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Noun, Verb (usu participle)


Noun reflux has 2 senses


     Returning, or flowing back; reflex; as, reflux action.  [1913 Webster]
refluxn. [F. reflux. See Refluent, Flux.].
     A flowing back, as the return of a fluid; ebb; reaction; as, the flux and reflux of the tides.  [1913 Webster]
    "All from me
    Shall with a fierce reflux on me redound.
    "  [1913 Webster]


reflux, n. & v.
1 a backward flow.
2 Chem. a method of boiling a liquid so that any vapour is liquefied and returned to the boiler.
--v.tr. & intr. Chem. boil or be boiled under reflux.



Brownian movement, Charybdis, Maelstrom, action and reaction, advance, angular motion, answer, ascending, ascent, automatic reaction, autonomic reaction, axial motion, back stream, backflow, backflowing, backing, backset, backsliding, backward motion, backward step, backwash, backwater, bounceback, career, climbing, countercurrent, counterflow, counterflux, course, current, descending, descent, direct tide, downward motion, drift, driftage, ebb, ebb and flow, ebb tide, ebbing, echo, eddy, flight, flood, flood tide, flow, flux, flux and reflux, forward motion, full tide, gulf, gurge, high tide, high water, lapse, low tide, low water, lunar tide, maelstrom, mounting, neap, neap tide, oblique motion, ongoing, onrush, opposite tide, passage, plunging, predictable response, progress, radial motion, random motion, reaction, recession, recidivation, recidivism, reentry, reflection, reflex, reflex action, reflowing, refluence, regress, regression, regurgitation, relapse, reply, respondence, response, retroaction, retrocession, retroflexion, retrogradation, retrogression, retrusion, return, reverberation, revulsion, rip, riptide, rise, rising, rollback, run, rush, set, setback, sideward motion, sinking, soaring, solar tide, spring tide, sternway, stream, subsiding, swirl, thalassometer, throwback, tidal amplitude, tidal current, tidal current chart, tidal flow, tidal range, tide, tide chart, tide gate, tide gauge, tide race, tide rip, tidewater, tideway, traject, trajet, trend, twirl, unthinking response, upward motion, vortex, whirl, whirlpool




N nonincrease, decrease, decrease, diminution, lessening, subtraction, reduction, abatement, declension, shrinking (contraction, ), coarctation, abridgment, extenuation, subsidence, wane, ebb, decline, ebbing, descent, decrement, reflux, depreciation, deterioration, anticlimax, mitigation, unincreased, decreased, decreasing, on the wane, a gilded halo hovering round decay, fine by degrees and beautifully less.


N recoil, reaction, retroaction, revulsion, bounce, rebound, ricochet, repercussion, recalcitration, kick, contrecoup, springing back, elasticity, reflection, reflexion, reflex, reflux, reverberation, rebuff, repulse, return, ducks and drakes, boomerang, spring, reactionist, elastic collision, coefficient of restitution, recoiling, refluent, repercussive, recalcitrant, reactionary, retroactive, on the rebound, on the recoil, for every action there is a reaction, equal in force and opposite in direction.


N regress, regression, retrocession, retrogression, retrograduation, retroaction, reculade, retreat, withdrawal, retirement, remigration, recession, recess, crab-like motion, refluence, reflux, backwater, regurgitation, ebb, return, resilience reflection, reflexion (recoil), flip-flop, volte-face, counter motion, retrograde motion, backward movement, motion in reverse, counter movement, counter march, veering, tergiversation, recidivation, backsliding, fall, deterioration, recidivism, recidivity, reversal, relapse, turning point, receding, retrograde, retrogressive, regressive, refluent, reflex, recidivous, resilient, crab-like, balky, reactionary, back, backwards, reflexively, to the right about, a reculons, a rebours, revenons a nos moutons, as you were.


N river, running water, jet, spirt, spurt, squirt, spout, spray, splash, rush, gush, jet d'eau, sluice, water spout, water fall, cascade, force, foss, lin, linn, ghyll, Niagara, cataract, rapids, white water, catadupe, cataclysm, debacle, inundation, deluge, chute, washout, rain, rainfall, serein, shower, scud, downpour, driving rain, drenching rain, cloudburst, hyetology, hyetography, predominance of Aquarius, reign of St. Swithin, mizzle, drizzle, stillicidum, plash, dropping, falling weather, northeaster, hurricane, typhoon, stream, course, flux, flow, profluence, effluence, defluxion, flowing, current, tide, race, coulee, spring, artesian well, fount, fountain, rill, rivulet, gill, gullet, rillet, streamlet, brooklet, branch, runnel, sike, burn, beck, creek, brook, bayou, stream, river, reach, tributary, geyser, spout, waterspout, body of water, torrent, rapids, flush, flood, swash, spring tide, high tide, full tide, bore, tidal bore, eagre, hygre, fresh, freshet, indraught, reflux, undercurrent, eddy, vortex, gurge, whirlpool, Maelstrom, regurgitation, overflow, confluence, corrivation, wave, billow, surge, swell, ripple, anerythmon gelasma, beach comber, riffle, rollers, ground swell, surf, breakers, white horses, whitecaps, rough sea, heavy sea, high seas, cross sea, long sea, short sea, chopping sea, hydrodynamics, hydraulics, hydraulicostatics, rain gauge, flowmeter, pegology, irrigation, pump, watering pot, watering cart, hydrant, syringe, garden hose, lawn spray, bhisti, mussuk, fluent, diffluent, profluent, affluent, tidal, flowing, meandering, meandry, meandrous, fluvial, fluviatile, streamy, showery, rainy, pluvial, stillicidous, stillatitious, for men may come and men may go but I go on foreve, that old man river, he just keeps rolling along.

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