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Noun roughness has 7 senses


     The quality or state of being rough.  [1913 Webster]



CAT, Gothicism, abruptness, acerbity, acidity, acidulousness, acridity, acrimony, acuteness, aerospace, aerosphere, aggressiveness, air hole, air pocket, airspace, animality, arrhythmia, asperity, astringency, atrocity, austerity, bad taste, barbarism, barbarity, barbarousness, bearishness, beastliness, bite, bitingness, bitterness, bloodlust, bluntness, bombasticness, boorishness, brashness, brokenness, brusqueness, brusquerie, brutality, bump, cacology, cacophony, callowness, capriciousness, causticity, ceiling, choppiness, churlishness, clumsiness, coarse-grainedness, coarseness, cracked voice, crassness, crosswind, crudeness, crudity, crustiness, cumbrousness, curtness, cuttingness, destructiveness, desultoriness, disconnectedness, discontinuity, discord, dryness, dysphemism, earthiness, eccentricity, edge, empty space, erraticness, extremity, favorable wind, ferociousness, fibrillation, fierceness, fitfulness, fits and starts, fluctuation, fog, force, front, furiousness, gaudiness, gracelessness, graininess, granularity, granulation, greenness, grimness, grip, grittiness, grossness, gruffness, gutturalism, gutturality, gutturalness, hardness, harshness, head wind, heaviness, high-pressure area, hoarseness, hole, huskiness, ill-balanced sentences, immatureness, immaturity, impetuosity, impropriety, impurity, inclemency, inconcinnity, inconstancy, incorrectness, indecorousness, inelegance, inelegancy, infelicity, inhumanity, intensity, intermittence, ionosphere, irregularity, jerkiness, jetstream, keenness, lack of finish, lack of polish, leadenness, loudness, low-pressure area, malignity, mercilessness, meretriciousness, mindlessness, mordacity, mordancy, murderousness, nastiness, nondevelopment, nonuniformity, obscenity, overcast, oversimplicity, oversimplification, patchiness, piquancy, pitilessness, pocket, poignancy, point, pompousness, ponderousness, poor diction, pungency, raspiness, raucity, rawness, reductionism, ribaldry, rigor, rudeness, savagery, scrapiness, scratchiness, sesquipedalianism, sesquipedality, severity, sharpness, shortness, simplism, slipshod construction, soup, sourness, space, spasticity, sporadicity, sporadicness, spottiness, stagger, sternness, stertorousness, stiltedness, sting, stratosphere, stridency, stringency, substratosphere, surliness, tail wind, tartness, tastelessness, teeth, terrorism, the rough, thickness, throatiness, trenchancy, tropopause, troposphere, trough, truculence, turbulence, turgidity, ugliness, uncertainty, uncouthness, uncultivation, undevelopment, uneuphoniousness, unevenness, unfinish, unfinishedness, unfledgedness, ungentleness, ungracefulness, unmethodicalness, unpredictability, unrefinement, unripeness, unseemliness, unsteadiness, unsystematicness, unwieldiness, vandalism, variability, vehemence, venom, viciousness, violence, virulence, visibility, visibility zero, vulgarism, vulgarity, whimsicality, wobble




N nonuniformity, diversity, irregularity, unevenness, multiformity, unconformity, roughness, dissimilarity, dissimilitude, divarication, divergence, diversified varied, irregular, uneven, rough, multifarious, multiform, of various kinds, all manner of, all sorts of, all kinds of, variously, in all manner of ways, here there and everywhere.


N convolution, winding, convolution, involution, circumvolution, wave, undulation, tortuosity, anfractuosity, sinuosity, sinuation, meandering, circuit, circumbendibus, twist, twirl, windings and turnings, ambages, torsion, inosculation, reticulation, rivulation, roughness, coil, roll, curl, buckle, spiral, helix, corkscrew, worm, volute, rundle, tendril, scollop, scallop, escalop, kink, ammonite, snakestone, serpent, eel, maze, labyrinth, knot, convoluted, winding, twisted, tortile, tortive, wavy, undated, undulatory, circling, snaky, snake-like, serpentine, serpent, anguill, vermiform, vermicular, mazy, tortuous, sinuous, flexuous, anfractuous, reclivate, rivulose, scolecoid, sigmoid, sigmoidal, spiriferous, spiroid, involved, intricate, complicated, perplexed, labyrinth, labyrinthic, labyrinthian, labyrinthine, peristaltic, daedalian, kinky, knotted, wreathy, frizzly, crepe, buckled, raveled, spiral, coiled, helical, cochleate, cochleous, screw-shaped, turbinated, turbiniform, in and out, round and round, a can of worms, Gordian knot.


N roughness, tooth, grain, texture, ripple, asperity, rugosity, salebrosity, corrugation, nodosity, arborescence, pilosity, brush, hair, beard, shag, mane, whisker, moustache, imperial, tress, lock, curl, ringlet, fimbriae, pili, cilia, villi, lovelock, beaucatcher, curl paper, goatee, papillote, scalp lock, plumage, plumosity, plume, panache, crest, feather, tuft, fringe, toupee, wool, velvet, plush, nap, pile, floss, fur, down, byssus, moss, bur, fluff, knot (convolution), rough, uneven, scabrous, scaly, knotted, rugged, rugose, rugous, knurly, asperous, crisp, salebrous, gnarled, unpolished, unsmooth, roughhewn, craggy, cragged, crankling, scraggy, prickly, arborescent, leafy, well-wooded, feathery, plumose, plumigerous, laciniate, laciniform, laciniose, pappose, pileous, pilose, trichogenous, trichoid, tufted, fimbriated, hairy, ciliated, filamentous, hirsute, crinose, crinite, bushy, hispid, villous, pappous, bearded, pilous, shaggy, shagged, fringed, befringed, setous, setose, setaceous, like quills upon the fretful porcupine, rough as a nutmeg grater, rough as a bear, downy, velvety, flocculent, woolly, lanate, lanated, lanuginous, lanuginose, tomentose, fluffy, against the grain, cabello luengo y corto el seso.


N friction, attrition, rubbing, abrasion, scraping, confrication, detrition, contrition, affriction, abrasion, arrosion, limature, frication, rub, elbow grease, rosin, massage, roughness, rolling friction, sliding friction, starting friction, anatriptic, attrite.


N pungency, piquance, piquancy, poignancy haut-gout, strong taste, twang, race, sharpness, acrimony, roughness, unsavoriness, mustard, cayenne, caviare, seasoning, niter, saltpeter, brine (saltiness), carbonate of ammonia, sal ammoniac, sal volatile, smelling salts, hartshorn (acridity), dram, cordial, nip, nicotine, tobacco, snuff, quid, smoke, segar, cigar, cigarette, weed, fragrant weed, Indian weed, Cavendish, fid, negro head, old soldier, rappee, stogy, pungent, strong, high-, full-flavored, high-tasted, high-seasoned, gamy, sharp, stinging, rough, piquant, racy, biting, mordant, spicy, seasoned, hot, hot as pepper, peppery, vellicating, escharotic, meracious, acrid, acrimonious, bitter, rough, unsavory.


N unsavoriness, amaritude, acrimony, acridity (bitterness), roughness, acerbity, austerity, gall and wormwood, rue, quassia, aloes, marah, sickener, unsavory, unpalatable, unsweetened, unsweet, ill-flavored, bitter, bitter as gall, acrid, acrimonious, rough, offensive, repulsive, nasty, sickening, nauseous, loathsome, fulsome, unpleasant.


N stridor, creak, creaking, discord, stridor, roughness, sharpness cacophony, cacoepy, acute note, high note, soprano, treble, tenor, alto, falsetto, penny trumpet, voce di testa, creaking, stridulous, harsh, coarse, hoarse, horrisonous, rough, gruff, grum, sepulchral, hollow, sharp, high, acute, shrill, trumpet-toned, piercing, ear-piercing, high-pitched, high-toned, cracked, discordant, cacophonous.

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