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Noun treasury has 6 senses


treasuryn. [OE. tresorie, F. trésorerie.].
  •  A place or building in which stores of wealth are deposited; especially, a place where public revenues are deposited and kept, and where money is disbursed to defray the expenses of government; hence, also, the place of deposit and disbursement of any collected funds.  [1913 Webster]
  •  That department of a government which has charge of the finances.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A repository of abundance; a storehouse.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Hence, a book or work containing much valuable knowledge, wisdom, wit, or the like; a thesaurus; as, “ Maunder's Treasury of Botany.”  [1913 Webster]
  •  A treasure.  Marston.  [1913 Webster]
Board of treasury, the board to which is intrusted the management of all matters relating to the sovereign's civil list or other revenues. [Eng.] Brande & C. -- Treasury bench, the first row of seats on the right hand of the Speaker in the House of Commons; -- so called because occupied by the first lord of the treasury and chief minister of the crown. [Eng.] -- Treasury lord. See Lord high treasurer of England, under Treasurer. [Eng.] -- Treasury note (U. S. Finance), a circulating note or bill issued by government authority from the Treasury Department, and receivable in payment of dues to the government.


treasury, n. (pl. -ies)
1 a place or building where treasure is stored.
2 the funds or revenue of a State, institution, or society.
3 (Treasury) a the department managing the public revenue of a country. b the offices and officers of this. c the place where the public revenues are kept.

Treasury bench (in the UK) the front bench in the House of Commons occupied by the Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, etc. treasury bill a bill of exchange issued by the government to raise money for temporary needs. treasury note US & hist. a note issued by the Treasury for use as currency.
ME f. OF tresorie (as TREASURE)



Fort Knox, Golconda, abundance, account, accumulation, advise, amassment, appraise, archives, armory, arsenal, attend, attic, available funds, backlog, balance in hand, bank, basement, bay, bin, bonded warehouse, bookcase, box, budget, bunker, bursary, buttery, cache, care for, cargo dock, cash, cash in hand, cash register, cash supply, cashbox, cellar, chest, closet, coffer, coin box, collection, collogue, commissariat, commissary, conduct, confab, confabulate, conservatory, consider, consult, cornucopia, crate, crib, cumulation, cupboard, deal with, deliberate, depositary, depository, depot, do with, dock, doctor, drawer, dump, eldorado, estimate, evaluate, exchequer, fisc, funds, gallery, glory hole, go treat, godown, gold depository, gold mine, handle, heap, hoard, hold, huddle, hutch, immediate resources, inventory, larder, library, liquid assets, locker, lumber room, lumberyard, magasin, magazine, manage, mass, material, materials, materiel, mine, money chest, money in hand, moneys, munitions, museum, nurse, parley, penny bank, piggy bank, pile, play, plenitude, plenty, pork barrel, powwow, provisionment, provisions, public crib, public till, public treasury, public trough, rack, rate, rations, ready money, reason, regard, repertoire, repertory, repository, reservoir, resources, respect, rick, safe, safe-deposit box, serve, set up, shelf, shout, stack, stack room, stake, stand, stand treat, stock, stock room, stock-in-trade, stockpile, storage, store, storehouse, storeroom, stores, strong room, strongbox, study, subtreasury, supplies, supply base, supply depot, supply on hand, take, tank, the ready, think, till, treasure, treasure house, treasure room, treasure trove, treasure-house, treat, use, value, vat, vault, warehouse, weigh, wield, wine cellar




N government, legal authority, soveriegn, sovereign authority, authority, master, direction, national government, nation, state, country, nation- state, dominion, republic, empire, union, democratic republic, kingdom, principality, state government, state, shire, province, county, canton, territory, duchy, archduchy, archdukedom, woiwodshaft, commonwealth, region, property, county, parish city, domain, tract, arrondissement, mofussil, commune, wappentake, hundred, riding, lathe, garth, soke, tithing, ward, precinct, bailiwick, command, empire, sway, rule, dominion, domination, sovereignty, supremacy, suzerainty, lordship, headship, chiefdom, seigniory, seigniority, rule, sway, command, control, administer, govern, lead, preside over, reign, possess the throne, be seated on the throne, occupy the throne, sway the scepter, wield the scepter, wear the crown, state, realm, body politic, posse comitatus, judicature, cabinet, seat of government, seat of authority, headquarters, accession, installation, politics, reign, regime, dynasty, directorship, dictatorship, protectorate, protectorship, caliphate, pashalic, electorate, presidency, presidentship, administration, proconsul, consulship, prefecture, seneschalship, magistrature, magistracy, monarchy, kinghood, kingship, royalty, regality, aristarchy, aristocracy, oligarchy, democracy, theocracy, demagogy, commonwealth, dominion, heteronomy, republic, republicanism, socialism, collectivism, mob law, mobocracy, ochlocracy, vox populi, imperium in imperio, bureaucracy, beadledom, bumbledom, stratocracy, military power, military government, junta, feodality, feudal system, feudalism, thearchy, theocracy, dinarchy, duarchy, triarchy, heterarchy, duumvirate, triumvirate, autocracy, autonomy, limited monarchy, constitutional government, constitutional monarchy, home rule, representative government, monocracy, pantisocracy, gynarchy, gynocracy, gynaeocracy, petticoat government, legislature, judiciary, administration, office of the president, office of the prime minister, cabinet, senate, house of representatives, parliament, council, courts, supreme court, state, interior, labor, health and human services, defense, education, agriculture, justice, commerce, treasury, Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, National Institutes of Health, NIH, Postal Service, Post Office, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, president, vice president, cabinet member, prime minister, minister, senator, representatative, president pro tem, speaker of the house, department head, section head, section chief, federal judge, justice, justice of the supreme court, chief justice, treasurer, secretary of the treasury, director of the FBI, governor, state cabinet member, state senator, assemblyman, assemblywoman, regal, sovereign, governing, royal, royalist, monarchical, kingly, imperial, imperiatorial, princely, feudal, aristocratic, autocratic, oligarchic, republican, dynastic, ruling, regnant, gubernatorial, imperious, authoritative, executive, administrative, clothed with authority, official, departmental, ex officio, imperative, peremptory, overruling, absolute, hegemonic, hegemonical, authorized, government, public, national, federal, his majesty's, her majesty's, state, county, city, N, a dog's obeyed in office, cada uno tiene su alguazil, le Roi le veut, regibus esse manus en nescio longas, regnant populi, the demigod Authority, the right divine of kings to govern wrong, uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.


N treasury, bank, exchequer, fisc, hanaper, cash register, kutcherry, bursary, strong box, strong hold, strong room, coffer, chest, safe, bank vault, depository, till, tiller, purse, money bag, money box, porte-monnaie, purse strings, pocket, breeches pocket, sinking fund, stocks, public stocks, public funds, public securities, parliamentary stocks, parliamentary funds, parliamentary securities, Consols, credit mobilier, bonds.

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