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Adjective, Noun


Adjective pert has 1 sense


perta. [An aphetic form of OE. & OF. apert open, known, true, free, or impudent. See Apert.].
  •  Open; evident; apert.  Piers Plowman.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Lively; brisk; sprightly; smart.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Indecorously free, or presuming; saucy; bold; impertinent.  Addison.  [1913 Webster]
    "The squirrel, flippant, pert, and full of play."  [1913 Webster]
pertv. i. 
     To behave with pertness.  Gauden.  [1913 Webster]


pert, abbr. programme evaluation and review technique.

pert, adj.
1 saucy or impudent, esp. in speech or conduct.
2 (of clothes etc.) neat and suggestive of jauntiness.
3 = PEART.

pertly adv. pertness n.
ME f. OF apert f. L apertus past part. of aperire open & f. OF aspert f. L expertus EXPERT



active, activist, activistic, aggressively self-confident, alert, alive, animate, animated, arch, arrogant, audacious, bantam, biggety, bluff, bold, bouncing, bouncy, brash, brassy, brazen, breezy, bright, brisk, bubbly, bumptious, challenging, cheeky, cheerful, chesty, chipper, chirk, chirpy, chirrupy, chutzpadik, cocky, conceited, contemptuous, crusty, daring, defiant, defying, derisive, disdainful, disregardful, disrespectful, ebullient, effervescent, energetic, enthusiastic, facy, flip, flippant, forward, fresh, frisky, full of go, full of life, full of pep, gally, gay, gratuitous, greatly daring, ill-mannered, immodest, impertinent, impolite, impudent, insolent, jaunty, jolly, keen, know-it-all, live, lively, malapert, mercurial, militant, nervy, nimble, obtrusive, out of line, overwise, peacockish, peacocky, peart, peppy, perk, perky, presumptuous, puffed up, quicksilver, regardless of consequences, rude, sassy, saucy, self-conceited, self-opinionated, smacking, smart, smart-alecky, smart-ass, snappy, spanking, spirited, sprightly, spry, stuck-up, swelled-headed, uncalled-for, uncivil, unmannerly, vivacious, wise-ass, zingy




N vanity, conceit, conceitedness, self-conceit, self- complacency, self-confidence, self-sufficiency, self-esteem, self-love, self-approbation, self-praise, self-glorification, self-laudation, self-gratulation, self-applause, self-admiration, amour propre, selfishness, airs, affected manner, pretensions, mannerism, egotism, priggism, priggishness, coxcombry, gaudery, vainglory, elation, pride, ostentation, assurance, vox et praeterea nihil, cheval de bataille, coxcomb, Sir Oracle, vain, vain as a peacock, proud as a peacock, conceited, overweening, pert, forward, vainglorious, high-flown, ostentatious, puffed up, inflated, flushed, self-satisfied, self-confident, self-sufficient, self-flattering, self-admiring, self-applauding, self-glorious, self-opinionated, entente, wise in one's own conceit, pragmatical, overwise, pretentious, priggish, egotistic, egotistical, soi-disant, arrogant, unabashed, unblushing, unconstrained, unceremonious, free and easy, vainly, how we apples swim!, prouder than rustling in unpaid-for silk.


N insolence, haughtiness, arrogance, airs, overbearance, domineering, tyranny, impertinence, sauciness, flippancy, dicacity, petulance, procacity, bluster, swagger, swaggering, bounce, terrorism, assumption, presumption, beggar on horseback, usurpation, impudence, assurance, audacity, hardihood, front, face, brass, shamelessness, effrontery, hardened front, face of brass, assumption of infallibility, saucebox, insolent, haughty, arrogant, imperious, magisterial, dictatorial, arbitrary, high-handed, high and mighty, contumelious, supercilious, overbearing, intolerant, domineering, overweening, high-flown, flippant, pert, fresh, cavalier, saucy, forward, impertinent, malapert, precocious, assuming, would-be, bumptious, bluff, brazen, shameless, aweless, unblushlng, unabashed, brazen, boldfaced-, barefaced-, brazen-faced, dead to shame, lost to shame, impudent, audacious, presumptuous, free and easy, devil-may-care, rollicking, jaunty, janty, roistering, blustering, hectoring, swaggering, vaporing, thrasonic, fire eating, full of sound and fury, with a high hand, ex cathedra, one's bark being worse than his bite, beggars mounted run their horse to death, quid times? Caesarem vehis, wagahai wa (expressing superiority).


N discourtesy, ill breeding, ill manners, bad manners, ungainly manners, insuavity, uncourteousness rusticity, inurbanity, illiberality, incivility displacency, disrespect, procacity, impudence: barbarism, barbarity, misbehavior, brutality, blackguardism, conduct unbecoming a gentleman, grossieret_e, brusquerie, vulgarity, churlishness, spinosity, perversity, moroseness, sternness, austerity, moodishness, captiousness, cynicism, tartness, acrimony, acerbity, virulence, asperity, scowl, black looks, frown, short answer, rebuff, hard words, contumely, unparliamentary language, personality, bear, bruin, brute, blackguard, beast, unlicked cub, frump, crosspatch, saucebox, crooked stick, grizzly, discourteous, uncourteous, uncourtly, ill-bred, ill-mannered, ill-behaved, ill-conditioned, unbred, unmannerly, unmannered, impolite, unpolite, unpolished, uncivilized, ungenteel, ungentleman-like, ungentlemanly, unladylike, blackguard, vulgar, dedecorous, foul- mouthed foul-spoken, abusive, uncivil, ungracious, unceremonious, cool, pert, forward, obtrusive, impudent, rude, saucy, precocious, repulsive, uncomplaisant, unaccommodating, unneighborly, ungallant, inaffable, ungentle, ungainly, rough, rugged, bluff, blunt, gruff, churlish, boorish, bearish, brutal, brusque, stern, harsh, austere, cavalier, taint, sour, crabbed, sharp, short, trenchant, sarcastic, biting, doggish, caustic, virulent, bitter, acrimonious, venomous, contumelious, snarling, surly, surly as a bear, perverse, grim, sullen, peevish, untactful, impolitic, undiplomatic, artless, discourteously, with discourtesy, with a bad grace.

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