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Verb (usu participle)


Verb mislead has 2 senses


misleadv. t. [AS. misl. See Mis-, and Lead to conduct.].
     To lead into a wrong way or path; to lead astray; to guide into error; to cause to mistake; to deceive.  [1913 Webster]
    "Trust not servants who mislead or misinform you."  [1913 Webster]
    "To give due light
    To the mislead and lonely traveler.
    "  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- To delude; deceive. See Deceive.


mislead, v.tr. (past and past part. -led)
1 cause (a person) to go wrong, in conduct, belief, etc.
2 lead astray or in the wrong direction.

misleader n.



abuse, bamboozle, be untruthful, beguile, betray, bluff, bowl a googly, bunk, con, corrupt, cozen, debauch, deceive, defile, deflower, delude, despoil, double-cross, draw the longbow, dupe, entice, equivocate, exaggerate, falsify, fib, flimflam, fool, force, gull, hoodwink, humbug, inveigle, juggle, lead astray, lie, lie flatly, lure, misadvise, misdirect, miseducate, misguide, misinform, misinstruct, misteach, mystify, obfuscate, obscure, outwit, pervert, prevaricate, rape, ravage, ravish, ruin, seduce, soil, speak falsely, story, stretch the truth, sully, take, take in, tell a lie, tempt, throw a curve, trick, violate



& Sophistry

VB judge intuitively, judge by intuition, hazard a proposition, hazard a guess, talk at random, reason ill, falsely, misjudge, paralogize, take on faith, take as a given, assume (supposition), pervert, quibble, equivocate, mystify, evade, elude, gloss over, varnish, misteach, mislead, cavil, refine, subtilize, split hairs, misrepresent, beg the question, reason in a circle, reason in circles, assume the conclusion, cut blocks with a razor, beat about the bush, play fast and loose, play fast and loose with the facts, blow hot and cold, prove that black is white and white black, travel out of the record, parler a tort et a travers, put oneself out of court, not have a leg to stand on, judge hastily, shoot from the hip, jump to conclusions (misjudgment).


VB be erroneous, cause error, mislead, misguide, lead astray, lead into error, beguile, misinform, delude, give a false impression, give a false idea, falsify, misstate, deceive, lie, err, be in error, be mistaken, be deceived, mistake, receive a false impression, deceive oneself, fall into error, lie under error, labor under an error, be in the wrong, blunder, misapprehend, misconceive, misunderstand, misreckon, miscount, miscalculate, play at cross purposes, be at cross purposes, trip, stumble, lose oneself, go astray, fail, be in the wrong box, take the wrong sow by the ear, put the saddle on the wrong horse, reckon without one's host, take the shadow for the substance, dream.


VB misinform, misteach, misdescribe, misinstruct, miscorrect, misdirect, misguide, pervert, put on a false scent, throw off the scent, throw off the trail, deceive, mislead, misrepresent, lie, ambiguas in vulgum spargere voces, propagandize, disinform, render unintelligible, bewilder, mystify, unteach, propagandist.


VB deceive, take in, defraud, cheat, jockey, do, cozen, diddle, nab, chouse, play one false, bilk, cully, jilt, bite, pluck, swindle, victimize, abuse, mystify, blind one's eyes, blindfold, hoodwink, throw dust into the eyes, dupe, gull, hoax, fool, befool, bamboozle, flimflam, hornswoggle, trick, impose upon, practice upon, play upon, put upon, palm off on, palm upon, foist upon, snatch a verdict, bluff off, bluff, bunko, four flush, gum, spoof, stuff (a ballot box), circumvent, overreach, outreach, out wit, out maneuver, steal a march upon, give the go-by, to leave in the lurch decoy, waylay, lure, beguile, delude, inveigle, entrap, intrap, ensnare, nick, springe, set a trap, lay a trap, lay a snare for, bait the hook, forelay, spread the toils, lime, trapan, trepan, kidnap, let in, hook in, nousle, nousel, blind a trail, enmesh, immesh, shanghai, catch, catch in a trap, sniggle, entangle, illaqueate, hocus, escamoter, practice on one's credulity, hum, humbug, gammon, stuff up, sell, play a trick upon one, play a practical joke upon one, put something over on one, put one over on, balk, trip up, throw a tub to a whale, fool to the top of one's bent, send on a fool's errand, make game, make a fool of, make an April fool of, make an ass of, trifle with, cajole, flatter, come over, gild the pill, make things pleasant, divert, put a good face upon, dissemble, cog, cog the dice, load the dice, stack the deck, live by one's wits, play at hide and seek, obtain money under false pretenses, conjure, juggle, practice chicanery, deacon, play off, palm off, foist off, fob-off, lie, misinform, mislead, betray, be deceived.

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