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Noun region has 5 senses


regionn. [F. région, from L. regio a direction, a boundary line, region, fr. regere to guide, direct. See Regimen.].
  •  One of the grand districts or quarters into which any space or surface, as of the earth or the heavens, is conceived of as divided; hence, in general, a portion of space or territory of indefinite extent; country; province; district; tract.  [1913 Webster]
    "If thence he 'scappe, into whatever world,
    Or unknown region.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Tract, part, or space, lying about and including anything; neighborhood; vicinity; sphere.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
    "Philip, tetrarch of .. the region of Trachonitis."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The upper air; the sky; the heavens.  [1913 Webster]
    "Anon the dreadful thunder
    Doth rend the region.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  The inhabitants of a district.  Matt. iii. 5.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Place; rank; station.  [1913 Webster]
    "He is of too high a region."  [1913 Webster]


region, n.
1 an area of land, or division of the earth's surface, having definable boundaries or characteristics (a mountainous region; the region between London and the coast).
2 an administrative district esp. in Scotland.
3 a part of the body round or near some organ etc. (the lumbar region).
4 a sphere or realm (the region of metaphysics).
5 a a separate part of the world or universe. b a layer of the atmosphere or the sea according to its height or depth.

in the region of approximately.
regional adj. regionalism n. regionalist n. & adj. regionalize v.tr. (also -ise). regionally adv.
ME f. OF f. L regio -onis direction, district f. regere direct



Kreis, abode, acres, alluvion, alluvium, ambit, arable land, archbishopric, archdiocese, area, arrondissement, bailiwick, bearings, belt, bench mark, bishopric, borough, canton, city, clay, clod, commune, congressional district, constablewick, county, crust, demesne, departement, department, diocese, dirt, district, division, domain, dominion, dry land, duchy, dust, earth, electoral district, electorate, emplacement, field, freehold, glebe, government, grassland, ground, hamlet, hole, hundred, jurisdiction, land, landholdings, latitude and longitude, lieu, lithosphere, locale, locality, location, locus, magistracy, marginal land, marl, metropolis, metropolitan area, mold, neighborhood, oblast, okrug, pale, parish, part, pinpoint, place, placement, point, position, precinct, principality, province, quarter, real estate, real property, regolith, riding, section, sector, sheriffalty, sheriffwick, shire, shrievalty, site, situation, situs, sod, soil, soke, sphere, spot, stake, state, stead, subaerial deposit, subsoil, terra, terra firma, terrain, territory, the country, topsoil, town, township, tract, vicinity, village, walk, wapentake, ward, whereabout, whereabouts, woodland, zone




N government, legal authority, soveriegn, sovereign authority, authority, master, direction, national government, nation, state, country, nation- state, dominion, republic, empire, union, democratic republic, kingdom, principality, state government, state, shire, province, county, canton, territory, duchy, archduchy, archdukedom, woiwodshaft, commonwealth, region, property, county, parish city, domain, tract, arrondissement, mofussil, commune, wappentake, hundred, riding, lathe, garth, soke, tithing, ward, precinct, bailiwick, command, empire, sway, rule, dominion, domination, sovereignty, supremacy, suzerainty, lordship, headship, chiefdom, seigniory, seigniority, rule, sway, command, control, administer, govern, lead, preside over, reign, possess the throne, be seated on the throne, occupy the throne, sway the scepter, wield the scepter, wear the crown, state, realm, body politic, posse comitatus, judicature, cabinet, seat of government, seat of authority, headquarters, accession, installation, politics, reign, regime, dynasty, directorship, dictatorship, protectorate, protectorship, caliphate, pashalic, electorate, presidency, presidentship, administration, proconsul, consulship, prefecture, seneschalship, magistrature, magistracy, monarchy, kinghood, kingship, royalty, regality, aristarchy, aristocracy, oligarchy, democracy, theocracy, demagogy, commonwealth, dominion, heteronomy, republic, republicanism, socialism, collectivism, mob law, mobocracy, ochlocracy, vox populi, imperium in imperio, bureaucracy, beadledom, bumbledom, stratocracy, military power, military government, junta, feodality, feudal system, feudalism, thearchy, theocracy, dinarchy, duarchy, triarchy, heterarchy, duumvirate, triumvirate, autocracy, autonomy, limited monarchy, constitutional government, constitutional monarchy, home rule, representative government, monocracy, pantisocracy, gynarchy, gynocracy, gynaeocracy, petticoat government, legislature, judiciary, administration, office of the president, office of the prime minister, cabinet, senate, house of representatives, parliament, council, courts, supreme court, state, interior, labor, health and human services, defense, education, agriculture, justice, commerce, treasury, Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, National Institutes of Health, NIH, Postal Service, Post Office, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, president, vice president, cabinet member, prime minister, minister, senator, representatative, president pro tem, speaker of the house, department head, section head, section chief, federal judge, justice, justice of the supreme court, chief justice, treasurer, secretary of the treasury, director of the FBI, governor, state cabinet member, state senator, assemblyman, assemblywoman, regal, sovereign, governing, royal, royalist, monarchical, kingly, imperial, imperiatorial, princely, feudal, aristocratic, autocratic, oligarchic, republican, dynastic, ruling, regnant, gubernatorial, imperious, authoritative, executive, administrative, clothed with authority, official, departmental, ex officio, imperative, peremptory, overruling, absolute, hegemonic, hegemonical, authorized, government, public, national, federal, his majesty's, her majesty's, state, county, city, N, a dog's obeyed in office, cada uno tiene su alguazil, le Roi le veut, regibus esse manus en nescio longas, regnant populi, the demigod Authority, the right divine of kings to govern wrong, uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.


N region, sphere, ground, soil, area, field, realm, hemisphere, quarter, district, beat, orb, circuit, circle, reservation, pale, compartment, department, clearing, (property) &c 780 (Government), 1 arena, precincts, enceinte, walk, march, patch, plot, parcel, inclosure, close, field, court, enclave, reserve, preserve, street, clime, climate, zone, meridian, latitude, biosphere, lithosphere, territorial, local, parochial, provincial, regional.

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