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Adjective, Noun


Noun ultimate has 1 sense

Adjective ultimate has 2 senses


ultimatea. [LL. ultimatus last, extreme, fr. L. ultimare to come to an end, fr. ultimus the farthest, last, superl. from the same source as ulterior. See Ulterior, and cf. Ultimatum.].
  •  Farthest; most remote in space or time; extreme; last; final.  [1913 Webster]
    "My harbor, and my ultimate repose."  [1913 Webster]
    "Many actions apt to procure fame are not conductive to this our ultimate happiness."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Last in a train of progression or consequences; tended toward by all that precedes; arrived at, as the last result; final.  [1913 Webster]
    "Those ultimate truths and those universal laws of thought which we can not rationally contradict."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Incapable of further analysis; incapable of further division or separation; constituent; elemental; as, an ultimate particle; an ultimate constituent of matter.  [1913 Webster]
Ultimate analysis (Chem.), organic analysis. See under Organic. -- Ultimate belief. See under Belief. -- Ultimate ratio (Math.), the limiting value of a ratio, or that toward which a series tends, and which it does not pass.
Syn. -- Final; conclusive. See Final.
ultimatev. t. & i. 
  •  To come or bring to an end or issue; to eventuate; to end.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To come or bring into use or practice.  [1913 Webster]


ultimate, adj. & n.
1 last, final.
2 beyond which no other exists or is possible (the ultimate analysis).
3 fundamental, primary, unanalysable (ultimate truths).
4 maximum (ultimate tensile strength).
1 (prec. by the) the best achievable or imaginable.
2 a final or fundamental fact or principle.

ultimately adj. ultimateness n.
LL ultimatus past part. of ultimare come to an end



absolute, acmatic, acme, acme of perfection, apical, apotheosis, approaching, basic, binding, boundary, capital, categorical, caudal, chief, climax, closing, collateral, coming, complete, completing, completive, completory, compulsory, conclude, concluding, conclusive, consummate, consummation, consummative, contingent, crowning, culminating, culmination, deciding, decisive, decretory, definitive, desired, destinal, destined, determinative, determine, determined, dictated, elemental, emergent, empyreal, empyrean, end, endmost, entailed, epitome, essential, eventual, exalted, extrapolated, extreme, farthermost, farthest, farthest off, fatal, fated, fatidic, final, finalizing, finish, finishing, forthcoming, fulfilling, fundamental, furthermost, furthest, future, futuristic, grand, greatest, hard-and-fast, head, headmost, height, hereafter, highest, highest pitch, hindmost, hoped-for, imminent, imperative, imposed, incomparable, indirect, irrevocable, lag, last, last word, later, latest, latter, limiting, lofty, mandated, mandatory, maximal, maximum, meridian, meridional, most distant, must, ne plus ultra, nearing, obligatory, overmost, paramount, peak, peremptory, perfection, pink, pink of perfection, pinnacle, planned, plotted, polar, predicted, preeminent, prescript, prescriptive, primary, probable, projected, prophesied, prospective, quintessence, remotest, required, secondary, sublime, summit, summital, supreme, surpassing, tail, terminal, terminate, terminating, terminative, tip-top, to come, to-be, top, topmost, towering, transcendent, transcendental, underlying, unmatchable, unsurpassable, upmost, uppermost, utmost, uttermost, vertical, wind up, without appeal, wrap up, zenithal




N end, close, termination, desinence, conclusion, finis, finale, period, term, terminus, endpoint, last, omega, extreme, extremity, gable end, butt end, fag-end, tip, nib, point, tail, verge, tag, peroration, bonne bouche, bottom dollar, tail end, rear guard, consummation, denouement, finish, fate, doom, doomsday, crack of doom, day of Judgment, dies irae, fall of the curtain, goal, destination, limit, determination, expiration, expiry, extinction, extermination, death, end of all things, finality, eschatology, break up, commencement de la fin, last stage, turning point, coup de grace, deathblow, knock-out-blow, sockdolager, ending, final, terminal, definitive, crowning, last, ultimate, hindermost, rear, caudal, vergent, conterminate, conterminous, conterminable, ended, at an end, settled, decided, over, played out, set at rest, conclusive, penultimate, last but one, last but two, unbegun, uncommenced, fresh, finally, in fine, at the last, once for all, as high as Heaven and as deep as hell, deficit omne quod nascitur, en toute chose il faut considerer la fin, finem respice, ultimus Romanorum.

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