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Noun series has 7 senses


seriesn. [L. series, fr. serere, sertum, to join or bind together; cf. Gr. to fasten, Skr. sarit thread. Cf. Assert, Desert a solitude, Exert, Insert, Seraglio.].
  •  A number of things or events standing or succeeding in order, and connected by a like relation; sequence; order; course; a succession of things; as, a continuous series of calamitous events.  [1913 Webster]
    "During some years his life a series of triumphs."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Any comprehensive group of animals or plants including several subordinate related groups.  [1913 Webster]
    " Sometimes a series includes several classes; sometimes only orders or families; in other cases only species."  [1913 Webster]
  •  In Engler's system of plant classification, a group of families showing certain structural or morphological relationships. It corresponds to the cohort of some writers, and to the order of many modern systematists.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]
  •  An indefinite number of terms succeeding one another, each of which is derived from one or more of the preceding by a fixed law, called the law of the series; as, an arithmetical series; a geometrical series.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A mode of arranging the separate parts of a circuit by connecting them successively end to end to form a single path for the current; -- opposed to parallel. The parts so arranged are said to be in series.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]
  •  A parcel of rough diamonds of assorted qualities.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]


series, n. (pl. same)
1 a number of things of which each is similar to the preceding or in which each successive pair are similarly related; a sequence, succession, order, row, or set.
2 a set of successive games between the same teams.
3 a set of programmes with the same actors etc. or on related subjects but each complete in itself.
4 a set of lectures by the same speaker or on the same subject.
5 a a set of successive issues of a periodical, of articles on one subject or by one writer, etc., esp. when numbered separately from a preceding or following set (second series). b a set of independent books in a common format or under a common title or supervised by a common general editor.
6 Philately a set of stamps, coins, etc., of different denominations but issued at one time, in one reign, etc.
7 Geol. a a set of strata with a common characteristic. b the rocks deposited during a specific epoch.
8 Mus. an arrangement of the twelve notes of the chromatic scale as a basis for serial music.
9 Electr. a a set of circuits or components arranged so that the current passes through each successively. b a set of batteries etc. having the positive electrode of each connected with the negative electrode of the next.
10 Chem. a set of elements with common properties or of compounds related in composition or structure.
11 Math. a set of quantities constituting a progression or having the several values determined by a common relation.

arithmetical (or geometrical) series a series in arithmetical (or geometrical) progression. in series
1 in ordered succession.
2 Electr. (of a set of circuits or components) arranged so that the current passes through each successively.
L, = row, chain f. serere join, connect



Indian file, alternation, array, arsis, articulation, back number, bank, battery, beat, biotype, block, bout, branch, buzz, category, catena, catenation, chain, chain reaction, chaining, chasing, circle, circuit, class, collection, column, coming after, concatenation, connection, consecution, consecutiveness, continuance, continuation, continuity, continuum, copy, course, cycle, descent, diastole, dogging, downbeat, drone, edition, endless belt, endless round, extension, family, file, filiation, following, gamut, genotype, genus, geometrical progression, gradation, group, heeling, hounding, hum, impression, issue, kingdom, kit, library, library edition, line, lineage, logical sequence, monotone, nexus, number, order, order of succession, outfit, pack, pendulum, periodicity, phylum, plenum, posteriority, postposition, powder train, printing, procession, progression, prolongation, pulse, pursual, pursuance, pursuit, queue, range, rank, recurrence, reticulation, revolution, rotation, round, routine, row, run, scale, school edition, section, sequel, sequence, set, shadowing, single file, species, spectrum, spell, string, subclass, subfamily, subgenus, subjunction, subkingdom, suborder, subspecies, subtribe, succession, successiveness, suffixation, suit, suite, superclass, superfamily, superorder, superspecies, swath, systole, tailing, thesis, thread, tier, trade book, trade edition, trailing, train, tribe, turn, upbeat, variety, volume, wheel, windrow




N order, regularity, uniformity, symmetry, lucidus ordo, music of the spheres, gradation, progression, series, subordination, course, even tenor, routine, method, disposition, arrangement, array, system, economy, discipline orderliness, rank, place, orderly, regular, in order, in trim, in apple-pie order, in its proper place, neat, tidy, en regle, well regulated, correct, methodical, uniform, symmetrical, shipshape, businesslike, systematic, unconfused &c (confuse), arranged, in order, methodically, in turn, in its turn, by steps, step by step, by regular steps, by regular gradations, by regular stages, by regular intervals, seriatim, systematically, by clockwork, gradatim, at stated periods, natura non facit saltum, order is heaven's first law, order from disorder sprung, ordo est parium dispariumque rerum sua loca tribue.


N continuity, consecution, consecutiveness, succession, round, suite, progression, series, train chain, catenation, concatenation, scale, gradation, course, ceaselessness, constant flow, unbroken extent, procession, column, retinue, cortege, cavalcade, rank and file, line of battle, array, pedigree, genealogy, lineage, race, ancestry, descent, family, house, line, line of ancestors, strain, rank, file, line, row, range, tier, string, thread, team, suit, colonnade, continuous, continued, consecutive, progressive, gradual, serial, successive, immediate, unbroken, entire, linear, in a line, in a row, uninterrupted, unintermitting, unremitting, unrelenting (perseverence), perennial, evergreen, constant, continuously, seriatim, in a line, in succession, in turn, running, gradually, step by step, gradatim, at a stretch, in file, in column, in single file, in Indian file.


N number, symbol, numeral, figure, cipher, digit, integer, counter, round number, formula, function, series, sum, difference, complement, subtrahend, product, multiplicand, multiplier, multiplicator, coefficient, multiple, dividend, divisor, factor, quotient, submultiple, fraction, rational number, surd, irrational number, transcendental number, mixed number, complex number, complex conjugate, numerator, denominator, decimal, circulating decimal, repetend, common measure, aliquot part, prime number, prime, relative prime, prime factor, prime pair, reciprocal, totient, binary number, octal number, hexadecimal number, permutation, combination, variation, election, ratio, proportion, comparison, progression, arithmetical progression, geometrical progression, harmonical progression, percentage, permilage, figurate numbers, pyramidal numbers, polygonal numbers, power, root, exponent, index, logarithm, antilogarithm, modulus, base, differential, integral, fluxion, fluent, numeral, complementary, divisible, aliquot, reciprocal, prime, relatively prime, fractional, decimal, figurate, incommensurable, proportional, exponential, logarithmic, logometric, differential, fluxional, integral, totitive, positive, negative, rational, irrational, surd, radical, real, complex, imaginary, finite, infinite, impossible, numerically, modulo.

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