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micromercurialismn. [micro + mercurialism. Coined by the chemist A. Stock in 1926. See mercurialism.].
     A form of mercury poisoning resulting from long term exposure to low doses of mercury. The syndrome of micromercurialism involves complex symptoms of stress, fatigue, memory loss, fine tremors, muscular and reflex insufficiency and low blood pressure, caused by accumulation of mercury in the system. A condition of hyperthermia is accompanied by a series of functional changes under the effects of mercury. The combined simultaneous effect of toxic action, temperature and galvanic response infers a cycle of disintegration and change.
    "As proposed by Stock, the syndrome was considered as the union of pathological changes in human body caused by means of low concentrations (as low as 0.01 mg per cubic meter) of mercury vapor over long exposure times (up to 10 years)."  [PJC]
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