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put up with



put up with

abide, abide with, accede, accept, acquiesce, assent, be agreeable, bear, bear with, bide, blink at, brave, brook, change, change for, commute, comply, compound for, condone, connive at, consent, countenance, dub in, endure, exchange, face the music, give place to, go along with, hang in, hang in there, hang tough, have, hear of, indulge, knock under, knuckle down, knuckle under, live with it, lump, lump it, make do with, make way for, not resist, obey, offer in exchange, overlook, persevere, redeem, relent, resign, ring in, shift with, stand, stand for, stick, stomach, submit, substitute, succumb, suffer, support, sustain, swallow it, swallow the pill, switch, take, take in exchange, take it, take up with, tolerate, wink at


put up with


VB substitute, put in the place of, change for, make way for, give place to, supply the place of, take the place of, supplant, supersede, replace, cut out, serve as a substitute, step into stand in the shoes of, jury rig, make a shift with, put up with, borrow from Peter to pay Paul, take money out of one pocket and put it in another, cannibalize, commute, redeem, compound for.


VB be composed, laisser faire, laisser aller, take things easily, take things as they come, take it easy, rub on, live and let live, take easily, take cooly, take in good part, aequam servare mentem, bear the brunt, bear well, go through, support, endure, brave, disregard, tolerate, suffer, stand, bide, abide, aby, bear with, put up with, take up with, abide with, acquiesce, submit, submit with a good grace, resign oneself to, reconcile oneself to, brook, digest, eat, swallow, pocket, stomach, make light of, make the best of, make 'a virtue of necessity', put a good face on, keep one's countenance, check, check oneself, compose, appease (moderate), propitiate, repress, render insensible, overcome one's excitability, allay one's excitability, repress one's excitability, master one's feelings, make oneself easy, make one's mind easy, set one's mind at ease, set one's mind at rest, calm down, cool down, gentle, thaw, grow cool, be borne, be endured, go down.


VB be content, rest satisfied, rest and be thankful, take the good the gods provide, let well alone, let well enough alone, feel oneself at home, hug oneself, lay the flattering unction to one's soul, take up with, take in good part, accept, tolerate, consent, acquiesce, assent, be reconciled to, make one's peace with, get over it, take heart, take comfort, put up with, render content, set at ease, comfort, set one's heart at ease, set one's mind at ease, set one's heart at rest, set one's mind at rest, speak peace, conciliate, reconcile, win over, propitiate, disarm, beguile, content, satisfy, gratify, be tolerated, go down, go down well, go down with, do, be OK.

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