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Noun, Verb (transitive)


Noun transpose has 1 sense

Verb transpose has 7 senses


transposev. t. [F. transposer; pref. trans- (L. trans across) + poser to put. See Pose.].
  •  To change the place or order of; to substitute one for the other of; to exchange, in respect of position; as, to transpose letters, words, or propositions.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To change; to transform; to invert.  [1913 Webster]
    "Things base and vile, holding no quantity,
    Love can transpose to form and dignity.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To bring, as any term of an equation, from one side over to the other, without destroying the equation; thus, if a + b = c, and we make a = c - b, then b is said to be transposed.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To change the natural order of, as words.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To change the key of.  [1913 Webster]


transpose, v.tr.
1 a cause (two or more things) to change places. b change the position of (a thing) in a series.
2 change the order or position of (words or a word) in a sentence.
3 Mus. write or play in a different key.
4 Algebra transfer (a term) with a changed sign to the other side of an equation.

transposing instrument Mus. an instrument producing notes different in pitch from the written notes. transposing piano etc. Mus. a piano etc. on which a transposition may be effected mechanically.
transposable adj. transposal n. transposer n.
ME, = transform f. OF transposer (as TRANS-, L ponere put)



adapt, alternate, arrange, assign, bandy, be quits with, carry over, change, communicate, commute, compensate, compose, consign, convert, cooperate, counterchange, deliver, deport, diffuse, disseminate, evert, exchange, expel, export, extradite, get back at, get even with, give and take, hand forward, hand on, hand over, harmonize, impart, import, instrument, instrumentate, interchange, introvert, intussuscept, invaginate, inverse, invert, logroll, make an adaptation, make over, melodize, metamorphose, metastasize, metathesize, musicalize, orchestrate, pass, pass on, pass over, pass the buck, pay back, perfuse, permute, pronate, put, put to music, reciprocate, relay, render, requite, respond, resupinate, retaliate, return, return the compliment, reverse, revert, revolve, rotate, score, set, set to music, spread, supinate, swap, switch, trade, transcribe, transfer, transfer property, transfigure, transfuse, translate, translocate, transmit, transmogrify, transmute, transplace, transplant, transubstantiate, turn, turn about, turn around, turn down, turn in, turn inside out, turn out, turn over, turn the scale, turn the tables, turn upside down, write




VB interchange, exchange, counterchange, bandy, transpose, shuffle, change bands, swap, permute, reciprocate, commute, give and take, return the compliment, play at puss in the corner, play at battledore and shuttlecock, retaliate, requite, rearrange, recombine.


VB be inverted, turn round, turn about, turn to the right about, go round, go about, go to the right about, wheel round, wheel about, wheel to the right about, turn over, go over, tilt over, topple over, capsize, turn turtle, invert, subvert, retrovert, introvert, reverse, up turn, over turn, up set, over set, turn topsy turvy, culbuter, transpose, put the cart before the horse, turn the tables.


VB transfer, transmit, transport, transplace, transplant, translocate, convey, carry, bear, fetch and carry, carry over, ferry over, hand pass, forward, shift, conduct, convoy, bring, fetch, reach, tote, port, import, export, send, delegate, consign, relegate, turn over to, deliver, ship, embark, waft, shunt, transpose, displace, throw, drag, mail, post, shovel, ladle, decant, draft off, transfuse, infuse, siphon.


VB agree, accord, harmonize with, fraternize, be concordant, go hand in hand, run parallel, understand one another, pull together, put up one's horses together, sing in chorus, side with, sympathize with, go with, chime in with, fall in with, come round, be pacified, assent, empathize with, enter into the ideas of, enter into the feelings of, reciprocate, hurler avec les loups, go with the stream, swim with the stream, keep in good humor, render accordant, put in tune, come to an understanding, meet halfway, keep the peace, remain at peace, be harmonious, harmonize, chime, symphonize, transpose, put in tune, tune, accord, string.

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