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Verb (transitive)


Verb ransack has 2 senses


ransackv. t. [OE. ransaken, Icel. rannsaka to explore, examine; rann a house (akin to Goth. razn house, AS. ræsn plank, beam) + the root of sækja to seek, akin to E. seek. See Seek, and cf. Rest repose.].
  •  To search thoroughly; to search every place or part of; as, to ransack a house.  [1913 Webster]
    "To ransack every corner of their . . . hearts."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To plunder; to pillage completely.  [1913 Webster]
    "Their vow is made
    To ransack Troy.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To violate; to ravish; to defiour.  [1913 Webster]
    "Rich spoil of ransacked chastity."  [1913 Webster]
ransackv. i. 
     To make a thorough search.  [1913 Webster]
    "To ransack in the tas [heap] of bodies dead."  [1913 Webster]
     The act of ransacking, or state of being ransacked; pillage.  [1913 Webster]
    "Even your father's house
    Shall not be free from ransack.
    "  [1913 Webster]


ransack, v.tr.
1 pillage or plunder (a house, country, etc.).
2 thoroughly search (a place, a receptacle, a person's pockets, one's conscience, etc.).

ransacker n.
ME f. ON rannsaka f. rann house + -saka f. soekja seek



beat, burglarize, burgle, comb, depredate, despoil, examine, explore, fleece, forage, foray, freeboot, grub, gut, knock off, knock over, look all over, look everywhere, loot, maraud, pillage, plunder, prey on, raid, rake, ravage, raven, ravish, reive, relieve, rifle, rob, rummage, sack, scour, scrutinize, search, search high heaven, shake, shake down, spoil, spoliate, stick up, strip, sweep, toss, turn inside out, turn upside down




VB steal, thieve, rob, mug, purloin, pilfer, filch, prig, bag, nim, crib, cabbage, palm, abstract, appropriate, plagiarize, convey away, carry off, abduct, kidnap, crimp, make off with, walk off with, run off with, run away with, spirit away, seize, plunder, pillage, rifle, sack, loot, ransack, spoil, spoliate, despoil, strip, sweep, gut, forage, levy blackmail, pirate, pickeer, maraud, lift cattle, poach, smuggle, run, badger, bail up, hold up, stick up, bunco, bunko, filibuster, swindle, peculate, embezzle, sponge, mulct, rook, bilk, pluck, pigeon, fleece, defraud, obtain under false pretenses, live by one's wits, rob Peter to pay Paul, borrow of Peter to pay Paul, set a thief to catch a thief, disregard the distinction between meum and tuum, fence, launder, launder money.


VB make inquiry, inquire, ask, seek, search, look for, look about for, look out for, scan, reconnoiter, explore, sound, rummage, ransack, pry, peer, look round, look over, go over, look through, go through, spy, overhaul, ask about, inquire about, scratch the head, slap the forehead, look into every hole and corner, peer into every hole and corner, pry into every hole and corner, nose, trace up, search out, hunt down, hunt out, fish out, ferret out, unearth, leave no stone unturned, seek a clue, seek a clew, hunt, track, trail, mouse, dodge, trace, follow the trail, follow the scent, pursue, beat up one's quarters, fish for, feel for, investigate, take up an inquiry, institute an inquiry, pursue an inquiry, follow up an inquiry, conduct an inquiry, carry on an inquiry, carry out an inquiry, prosecute an inquiry, look at, look into, preexamine, discuss, canvass, agitate, examine, study, consider, calculate, dip into, dive into, delve into, go deep into, make sure of, probe, sound, fathom, probe to the bottom, probe to the quick, scrutinize, analyze, anatomize, dissect, parse, resolve, sift, winnow, view in all its phases, try in all its phases, thresh out, bring in question, bring into question, subject to examination, put to the proof, audit, tax, pass in review, take into consideration, take counsel, question, demand, put the question, pop the question, propose the question, propound the question, moot the question, start the question, raise the question, stir the question, suggest the question, put forth the question, ventilate the question, grapple with the question, go into a question, question, put to the question, interrogate, pump, subject to interrogation, subject to examination, cross-question, cross-examine, press for an answer, give the third degree, put to the inquisition, dodge, catechize, require an answer, pick the brains of, suck the brains of, feel the pulse, get the lay of the land, see how the wind is blowing, put one's ear to the ground, be in question, undergo examination.

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