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take advantage of



take advantage of

abuse, benefit from, bleed, bleed white, capitalize on, carpe diem, cash in, cash in on, deceive, drain, exploit, foist on, ill-use, impose on, impose upon, improve, improve the occasion, make capital of, make hay, make use of, manipulate, milk, misuse, not be behindhand, pass off on, pass the buck, play on, presume upon, profit by, put across, put on, put over, put to advantage, put upon, seize the day, shift the blame, shift the responsibility, stroke, suck dry, trade on, turn to account, turn to profit, turn to use, use, use ill, use to advantage, work on, work upon


take advantage of


VB use, make use of, employ, put to use, put in action, put in operation, put in practice, set in motion, set to work, ply, work, wield, handle, manipulate, play, play off, exert, exercise, practice, avail oneself of, profit by, resort to, have recourse to, recur to, take betake oneself to, take up with, take advantage of, lay one's hands on, try, render useful, mold, turn to account, turn to use, convert to use, utilize, work up, call into play, bring into play, put into requisition, call forth, draw forth, press into service, enlist into the service, bring to bear upon, devote, dedicate, consecrate, apply, adhibit, dispose of, make a handle of, make a cat's-paw of, fall back upon, make a shift with, make the most of, make the best of, use up, swallow up, consume, absorb, expend, tax, task, wear, put to task.


VB be skillful, excel in, be master of, have a turn for, know what's what, know a hawk from a handsaw, know what one is about, know on which side one's bread is buttered, know what's o'clock, have cut one's eye teeth, have cut one's wisdom teeth, see one's way, see where the wind lies, see which way the wind blows, have all one's wits about one, have one's hand in, savoir vivre, scire quid valeant humeri quid ferre recusent, look after the main chance, cut one's coat according to one's cloth, live by one's wits, exercise one's discretion, feather the oar, sail near the wind, stoop to conquer, play one's cards well, play one's best card, hit the right nail on the head, put the saddle on the right horse, take advantage of, make the most of, profit by, make a hit, make a virtue of necessity, make hay while the sun shines.

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