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Adjective uneasy has 5 senses


  •  Not easy; difficult.  [1913 Webster]
    "Things . . . so uneasy to be satisfactorily understood."  [1913 Webster]
    "The road will be uneasy to find."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Restless; disturbed by pain, anxiety, or the like; disquieted; perturbed.  [1913 Webster]
    "The soul, uneasy and confined from home,
    Rests and expatiates in a life to come.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not easy in manner; constrained; stiff; awkward; not graceful; as, an uneasy deportment.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Occasioning want of ease; constraining; cramping; disagreeable; unpleasing.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]
    "A sour, untractable nature makes him uneasy to those who approach him."  [1913 Webster]


uneasy, adj. (uneasier, uneasiest)
1 disturbed or uncomfortable in mind or body (passed an uneasy night).
2 disturbing (had an uneasy suspicion).

uneasily adv. uneasiness n.



abashed, afflicted, agitated, all nerves, all-overish, ambiguous, anguished, antsy, antsy-pantsy, anxious, anxioused up, apprehensive, beefing, bellyaching, beset, bitching, borderline, bored, bothered, breathless, careful, cast down, chafing, chagrined, chapfallen, cheerless, complaining, complaintful, concerned, confused, crabbing, crabby, cranky, croaking, depressed, disappointed, discomfited, discomforted, discomposed, disconcerted, discontented, disgruntled, disgusted, displeased, disquieted, dissatisfied, distressed, disturbed, doubtable, eager, edgy, embarrassed, envious, excitable, excited, faultfinding, fearful, feverish, fidgety, flurried, flustered, fluttery, foreboding, fretful, fretting, frightened, fussy, grim, griping, grouchy, grousing, growling, grumbling, hasty, high-strung, hopped-up, hung up, ill at ease, impatient, impetuous, in a lather, in a pucker, in a stew, in a sweat, irritable, jittery, joyless, jumpy, malcontent, malcontented, misgiving, mortified, murmuring, muttering, nauseated, nauseous, nerves on edge, nervous, nervy, on edge, on tenterhooks, out of countenance, out of humor, overanxious, overapprehensive, overstrung, panicky, peevish, perturbed, petulant, pleasureless, precarious, prey to malaise, put-out, put-upon, querulant, querulous, rebellious, repelled, resentful, restive, restless, revolted, ruffled, sad, shaken, shaken up, shaky, sickened, solicitous, squirming, squirmy, stirred up, strained, suffering angst, sulky, suspect, suspenseful, tense, troubled, troublous, turbulent, unaccepting, unaccommodating, uncertain, uncomfortable, unfulfilled, ungratified, unhappy, unpatient, unpeaceful, unquiet, unrestful, unsatisfied, unsettled, unsure, upset, uptight, whiny, worried, zealous




N mental suffering, pain, dolor, suffering, sufferance, ache, smart, passion, displeasure, dissatisfaction, discomfort, discomposure, disquiet, malaise, inquietude, uneasiness, vexation of spirit, taking, discontent, dejection, weariness, anhedonia, annoyance, irritation, worry, infliction, visitation, plague, bore, bother, botheration, stew, vexation, mortification, chagrin, esclandre, mauvais quart d'heur, care, anxiety, solicitude, trouble, trial, ordeal, fiery ordeal, shock, blow, cark, dole, fret, burden, load, concern, grief, sorrow, distress, affliction, woe, bitterness, heartache, carking cares, heavy heart, aching heart, bleeding heart, broken heart, heavy affliction, gnawing grief, unhappiness, infelicity, misery, tribulation, wretchedness, desolation, despair, extremity, prostration, depth of misery, nightmare, ephialtes, incubus, pang, anguish, agony, torture, torment, purgatory, hell upon earth, iron age, reign of terror, slough of despond, peck of troubles, ills that flesh is heir to, miseries of human life, unkindest cut of all, sufferer, victim, prey, martyr, object of compassion, wretch, shorn lamb, in pain, in a state of pain, full of pain, suffering, pained, afflicted, worried, displeased, aching, griped, sore, on the rack, in limbo, between hawk and buzzard, uncomfortable, uneasy, ill at ease, in a taking, in a way, disturbed, discontented, out of humor, weary, heavy laden, stricken, crushed, a prey to, victimized, ill-used, unfortunate, to be pitied, doomed, devoted, accursed, undone, lost, stranded, fey, unhappy, infelicitous, poor, wretched, miserable, woe-begone, cheerless, careworn, concerned, sorry, sorrowing, sorrowful, cut up, chagrined, horrified, horror-stricken, in grief, plunged in grief, a prey to grief, in tears, steeped to the lips in misery, heart-stricken, heart-broken, heart-scalded, broken-hearted, in despair, the iron entered into our soul, haeret lateri lethalis arundo, one's heart bleeding, down, thou climbing sorrow, mirth cannot move a soul in agony, nessun maggior dolere che ricordarsi del tempo fel, sorrow's crown of sorrow is remembering happier th, the Niobe of Nations.

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