish, churlish, brutish, raffish, rude, unlicked, barbarous, barbarian, barbaric, barbaresque, cockney, born within sound of Bow bells, underling, menial, subaltern, below the salt, dummodo sit dives barbarus ipse placet.


N discourtesy, ill breeding, ill manners, bad manners, ungainly manners, insuavity, uncourteousness rusticity, inurbanity, illiberality, incivility displacency, disrespect, procacity, impudence: barbarism, barbarity, misbehavior, brutality, blackguardism, conduct unbecoming a gentleman, grossieret_e, brusquerie, vulgarity, churlishness, spinosity, perversity, moroseness, sternness, austerity, moodishness, captiousness, cynicism, tartness, acrimony, acerbity, virulence, asperity, scowl, black looks, frown, short answer, rebuff, hard words, contumely, unparliamentary language, personality, bear, bruin, brute, blackguard, beast, unlicked cub, frump, crosspatch, saucebox, crooked stick, grizzly, discourteous, uncourteous, uncourtly, ill-bred, ill-mannered, ill-behaved, ill-conditioned, unbred, unmannerly, unmannered, impolite, unpolite, unpolished, uncivilized, ungenteel, ungentleman-like, ungentlemanly, unladylike, blackguard, vulgar, dedecorous, foul- mouthed foul-spoken, abusive, uncivil, ungracious, unceremonious, cool, pert, forward, obtrusive, impudent, rude, saucy, precocious, repulsive, uncomplaisant, unaccommodating, unneighborly, ungallant, inaffable, ungentle, ungainly, rough, rugged, bluff, blunt, gruff, churlish, boorish, bearish, brutal, brusque, stern, harsh, austere, cavalier, taint, sour, crabbed, sharp, short, trenchant, sarcastic, biting, doggish, caustic, virulent, bitter, acrimonious, venomous, contumelious, snarling, surly, surly as a bear, perverse, grim, sullen, peevish, untactful, impolitic, undiplomatic, artless, discourteously, with discourtesy, with a bad grace.

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