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make up to



make up to

act on, act up to, agree to anything, answer, approach, atone, bear for, bear up for, bear up to, bear upon, break for, break the ice, brown-nose, communicate with, contact, correspond, court, cultivate, curry favor, dance attendance on, dash for, draw, draw on, establish connection, exert influence, fall all over, fall over, fawn upon, get cozy with, get to, go for, handshake, hit for, interrogate, kick back, lay for, lead on, lobby, lobby through, magnetize, maintain connection, make advances, make amends, make contact with, make court to, make for, make good, make overtures, make reparation, make restitution, make up for, pay addresses to, pay back, pay court to, pay in kind, play up to, polish the apple, pull strings, pursue, question, quit, raise, reach, recoup, redress, refund, reimburse, relate to, repay, reply to, requite, respond to, run after, run for, sail for, set out for, shine up to, spark, steer for, suck up to, sue, sweetheart, wire-pull, woo, work on


make up to


VB speak to, address, accost, make up to, apostrophize, appeal to, invoke, ball, salute, call to, halloo, take aside, take by the button, talk to in private, lecture, Int, soho!, halloo!, hey!, hist!.


VB approach, approximate, appropinquate, near, get near, go near, draw near, come to close quarters, come near, move towards, set in towards, drift, make up to, gain upon, pursue, tread on the heels of, bear up, make the land, hug the shore, hug the land.

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