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Verb (transitive)


Verb procure has 2 senses


procurev. t. [F. procurer, L. procurare, procuratum, to take care of; pro for + curare to take care, fr. cura care. See Cure, and cf. Proctor, Proxy.].
  •  To bring into possession; to cause to accrue to, or to come into possession of; to acquire or provide for one's self or for another; to gain; to get; to obtain by any means, as by purchase or loan.  [1913 Webster]
    "If we procure not to ourselves more woe."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To contrive; to bring about; to effect; to cause.  [1913 Webster]
    "By all means possible they procure to have gold and silver among them in reproach."  [1913 Webster]
    "Proceed, Solinus, to procure my fall."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To solicit; to entreat.  [1913 Webster]
    "The famous Briton prince and faery knight, . . .
    Of the fair Alma greatly were procured
    To make there longer sojourn and abode.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To cause to come; to bring; to attract.  [1913 Webster]
    "What unaccustomed cause procures her hither?"  [1913 Webster]
  •  To obtain for illicit intercourse or prostitution.  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- See Attain.
procurev. i. 
  •  To pimp.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To manage business for another in court.  [1913 Webster]


procure, v.tr.
1 obtain, esp. by care or effort; acquire (managed to procure a copy).
2 bring about (procured their dismissal).
3 (also absol.) obtain (women) for prostitution.

procurable adj. procural n. procurement n.
ME f. OF procurer f. L procurare take care of, manage (as PRO-(1), curare see to)



accomplish, acquire, annex, appropriate, argue into, arouse, bag, be seized of, bring, bring about, bring around, bring back, bring forth, bring on, bring out, bring to light, buy, buy back, buy in, buy into, buy off, buy on credit, buy up, call for, call forth, call out, call up, capture, carry, catch, cause, chase after, come by, come in for, come into, compass, complete a purchase, contract, contrive, convince, corner, corral, decide, deduce, derive, determine, dispose, drag down, drag out, draw, draw down, draw forth, draw in, draw on, draw out, earn, educe, effect, elicit, engage, engross, enlist, enter into possession, evoke, fetch, fetch and carry, find, gain, get, get from, get out of, get to do, go after, go and get, go fetch, go for, go get, go to get, harvest, have, incline, induce, influence, inspire, instigate, interest in, land, lead, lure, make, make a buy, monopolize, motivate, net, obtain, pander, persuade, pick up, pimp, prevail, produce, prompt, prostitute, provoke, pull down, purchase, reap, rebuy, regrate, repurchase, requisition, retrieve, rouse, run after, sack, score, secure, shag, stimulate, summon forth, summon up, superinduce, sway, take, tempt, wangle, wangle out of, win, win over, winkle out, worm out, worm out of




VB induce, move, draw, draw on, bring in its train, give an impulse, to, inspire, put up to, prompt, call up, attract, beckon, stimulate, spirit up, inspirit, rouse, arouse, animate, incite, foment, provoke, instigate, set on, actuate, act upon, work upon, operate upon, encourage, pat on the back, pat on the shoulder, clap on the back, clap on the shoulder, influence, weigh with, bias, sway, incline, dispose, predispose, turn the scale, inoculate, lead by the nose, have influence with, have influence over, have influence upon, exercise influence with, exercise influence over, exercise influence upon, go round, come round one, turn the head, magnetize, lobby, persuade, prevail with, prevail upon, overcome, carry, bring round to one's senses, bring to one's senses, draw over, win over, gain over, come over, talk over, procure, enlist, engage, invite, court, tempt, seduce, overpersuade, entice, allure, captivate, fascinate, bewitch, carry away, charm, conciliate, wheedle, coax, lure, inveigle, tantalize, cajole, tamper with, bribe, suborn, grease the palm, bait with a silver hook, gild the pill, make things pleasant, put a sop into the pan, throw a sop to, bait the hook, enforce, force, impel, propel, whip, lash, goad, spur, prick, urge, egg on, hound, hurry on, drag, exhort, advise, call upon, press, advocate, set an example, set the fashion, keep in countenance, be persuaded, yield to temptation, come round, concede, obey a call, follow advice, follow the bent, follow the dictates of, act on principle.


VB acquire, get, gain, win, earn, obtain, procure, gather, collect, pick, pickup, glean, find, come upon, pitch upon, light upon, scrape up, scrape together, get in, reap and carry, net, bag, sack, bring home, secure, derive, draw, get in the harvest, profit, make profit, draw profit, turn a quick profit, turn to profit, turn to account, make capital out of, make money by, obtain a return, reap the fruits of, reap an advantage, gain an advantage, turn a penny, turn an honest penny, make the pot boil, bring grist to the mill, make money, coin money, raise money, raise funds, raise the wind, fill one's pocket, treasure up, realize, clear, produce, take, get back, recover, regain, retrieve, revendicate, replevy, redeem, come by one's own, come by, come in for, receive, inherit, step into a fortune, step into the shoes of, succeed to, get hold of, get between one's finger and thumb, get into one's hand, get at, take possession, come into possession, enter into possession, be profitable, pay, answer, accrue.


VB buy, purchase, invest in, procure, rent, repurchase, buy in, keep in one's pay, bribe, suborn, pay, spend, make a purchase, complete a purchase, buy over the counter, shop, market, go shopping.


VB be the cause of, originate, give origin to, give rise, to, give occasion to, cause, occasion, sow the seeds of, kindle, suscitate, bring on, bring to bring pass, bring about, produce, create, set up, set afloat, set on foot, found, broach, institute, lay the foundation of, lie at the root of, procure, induce, draw down, open the door to, superinduce, evoke, entail, operate, elicit, provoke, conduce to, contribute, have a hand in the pie, have a finger in the pie, determine, decide, turn the scale, have a common origin, derive its origin.

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