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Conjunction, Preposition


untilprep. [OE. until, ontil; un- (as in unto) + til till; cf. Dan. indtil, Sw. intill. See Unto, and Till, prep.].
  •  To; unto; towards; -- used of material objects.  Chaucer.  [1913 Webster]
    "Taverners until them told the same."  [1913 Webster]
    "He roused himself full blithe, and hastened them until."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To; up to; till; before; -- used of time; as, he staid until evening; he will not come back until the end of the month.  [1913 Webster]
    " In contracts and like documents until is construed as exclusive of the date mentioned unless it was the manifest intent of the parties to include it."  [1913 Webster]
    "He and his sons were priests to the tribe of Dan until the day of the captivity."  [1913 Webster]
     As far as; to the place or degree that; especially, up to the time that; till. See Till, conj.  [1913 Webster]
    "In open prospect nothing bounds our eye,
    Until the earth seems joined unto the sky.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "But the rest of the dead lives not again until the thousand years were finished."  [1913 Webster]


until, prep. & conj. = TILL(1).

Used esp. when beginning a sentence and in formal style, e.g. until you told me, I had no idea; he resided there until his decease.
orig. northern ME untill f. ON und as far as + TILL(1)




N time, duration, period, term, stage, space, span, spell, season, the whole time, the whole period, space-time, course, snap, intermediate time, while, interim, interval, pendency, intervention, intermission, intermittence, interregnum, interlude, respite, era, epoch, time of life, age, year, date, decade, moment, glass of time, sands of time, march of time, Father Time, ravages of time, arrow of time, river of time, whirligig of time, noiseless foot of time, scythe, continuing, on foot, permanent, while, whilst, during, pending, during the time, during the interval, in the course of, at that point, at that point in time, for the time being, day by day, in the time of, when, meantime, meanwhile, in the meantime, in the interim, ad interim, pendente lite, de die in diem, from day to day, from hour to hour, hourly, always, for a time, for a season, till, until, up to, yet, as far as, by that time, so far, hereunto, heretofore, prior to this, up to this point, the whole time, all the time, all along, throughout, for good, hereupon, thereupon, whereupon, then, anno Domini, A, D, ante Christum, A, C, before Christ, B, C, anno urbis conditae, A, U, C, anno regni, A, R, once upon a time, one fine morning, one fine day, one day, once, time flies, tempus fugit, time runs out, time runs against, race against time, racing the clock, time marches on, time is of the essence, time and tide wait for no man, ad calendas Groecas, panting Time toileth after him in vain, 'gainst the tooth of time and razure of oblivion, rich with the spoils of time, tempus edax rerum, the long hours come and go, the time is out of joint, Time rolls his ceaseless course, Time the foe of man's dominion, time wasted is existence, used is life, truditur dies die, volat hora per orbem, carpe diem.

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