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Noun precipitation has 6 senses


precipitationn. [L. praecipitatio: cf. F. précipitation.].
  •  The act of precipitating, or the state of being precipitated, or thrown headlong.  [1913 Webster]
    "In peril of precipitation
    From off rock Tarpeian.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  A falling, flowing, or rushing downward with violence and rapidity.  [1913 Webster]
    "The hurry, precipitation, and rapid motion of the water, returning . . . towards the sea."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Great hurry; rash, tumultuous haste; impetuosity.  Rambler.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The act or process of precipitating from a solution.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A deposit on the earth of hail, mist, rain, sleet, or snow; also, the quantity of water deposited.
    " Deposits of dew, fog, and frost are not regarded by the United States Weather Bureau as precipitation. Sleet and snow are melted, and the record of precipitation shows the depth of the horizontal layers of water in hundredths of an inch or in millimeters."  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]


precipitation, n.
1 the act of precipitating or the process of being precipitated.
2 rash haste.
3 a rain or snow etc. falling to the ground. b a quantity of this.

F pr{eacute}cipitation or L praecipitatio (as PRECIPITATE)



Scotch mist, abruptness, air speed, alacrity, alluvion, alluvium, ash, blood rain, carelessness, celerity, cinder, clinker, deposit, deposition, deposits, desperateness, devil-may-careness, diluvium, dispatch, downcast, downpour, downthrow, draff, dregs, drizzle, dross, ember, evening mist, expedition, expeditiousness, fall, fastness, feces, feverishness, flight, flit, flurry, forwardness, froth, furiousness, gout of rain, ground speed, grounds, hail, haste, hastiness, heedlessness, hotheadedness, hurriedness, hurry, impatience, impetuosity, impetuousness, impulse, impulsiveness, instantaneousness, knots, lees, lightning speed, loess, miles per hour, mist, misty rain, mizzle, moisture, moraine, offscum, overeagerness, overenthusiasm, overhastiness, overthrow, overturn, overzealousness, patter, pitter-patter, precipitance, precipitancy, precipitate, precipitateness, precipitousness, precociousness, precocity, prematureness, prematurity, promptitude, promptness, quickness, rain, raindrop, rainfall, rainwater, rapidity, rashness, recklessness, round pace, rpm, rush, scoria, scum, sediment, sedimentation, settlings, sheet of rain, shower, showers, silt, sinter, slag, sleet, smut, snappiness, snow, snowfall, soot, speed, speediness, splatter, sprinkle, sublimate, suddenness, swift rate, swiftness, unfrozen hydrometeor, untimeliness, velocity, wantonness, wet, wildness




N haste, urgency, despatch, dispatch, acceleration, spurt, spirt, forced march, rush, dash, speed, velocity, precipitancy, precipitation, precipitousness, impetuosity, brusquerie, hurry, drive, scramble, bustle, fuss, fidget, flurry, flutter, splutter, hasty, hurried, brusque, scrambling, cursory, precipitate, headlong, furious, boisterous, impetuous, hotheaded, feverish, fussy, pushing, in haste, in a hurry, in hot haste, in all haste, breathless, pressed for time, hard pressed, urgent, with haste, with all haste, with breathless speed, in haste, apace, amain, all at once, at short notice, immediately, posthaste, by cable, by express, by telegraph, by forced marches, hastily, precipitately, helter-skelter, hurry-skurry, holus-bolus, slapdash, slap-bang, full-tilt, full drive, heels over head, head and shoulders, headlong, a corps perdu, by fits and starts, by spurts, hop skip and jump, sauve qui peut, every man for himself, devil take the hindmost, no time to be lost, no sooner said than done, a word and a blow, haste makes waste, maggiore fretta minore atto, ohne Hast aber ohne Rast stand not upon the order, swift, swift, you dragons of the night.


N earliness, morning, punctuality, promptitude, haste, suddenness, prematurity, precocity, precipitation, anticipation, a stitch in time, early, prime, forward, prompt, summary, premature, precipitate, precocious, prevenient, anticipatory, rath, sudden, unexpected, near, near at hand, immediate, early, soon, anon, betimes, rath, eft, eftsoons, ere long, before long, shortly, beforehand, prematurely, precipitately, too soon, before its time, before one's time, in anticipation, unexpectedly, suddenly, before one can say 'Jack Robinson', at short notice, extempore, on the spur of the moment, on the spur of the occasion, at once, on the spot, on the instant, at sight, offhand, out of hand, a' vue d'oeil, straight, straightway, straightforth, forthwith, incontinently, summarily, immediately, briefly, shortly, quickly, speedily, apace, before the ink is dry, almost immediately, presently at the first opportunity, in no long time, by and by, in a while, directly, no sooner said than done, immediately, if not sooner, tout vient a temps pour qui sait attendre.


N rashness, temerity, want of caution, imprudence, indiscretion, overconfidence, presumption, audacity, precipitancy, precipitation, impetuosity, levity, foolhardihood, foolhardiness, heedlessness, thoughtlessness, carelessness, desperation, Quixotism, knight-errantry, fire eating, gaming, gambling, blind bargain, leap in the dark, leap of faith, fool's paradise, too many eggs in one basket, desperado, rashling, madcap, daredevil, Hotspur, fire eater, bully, bravo, Hector, scapegrace, enfant perdu, Don Quixote, knight-errant, Icarus, adventurer, gambler, gamester, dynamitard, boomer, rash, incautious, indiscreet, imprudent, improvident, temerarious, uncalculating, heedless, careless, without ballast, heels over head, head over heels, giddy, wanton, reckless, wild, madcap, desperate, devil-may-care, hot-blooded, hotheaded, hotbrained, headlong, headstrong, breakneck, foolhardy, harebrained, precipitate, impulsive, overconfident, overweening, venturesome, venturous, adventurous, Quixotic, fire eating, cavalier, janty, jaunty, free and easy, off one's guard, post haste, a corps perdu, hand over head, tete baissee, headforemost, happen what may, come what may, neck or nothing, the devil being in one, non semper temeritas est felix, paucis temeritas est bono multis malo.


N depression, lowering, depression, dip, abasement, detrusion, reduction, overthrow, overset, overturn, upset, prostration, subversion, precipitation, bow, courtesy, curtsy, genuflexion, genuflection, kowtow, obeisance, salaam, depressed, at a low ebb, prostrate, detrusive, facinus quos inquinat aequat.


N density, solidity, solidness, impenetrability, impermeability, incompressibility, imporosity, cohesion, constipation, consistence, spissitude, specific gravity, hydrometer, areometer, condensation, caseation, solidation, solidification, consolidation, concretion, coagulation, petrification, crystallization, precipitation, deposit, precipitate, inspissation, gelation, thickening, indivisibility, indiscerptibility, insolubility, indissolvableness, solid body, mass, block, knot, lump, concretion, concrete, conglomerate, cake, clot, stone, curd, coagulum, bone, gristle, cartilage, casein, crassamentum, legumin, superdense matter, condensed states of matter, dwarf star, neutron star, dense, solid, solidified, caseous, pukka, coherent, cohesive, compact, close, serried, thickset, substantial, massive, lumpish, impenetrable, impermeable, nonporous, imporous, incompressible, constipated, concrete, knotted, knotty, gnarled, crystalline, crystallizable, thick, grumous, stuffy, undissolved, unmelted, unliquefied, unthawed, indivisible, indiscerptible, infrangible, indissolvable, indissoluble, insoluble, infusible.

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