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Adjective violent has 5 senses


violenta. [F., from L. violentus, from vis strength, force; probably akin to Gr. a muscle, strength.].
  •  Moving or acting with physical strength; urged or impelled with force; excited by strong feeling or passion; forcible; vehement; impetuous; fierce; furious; severe; as, a violent blow; the violent attack of a disease.  [1913 Webster]
    "Float upon a wild and violent sea."  [1913 Webster]
    "A violent cross wind from either coast."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Acting, characterized, or produced by unjust or improper force; outrageous; unauthorized; as, a violent attack on the right of free speech.  [1913 Webster]
    "To bring forth more violent deeds."  [1913 Webster]
    "Some violent hands were laid on Humphrey's life."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Produced or effected by force; not spontaneous; unnatural; abnormal.  [1913 Webster]
    "These violent delights have violent ends."  [1913 Webster]
    "No violent state can be perpetual."  [1913 Webster]
    "Ease would recant
    Vows made in pain, as violent and void.
    "  [1913 Webster]
Violent presumption (Law), presumption of a fact that arises from proof of circumstances which necessarily attend such facts. -- Violent profits (Scots Law), rents or profits of an estate obtained by a tenant wrongfully holding over after warning. They are recoverable in a process of removing.
Syn. -- Fierce; vehement; outrageous; boisterous; turbulent; impetuous; passionate; severe; extreme.
     An assailant.  Dr. H. More.  [1913 Webster]
violentv. t. [Cf. F. violenter.].
     To urge with violence.  Fuller.  [1913 Webster]
violentv. i. 
     To be violent; to act violently.  [1913 Webster]
    "The grief is fine, full, perfect, that I taste,
    And violenteth in a sense as strong
    As that which causeth it.
    "  [1913 Webster]


violent, adj.
1 involving or using great physical force (a violent person; a violent storm; came into violent collision).
2 a intense, vehement, passionate, furious (a violent contrast; violent dislike). b vivid (violent colours).
3 (of death) resulting from external force or from poison (cf. NATURAL adj. 2).
4 involving an unlawful exercise of force (laid violent hands on him).

violently adv.
ME f. OF f. L violentus



Dionysiac, Mafioso, Young Turk, abandoned, acid, acidulous, acrid, acrimonious, acute, amok, astringent, bacchic, barbarous, beast, beastly, beldam, bellowing, berserk, berserker, biting, bitter, bomber, brutal, brute, brutish, bulldozer, carried away, cataclysmic, catastrophic, caustic, coercive, concentrated, corybantic, crazed, cruel, cutting, damaging, deleterious, delirious, demon, demoniac, desperate, destructive, detrimental, devastating, devil, distracted, double-edged, dragon, drastic, ecstatic, edged, energetic, enraptured, escharotic, excessive, exorbitant, exquisite, extravagant, extreme, feral, ferocious, fiend, fierce, fiery, fire-eater, firebrand, forceful, forcible, frantic, frenetic, frenzied, fulminating, furious, fury, goon, gorilla, great, gunsel, haggard, hardnose, harmful, harsh, hell-raiser, hellcat, hellhound, hellion, hog-wild, holy terror, hood, hoodlum, hothead, hotheaded, hotspur, howling, hysterical, immoderate, impetuous, in a transport, in hysterics, incendiary, incisive, inhuman, injurious, inordinate, insane, intemperate, intense, intoxicated, irrational, keen, killer, like one possessed, mad, mad dog, madcap, madding, maenadic, maniac, maniacal, mean, mighty, monster, mordacious, mordant, mugger, nasty, orgasmic, orgiastic, outrageous, passionate, penetrating, physical, piercing, poignant, possessed, potent, powerful, rabid, raging, ramping, ranting, rapist, raving, raving mad, ravished, revolutionary, rigorous, roaring, rough, ruinous, running mad, running wild, savage, scathing, serious, severe, sharp, she-wolf, simmering, sledgehammer, spitfire, splitting, stabbing, stark-raving mad, steamroller, stinging, storming, stormy, strident, stringent, strong, strong-arm, tart, tempestuous, termagant, terrible, terror, terrorist, tiger, tigress, tornadic, tough, tough guy, transported, trenchant, ugly customer, unconscionable, uncontrollable, ungovernable, untamed, vehement, venomous, vicious, virago, virulent, vitriolic, vixen, volcanic, wild, wild beast, wild-eyed, wild-looking, witch, wolf




N excitability, impetuosity, vehemence, boisterousness, turbulence, impatience, intolerance, nonendurance, irritability, itching, wincing, disquiet, disquietude, restlessness, fidgets, fidgetiness, agitation, trepidation, perturbation, ruffle, hurry, fuss, flurry, fluster, flutter, pother, stew, ferment, whirl, buck fever, hurry-skurry, thrill, state of excitement, fever of excitement, transport, passion, excitement, flush, heat, fever, heat, fire, flame, fume, blood boiling, tumult, effervescence, ebullition, boiling over, whiff, gust, story, tempest, scene, breaking out, burst, fit, paroxysm, explosion, outbreak, outburst, agony, violence, fierceness, rage, fury, furor, furore, desperation, madness, distraction, raving, delirium, phrensy, frenzy, hysterics, intoxication, tearing passion, raging passion, anger, fascination, infatuation, fanaticism, Quixotism, Quixotry, tete montee, excitable, easily excited, in an excitable state, high-strung, irritable, impatient, intolerant, feverish, febrile, hysterical, delirious, mad, moody, maggoty- headed, unquiet, mercurial, electric, galvanic, hasty, hurried, restless, fidgety, fussy, chafing, startlish, mettlesome, high-mettled, skittish, vehement, demonstrative, violent, wild, furious, fierce, fiery, hot-headed, madcap, overzealous, enthusiastic, impassioned, fanatical, rabid, rampant, clamorous, uproarious, turbulent, tempestuous, tumultuary, boisterous, impulsive, impetuous, passionate, uncontrolled, uncontrollable, ungovernable, irrepressible, stanchless, inextinguishable, burning, simmering, volcanic, ready to burst forth, volatile, excited, exciting, Int, pish!, pshaw!, noli me tangere, filled with fury, rapt, inspir'd, maggiore fretta minore atto.


N violence, inclemency, vehemence, might, impetuosity, boisterousness, effervescence, ebullition, turbulence, bluster, uproar, callithump, riot, row, rumpus, le diable a quatre, devil to pay, all the fat in the fire, severity, ferocity, rage, fury, exacerbation, exasperation, malignity, fit, paroxysm, orgasm, climax, aphrodisia, force, brute force, outrage, coup de main, strain, shock, shog, spasm, convulsion, throe, hysterics, passion, outbreak, outburst, debacle, burst, bounce, dissilience, discharge, volley, explosion, blow up, blast, detonation, rush, eruption, displosion, torrent, turmoil, ferment, storm, tempest, rough weather, squall, earthquake, volcano, thunderstorm, berserk, berserker, fury, dragon, demon, tiger, beldame, Tisiphone, Megaera, Alecto, madcap, wild beast, fire eater, violent, vehement, warm, acute, sharp, rough, rude, ungentle, bluff, boisterous, wild, brusque, abrupt, waspish, impetuous, rampant, turbulent, disorderly, blustering, raging, troublous, riotous, tumultuary, tumultuous, obstreperous, uproarious, extravagant, unmitigated, ravening, inextinguishable, tameless, frenzied, desperate, infuriate, furious, outrageous, frantic, hysteric, in hysterics, fiery, flaming, scorching, hot, red-hot, ebullient, savage, fierce, ferocious, fierce as a tiger, excited, unquelled, unquenched, unextinguished, unrepressed, unbridled, unruly, headstrong, ungovernable, unappeasable, immitigable, unmitigable, uncontrollable, incontrollable, insuppressible, irrepressible, orgastic, orgasmatic, orgasmic, spasmodic, convulsive, explosive, detonating, volcanic, meteoric, stormy, violently, amain, by storm, by force, by main force, with might and main, tooth and nail, vi et armis, at the point of the sword, at the point of the bayonet, at one fell swoop, with a high hand, through thick and thin, in desperation, with a vengeance, a outrance, a toute outrance, headlong, head foremost, furor arma ministrat, blown with restless violence round about the pende.


N resentment, displeasure, animosity, anger, wrath, indignation, exasperation, bitter resentment, wrathful indignation, pique, umbrage, huff, miff, soreness, dudgeon, acerbity, virulence, bitterness, acrimony, asperity, spleen, gall, heart-burning, heart-swelling, rankling, ill humor, bad humor, ill temper, bad temper, irascibility, ill blood, revenge, excitement, irritation, warmth, bile, choler, ire, fume, pucker, dander, ferment, ebullition, towering passion, acharnement, angry mood, taking, pet, tiff, passion, fit, tantrums, burst, explosion, paroxysm, storm, rage, fury, desperation, violence, fire and fury, vials of wrath, gnashing of teeth, hot blood, high words, scowl, sulks, affront, provocation, offense, indignity, grudge, crow to pluck, bone to pick, sore subject, casus belli, ill turn, outrage, Furies, Eumenides, buffet, slap in the face, box on the ear, rap on the knuckles, angry, wrath, irate, ireful, wrathful, cross, Achillean, sulky, bitter, virulent, acrimonious &c (discourteous), violent, warm, burning, boiling, boiling over, fuming, raging, foaming, foaming at the mouth, convulsed with rage, offended, waxy, acharne, wrought, worked up, indignant, hurt, sore, set against, fierce, wild, rageful, furious, mad with rage, fiery, infuriate, rabid, savage, relentless, flushed with anger, flushed with rage, in a huff, in a stew, in a fume, in a pucker, in a passion, in a rage, in a fury, in a taking, in a way, on one's high ropes, up in arms, in high dudgeon, angrily, in the height of passion, in the heat of passion, in the heat of the moment, Int, tantaene animis coelestibus irae!, marry come up!, zounds!, 'sdeath!, one's blood being up, one's back being up, one's monkey being up, fervens difficili bile jecur, the gorge rising, eyes flashing fire, the blood rising, the blood boiling, haeret lateri lethalis arundo, beware the fury of a patient man, furor arma ministrat, ira furor brevis est, quem Jupiter vult perdere dementat prius, What, drunk with choler?.

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