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Noun pupil has 3 senses


pupiln. [F. pupille, n. fem., L. pupilla the pupil of the eye, originally dim. of pupa a girl. See Puppet, and cf. Pupil a scholar.].
     The aperture in the iris; the sight, apple, or black of the eye. See the Note under Eye, and Iris.  [1913 Webster]
Pin-hole pupil (Med.), the pupil of the eye when so contracted (as it sometimes is in typhus, or opium poisoning) as to resemble a pin hole. Dunglison.
pupiln. [F. pupille, n. masc. & fem., L. pupillus, pupilla, dim. of pupus boy, pupa girl. See Puppet, and cf. Pupil of the eye.].
  •  A youth or scholar of either sex under the care of an instructor or tutor.  [1913 Webster]
    "Too far in years to be a pupil now."  [1913 Webster]
    "Tutors should behave reverently before their pupils."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A person under a guardian; a ward.  Dryden.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A boy or a girl under the age of puberty, that is, under fourteen if a male, and under twelve if a female.  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- Learner; disciple; tyro. -- See Scholar.


pupil, n.
1 a person who is taught by another, esp. a schoolchild or student in relation to a teacher.
2 Sc. Law a boy less than 14 or a girl less than 12 years in age.

pupillage n. (also pupilage). pupillary adj. (also pupilary).
pupil, n. the dark circular opening in the centre of the iris of the eye, varying in size to regulate the passage of light to the retina.

pupillar adj. (also pupilar). pupillary adj. (also pupilary).
OF pupille or L pupilla, dimin. of pupa doll (as PUPIL(1)): so called from the tiny images visible in the eye



apprentice, auditor, autodidact, baby blues, banjo eyes, beginner, bright eyes, catechumen, clear eyes, cornea, disciple, educatee, eye, eyeball, eyelid, goggle eyes, inquirer, iris, learner, lens, lid, monitor, naked eye, neophyte, nictitating membrane, novice, oculus, optic, optic nerve, orb, organ of vision, peeper, popeyes, praepostor, prefect, retina, saucer eyes, scholar, schoolboy, schoolgirl, sclera, self-taught person, starry orbs, student, studier, trainee, tyro, unaided eye, visual organ




N vision, sight, optics, eyesight, view, look, espial, glance, ken, coup d'oeil, glimpse, glint, peep, gaze, stare, leer, perlustration, contemplation, conspection, conspectuity, regard, survey, introspection, reconnaissance, speculation, watch, espionage, espionnage, autopsy, ocular inspection, ocular demonstration, sight-seeing, point of view, gazebo, loophole, belvedere, watchtower, field of view, theater, amphitheater, arena, vista, horizon, commanding view, bird's eye view, periscope, visual organ, organ of vision, eye, naked eye, unassisted eye, retina, pupil, iris, cornea, white, optics, orbs, saucer eyes, goggle eyes, gooseberry eyes, short sight, clear sight, sharp sight, quick sight, eagle sight, piercing sight, penetrating sight, clear glance, sharp glance, quick glance, eagle glance, piercing glance, penetrating glance, clear eye, sharp eye, quick eye, eagle eye, piercing eye, penetrating eye, perspicacity, discernment, catopsis, eagle, hawk, cat, lynx, Argus, evil eye, basilisk, cockatrice, seeing, visual, ocular, optic, optical, ophthalmic, clear-eyesighted, eagle-eyed, hawk-eyed, lynx-eyed, keen- eyed, Argus-eyed, visible, visibly, in sight of, with one's eyes open at sight, at first sight, at a glance, at the first blush, prima facie, Int, look!, the scales falling from one's eyes, an eye like Mars to threaten or command, her eyes are homes of silent prayer, looking before and after, thy rapt soul sitting in thine eyes.


N learner, scholar, student, pupil, apprentice, prentice, journeyman, articled clerk, beginner, tyro, amateur, rank amateur, abecedarian, alphabetarian, alumnus, eleve, recruit, raw recruit, novice, neophyte, inceptor, catechumen, probationer, seminarian, chela, fellow-commoner, debutant, intern, resident, schoolboy, fresh, freshman, frosh, junior soph, junior, senior soph, senior, sophister, sophomore, questionist, undergraduate, graduate student, law student, medical student, pre-med, post-doctoral student, post-doc, matriculated student, part-time student, night student, auditor, class, grade, seminar, form, remove, pupilage, disciple, follower, apostle, proselyte, fellow-student, condisciple, school, in statu pupillari, in leading strings, practise makes perfect.

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