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Adjective insensible has 4 senses


insensiblea. [L. insensibilis: cf. F. insensible. See In- not, and Sensible.].
  •  Destitute of the power of feeling or perceiving; wanting bodily sensibility; unconscious.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not susceptible of emotion or passion; void of feeling; apathetic; unconcerned; indifferent; as, insensible to danger, fear, love, etc.; -- often used with of or to.  [1913 Webster]
    "Accept an obligation without being a slave to the giver, or insensible to his kindness."  [1913 Webster]
    "Lost in their loves, insensible of shame."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Incapable of being perceived by the senses; imperceptible. Hence: Progressing by imperceptible degrees; slow; gradual; as, insensible motion.  [1913 Webster]
    "Two small and almost insensible pricks were found upon Cleopatra's arm."  [1913 Webster]
    "They fall away,
    And languish with insensible decay.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not sensible or reasonable; meaningless.  [1913 Webster]
    "If it make the indictment be insensible or uncertain, it shall be quashed."
  •  Incapable of feeling a specific sensation or emotion; as, insensible to pity.  [PJC]
Syn. -- Imperceptible; imperceivable; dull; stupid; torpid; numb; unfeeling; apathetic; stoical; impassive; indifferent; unsusceptible; hard; callous.


insensible, adj.
1 a without one's mental faculties; unconscious. b (of the extremities etc.) numb; without feeling.
2 (usu. foll. by of, to) unaware; indifferent (insensible of her needs).
3 without emotion; callous.
4 too small or gradual to be perceived; inappreciable.

insensibly adv.
ME f. OF insensible or L insensibilis (as IN-(1), SENSIBLE)



a stranger to, abiotic, absorbed, anesthetic, anesthetized, apathetic, asleep, azoic, behind the curtain, behind the scenes, benumbed, blind, blind to, blindfold, blindfolded, bloodless, blunt, callous, camouflaged, caught napping, cold, comatose, concealed, cool, dead, dead to, deadened, deaf, deaf to, dim-sighted, disguised, dispassionate, dull, dumb, emotionless, engrossed, exanimate, hard, hardened, hidden, impalpable, impassible, impassive, imperceptible, imperceptive, impercipient, impervious, imponderable, in ignorance of, inanimate, inanimated, inappreciable, incognizant, inconsiderate, indifferent, indiscernible, indurated, inert, insensate, insensible to, insensitive, insentient, intangible, intent, invisible, latent, lifeless, lost to, mind-blind, mindless, mute, myopic, napping, nearsighted, nonconceiving, nonconscious, nonliving, nonunderstanding, not with it, numb, numbed, obdurate, oblivious, obtuse, out, out cold, out of it, out of sight, pachydermatous, phlegmatic, preoccupied, purblind, rapt, rocky, secret, senseless, shortsighted, sightless, soulless, stoic, stolid, submerged, thick-skinned, thick-witted, thoughtless, torpid, unaffected, unanimated, unapparent, unappreciable, unapprehending, unaware, unaware of, unbeheld, unbeholdable, uncomprehending, unconscious, unconscious of, undiscernible, undiscerning, unfeeling, unfelt, unhearing, uninsightful, unknowing, unmindful, unmindful of, unmoved, unnoticed, unobservable, unobserved, unperceivable, unperceived, unperceiving, unperceptive, unprehensive, unrealized, unrealizing, unseeable, unseeing, unseen, unsusceptible, unsuspecting, untouched, unviewed, unwitnessed, unwitting, viewless, witless




N insensibility, insensibleness, moral insensibility, inertness, inertia, vis inertiae, impassibility, impassibleness, inappetency, apathy, phlegm, dullness, hebetude, supineness, lukewarmness, cold fit, cold blood, cold heart, coldness, coolness, frigidity, sang froid, stoicism, imperturbation, nonchalance, unconcern, dry eyes, insouciance, recklessness, callousness, heart of stone, stock and stone, marble, deadness, torpor, torpidity, obstupefaction, lethargy, coma, trance, vegetative state, sleep, suspended animation, stupor, stupefaction, paralysis, palsy, numbness, neutrality, quietism, vegetation, insensible, unconscious, impassive, impassible, blind to, deaf to, dead to, unsusceptible, insusceptible, unimpressionable, unimpressible, passionless, spiritless, heartless, soulless, unfeeling, unmoral, apathetic, leuco-, phlegmatic, dull, frigid, cold blooded, cold hearted, cold as charity, flat, maudlin, obtuse, inert, supine, sluggish, torpid, torpedinous, torporific, sleepy, languid, half-hearted, tame, numbed, comatose, anaesthetic, stupefied, chloroformed, drugged, stoned, palsy-stricken, indifferent, lukewarm, careless, mindless, regardless, inattentive, neglectful, disregarding, unconcerned, nonchalant, pococurante, insouciant, sans souci, unambitious, unaffected, unruffled, unimpressed, uninspired, unexcited, unmoved, unstirred, untouched, unshocked, unstruck, unblushing, unanimated, vegetative, callous, thick-skinned, hard-nosed, pachydermatous, impervious, hardened, inured, casehardened, steeled against, proof against, imperturbable, unfelt, insensibly, aequo animo, without being moved, without being touched, without being impressed, in cold blood, with dry eyes, with withers unwrung, never mind, macht nichts, it is of no consequence, it cannot be helped, nothing coming amiss, it is all the same to, it is all one to.


N slowness, languor, drawl, creeping, lentor, retardation, slackening, delay, claudication, jog trot, dog trot, mincing steps, slow march, slow time, slow goer, slow coach, slow back, lingerer, loiterer, sluggard, tortoise, snail, poke, dawdle, slow, slack, tardy, dilatory, gentle, easy, leisurely, deliberate, gradual, insensible, imperceptible, glacial, languid, sluggish, slow paced, tardigrade, snail-like, creeping, reptatorial, slowly, leisurely, piano, adagio, largo, larghetto, at half speed, under easy sail, at a foots pace, at a snail's pace, at a funeral pace, in slow time, with mincing steps, with clipped wings, haud passibus aequis, gradually, gradatim, by degrees, by slow degrees, by inches, by little and little, step by step, one step at a time, inch by inch, bit by bit, little by little, seriatim, consecutively, dum Roma deliberat Saguntum perit, at a glacial pace.

Physical Insensibility

N insensibility, physical insensibility, obtuseness, palsy, paralysis, paraesthesia, anaesthesia, sleep, hemiplegia, motor paralysis, vegetable state, coma, anaesthetic agent, opium, ether, chloroform, chloral, nitrous oxide, laughing gas, exhilarating gas, protoxide of nitrogen, refrigeration, insensible, unfeeling, senseless, impercipient, callous, thick- skinned, pachydermatous, hard, hardened, case hardened, proof, obtuse, dull, anaesthetic, comatose, paralytic, palsied, numb, dead.

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