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Noun, Adjective, Interjection


Noun super has 1 sense

Adjective super has 3 senses

Adverbial super has 1 sense




super, adj. & n.
1 (also super-duper) colloq. (also as int.) exceptional; splendid.
2 Commerce superfine.
3 Commerce (of a measure) superficial, in square (not lineal or solid) measure (120 super ft.; 120 ft. super).
--n. colloq.
1 Theatr. a supernumerary actor.
2 a superintendent.
3 superphosphate.
4 an extra, unwanted, or unimportant person; a supernumerary.
5 Commerce superfine cloth or manufacture.




Big Brother, a cut above, above, ahead, ascendant, auditor, better, bit player, boatswain, boss, capping, chief, chosen, comptroller, controller, cool, crown, damned, distinguished, divine, duodecimo, eclipsing, eighteenmo, eminent, exceeding, exceedingly, excellent, excelling, exceptionally, excessively, exquisite, extra, extremely, figurant, figurante, finer, floor manager, floorman, floorwalker, folio, foreman, gaffer, ganger, gilt-edged, glorious, golden, greater, groovy, head, headman, heavenly, higher, highly, hot, hugely, immense, immensely, imperial, in ascendancy, in the ascendant, inordinately, inspector, keen, magnificent, major, marked, marvelous, medium, monitor, mute, neat, noncommissioned officer, octavo, octodecimo, of choice, one up on, outstanding, over, overfull, overly, overman, overmuch, overseer, proctor, quarto, rare, rattling, rivaling, royal, sensational, sextodecimo, sirdar, sixteenmo, slave driver, spear-carrier, splendid, splendiferous, stand-in, standby, sterling, straw boss, strikingly, subforeman, substitute, supe, superb, supereminent, superexcellent, superfine, superintendent, superior, supernumerary, supervisor, support, supporting actor, supporting cast, surpassing, surpassingly, surveyor, taskmaster, terrific, too, topping, transcending, tremendous, twelvemo, understudy, unduly, upper, visitor, walk-on, walking gentleman, wonderful



The Drama

N the drama, the stage, the theater, the play, film the film, movies, motion pictures, cinema, cinematography, theatricals, dramaturgy, histrionic art, buskin, sock, cothurnus, Melpomene and Thalia, Thespis, play, drama, stage play, piece, five-act play, tragedy, comedy, opera, vaudeville, comedietta, lever de rideau, interlude, afterpiece, exode, farce, divertissement, extravaganza, burletta, harlequinade, pantomime, burlesque, opera bouffe, ballet, spectacle, masque, drame comedie drame, melodrama, melodrame, comidie larmoyante, sensation drama, tragicomedy, farcical-comedy, monodrame monologue, duologue trilogy, charade, proverbs, mystery, miracle play, musical, musical comedy, western, horse opera, flick, spy film, love story, adventure film, documentary, nature film, pornographic film, smoker, skin flick, X-rated film, act, scene, tableau, induction, introduction, prologue, epilogue, libretto, performance, representation, mise en scene, stagery, jeu de theatre, acting, gesture, impersonation, stage business, gag, buffoonery, light comedy, genteel comedy, low comedy, theater, playhouse, opera house, house, music hall, amphitheater, circus, hippodrome, theater in the round, puppet show, fantoccini, marionettes, Punch and Judy, auditory, auditorium, front of the house, stalls, boxes, pit, gallery, parquet, greenroom, coulisses, flat, drop, drop scene, wing, screen, side scene, transformation scene, curtain, act drop, proscenium, stage, scene, scenery, the boards, trap, mezzanine floor, flies, floats, footlights, offstage, orchestra, theatrical costume, theatrical properties, movie studio, back lot, on location, part, role, character, dramatis personae, repertoire, actor, thespian, player, method actor, stage player, strolling player, stager, performer, mime, mimer, artists, comedian, tragedian, tragedienne, Roscius, star, movie star, star of stage and screen, superstar, idol, sex symbol, supporting actor, supporting cast, ham, hamfatter, masker, pantomimist, clown harlequin, buffo, buffoon, farceur, grimacer, pantaloon, columbine, punchinello, pulcinello, pulcinella, extra, bit- player, walk-on role, cameo appearance, mute, figurante, general utility, super, supernumerary, company, first tragedian, prima donna, protagonist, jeune premier, debutant, debutante, light comedian, genteel comedian, low comedian, walking gentleman, amoroso, heavy father, ingenue, jeune veuve, mummer, guiser, guisard, gysart, masque, mountebank, Jack Pudding, tumbler, posture master, acrobat, contortionist, ballet dancer, ballet girl, chorus singer, coryphee danseuse, property man, costumier, machinist, prompter, call boy, manager, director, stage manager, acting manager, producer, entrepreneur, impresario, backer, investor, angel, dramatic author, dramatic writer, play writer, playwright, dramatist, mimographer, dramatic, theatric, theatrical, scenic, histrionic, comic, tragic, buskined, farcical, tragicomic, melodramatic, operatic, stagy, on the stage, on the boards, on film, before the floats, before an audience, behind the scenes, fere totus mundus exercet histrionem, suit the action to the word, the word to the action, the play's the thing, to wake the soul by tender strokes of art.

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