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sticks (root: stick)




China, Darkest Africa, God knows where, Greenland, North Pole, Outer Mongolia, Pago Pago, Pillars of Hercules, Siberia, South Pole, Thule, Tierra del Fuego, Timbuktu, Ultima Thule, Yukon, agricultural region, antipodes, arable land, black belt, citrus belt, corn belt, cotton belt, countryside, dust bowl, farm belt, farm country, farmland, frontier, fruit belt, godforsaken place, grass roots, grassland, grazing region, highlands, jumping-off place, lowlands, meadows and pastures, moors, nowhere, outback, outer space, outpost, outskirts, plains, pole, prairies, province, provinces, rural district, rustic region, steppes, the Great Divide, the South Seas, the boondocks, the country, the moon, the soil, the sticks, the tullies, tobacco belt, uplands, veld, wheat belt, wide-open spaces, woodland, woods and fields, yokeldom
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