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Verb (usu participle)


Verb vacate has 3 senses


vacatev. t. [L. vacare, vacatum, to be empty. See Vacant.].
  •  To make vacant; to leave empty; to cease from filling or occupying; as, it was resolved by Parliament that James had vacated the throne of England; the tenant vacated the house.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To annul; to make void; to deprive of force; to make of no authority or validity; as, to vacate a commission or a charter; to vacate proceedings in a cause.  [1913 Webster]
    "That after act vacating the authority of the precedent."  [1913 Webster]
    "The necessity of observing the Jewish Sabbath was vacated by the apostolical institution of the Lord's Day."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To defeat; to put an end to.  [1913 Webster]
    "He vacates my revenge."  [1913 Webster]


vacate, v.tr.
1 leave vacant or cease to occupy (a house, room, etc.).
2 give up tenure of (a post etc.).
3 Law annul (a judgement or contract etc.).

vacatable adj.
L vacare vacat- be empty



abandon, abdicate, abjure, abolish, abrogate, abscond, annul, back out, be pensioned, be superannuated, beat a retreat, beg off, bow out, cancel, cede, clear, countermand, counterorder, cry off, demit, depart from, desert, disannul, disappear, discard, discharge, disgorge, dispense with, dispose of, dissolve, do away with, do without, drop, drop out, dump, empty, evacuate, forgo, forsake, forswear, get along without, get out of, get rid of, give away, give up, go back on, have done with, invalidate, jettison, jilt, kiss good-bye, leave, leave behind, leave flat, let go, make a sacrifice, make void, maroon, nullify, override, overrule, part with, pension off, pull out, quash, quit, quit cold, quitclaim, recall, recant, relinquish, remove, render up, renege, renounce, renounce the throne, repeal, repudiate, rescind, resign, retire, retire from office, retract, retreat, reverse, revoke, sacrifice, say goodbye to, set aside, spare, stand aside, stand down, step aside, superannuate, surrender, suspend, swear off, take leave of, throw over, throw up, vanish, void, waive, withdraw, withdraw from, write off, yield




VB relinquish, give up, abandon, desert, forsake, leave in the lurch, go back on, depart from, secede from, withdraw from, back out of, leave, quit, take leave of, bid a long farewell, vacate, renounce, forego, have done with, drop, disuse, discard, wash one's hands of, drop all idea of, break off, leave off, desist, stop, hold one's hand, stay one's hand, quit one's hold, give over, shut up shop, throw up the game, throw up the cards, give up the point, give up the argument, pass to the order of the day, move to the previous question, relinquish, give up, surrender, yield, cede, let go, let slip, spare, drop, resign, forego, renounce, abandon, expropriate, give away, dispose of, part with, lay aside, lay apart, lay down, lay on the shelf, set aside, put aside, put away, make away with, cast behind, maroon, give notice to quit, give warning, supersede, be rid of, get rid of, be quit of, get quit of, eject, rid oneself of, disburden oneself of, divest oneself of, dispossess oneself of, wash one's hands of, discard, cast off, dismiss, cast away, throw away, pitch away, fling away, cast aside, cast overboard, cast to the dogs, throw aside, throw overboard, throw to the dogs, pitch aside, pitch overboard, pitch to the dogs, fling aside, fling overboard, fling to the dogs, cast to the winds, throw to the winds, sweep to the winds, put away, turn away, sweep away, jettison, reject, quit one's hold, quitclaim.


VB resign, give up, throw up, lay down, throw up the cards, wash one's hands of, abjure, renounce, forego, disclaim, retract, deny, abrogate, desert, get rid of, abdicate, vacate, vacate one's seat, accept the stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds, retire, tender one's resignation.


VB displace, misplace, displant, dislodge, disestablish, exile, ablegate, set aside, remove, take away, cart away, take off, draft off, lade, unload, empty, transfer, dispel, vacate, depart.


VB be absent, keep away, keep out of the way, play truant, absent oneself, stay away, keep aloof, hold aloof, withdraw, make oneself scarce, vacate, go away.


VB depart, go away, take one's departure, set out, set off, march off, put off, start off, be off, move off, get off, whip off, pack off, go off, take oneself off, start, issue, march out, debouch, go forth, sally forth, sally, set forward, be gone, hail from, leave a place, quit, vacate, evacuate, abandon, go off the stage, make one's exit, retire, withdraw, remove, vamoose, vamose, go one's way, go along, go from home, take flight, take wing, spring, fly, flit, wing one's flight, fly away, whip away, embark, go on board, go aboard, set sail' put to sea, go to sea, sail, take ship, hoist blue Peter, get under way, weigh anchor, strike tents, decamp, walk one's chalks, cut one's stick, take leave, say good bye, bid goodbye, disappear, abscond, entrain, inspan.

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