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Noun, Adjective, Adverb, Preposition


Noun past has 3 senses

Adjective past has 2 senses

Adverbial past has 1 sense


pasta. [From Pass, v.].
     Of or pertaining to a former time or state; neither present nor future; gone by; elapsed; ended; spent; as, past troubles; past offences.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]
Past master. See under Master.
     A former time or state; a state of things gone by.  D. Webster.  [1913 Webster]
    "The present is only intelligible in the light of the past, often a very remote past indeed."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Beyond, in position, or degree; further than; beyond the reach or influence of.  [1913 Webster]
    "Until we be past thy borders."  [1913 Webster]
    "Love, when once past government, is consequently past shame."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Beyond, in time; after; as, past the hour.  [1913 Webster]
    "Is it not past two o'clock?"  [1913 Webster]
  •  Above; exceeding; more than.  [1913 Webster]
    "Not past three quarters of a mile."  [1913 Webster]
    "Bows not past three quarters of a yard long."  [1913 Webster]
     By; beyond; as, he ran past.  [1913 Webster]
    "The alarum of drums swept past."  [1913 Webster]


past, adj., n., prep., & adv.
1 gone by in time and no longer existing (in past years; the time is past).
2 recently completed or gone by (the past month; for some time past).
3 relating to a former time (past president).
4 Gram. expressing a past action or state.
1 (prec. by the) a past time. b what has happened in past time (cannot undo the past).
2 a person's past life or career, esp. if discreditable (a man with a past).
3 a past tense or form.
1 beyond in time or place (is past two o'clock; ran past the house).
2 beyond the range, duration, or compass of (past belief; past endurance).
--adv. so as to pass by (hurried past).

not put it past a person believe it possible of a person. past it colloq. incompetent or unusable through age. past master
1 a person who is especially adept or expert in an activity, subject, etc.
2 a person who has been a master in a guild, Freemason's lodge, etc. past perfect = PLUPERFECT.
past part. of PASS(1) v.



n. That part of Eternity with some small fraction of which we have a slight and regrettable acquaintance. A moving line called the Present parts it from an imaginary period known as the Future. These two grand divisions of Eternity, of which the one is continually effacing the other, are entirely unlike. The one is dark with sorrow and disappointment, the other bright with prosperity and joy. The Past is the region of sobs, the Future is the realm of song. In the one crouches Memory, clad in sackcloth and ashes, mumbling penitential prayer; in the sunshine of the other Hope flies with a free wing, beckoning to temples of success and bowers of ease. Yet the Past is the Future of yesterday, the Future is the Past of to-morrow. They are one -- the knowledge and the dream.



above, above and beyond, across, after, ago, ancient, antecedent, anterior, antiquated, antique, antiquity, aorist, aoristic, background, before, behind, beyond, biography, blown over, by, bygone, bygone days, bypast, career, chronology, close by, continuity, dated, days beyond recall, days gone by, days of old, days of yore, dead, dead and buried, dead and gone, deceased, defunct, departed, disused, done, duration, durative, duree, early, elapsed, erstwhile, existence, expired, extinct, finished, fore, foregoing, foretime, forgotten, former, former times, future, future perfect, gone, gone glimmering, gone out, gone-by, has-been, heretofore, historical present, history, immemorial, imperfect, in excess of, irrecoverable, lang syne, lapsed, last, lastingness, late, later than, life, lifetime, nearby, no more, obsolete, old, old times, olden, olden times, on, once, onetime, out, out of style, out of use, outside, outworn, over, over and above, passe, passed, passed away, past perfect, perfect, perfective, period, pluperfect, point tense, precedent, prehistoric, present, present perfect, preterit, preteritive, previous, primeval, primitive, prior, progressive tense, psychological time, quondam, recent, run out, since, sometime, space, space-time, subsequent to, tense, term, the future, the past, the present, then, tide, time, timebinding, too deep for, vanished, while, whilom, without, wound up, yesterday, yesteryear, yore



The Past

N the past, past time, days of yore, times of yore, days of old, times of old, days past, times past, days gone by, times gone by, bygone days, old times, ancient times, former times, fore time, the good old days, the olden time, good old time, auld lang syne, eld, antiquity, antiqueness, status quo, time immemorial, distance of time, remote age, remote time, remote past, rust of antiquity, paleontology, paleography, paleology, paleozoology, palaetiology, archaeology, paleogeography, paleoecology, paleobotany, paleoclimatoogy, archaism, antiquarianism, medievalism, Pre-Raphaelitism, paleography, retrospect, retrospection, looking back, memory, laudator temporis acti, medievalist, Pre-Raphaelite, antiquary, antiquarian, archmologist, Oldbuck, Dryasdust, ancestry, past, gone, gone by, over, passed away, bygone, foregone, elapsed, lapsed, preterlapsed, expired, no more, run out, blown over, has-been, that has been, extinct, antediluvian, antebellum, never to return, gone with the wind, exploded, forgotten, irrecoverable, obsolete, former, pristine, quondam, ci-devant, late, ancestral, foregoing, last, latter, recent, over night, preterperfect, preterpluperfect, looking back, retrospective, retroactive, archaeological, paleo-, archaeo-, formerly, of old, of yore, erst, whilom, erewhile, time was, ago, over, in the olden time, anciently, long ago, long since, a long while, a long time ago, years ago, yesteryear, ages ago, some time ago, some time since, some time back, yesterday, the day before yesterday, last year, ultimo, lately, retrospectively, ere now, before now, till now, hitherto, heretofore, no longer, once, once upon a time, from time immemorial, from prehistoric times, in the memory of man, time out of mind, already, yet, up to this time, ex post facto, time was, the time has been, the time hath been, you can't go home again, fuimus Troes, fruit Ilium, hoc erat in more majorum, O call back yesterday, bid time return, tempi passati, the eternal landscape of the past, ultimus Romanorum, what's past is prologue, whose yesterdays look backward with a smile, Time with reference to a particular period.

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