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Noun indemnity has 3 senses


indemnityn. [L. indemnitas, fr. indemnis uninjured: cf. F. indemnité. See Indemnify.].
  •  Security; insurance; exemption from loss or damage, past or to come; immunity from penalty, or the punishment of past offenses; amnesty.  [1913 Webster]
    "Having first obtained a promise of indemnity for the riot they had committed."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Indemnification, compensation, or remuneration for loss, damage, or injury sustained.  [1913 Webster]
    " Insurance is a contract of indemnity. Arnould. The owner of private property taken for public use is entitled to compensation or indemnity."  Kent.  [1913 Webster]
    "They were told to expect, upon the fall of Walpole, a large and lucrative indemnity for their pretended wrongs."  [1913 Webster]
Act of indemnity (Law), an act or law passed in order to relieve persons, especially in an official station, from some penalty to which they are liable in consequence of acting illegally, or, in case of ministers, in consequence of exceeding the limits of their strict constitutional powers. These acts also sometimes provide compensation for losses or damage, either incurred in the service of the government, or resulting from some public measure.


indemnity, n. (pl. -ies)
1 a compensation for loss incurred. b a sum paid for this, esp. a sum exacted by a victor in war etc. as one condition of peace.
2 security against loss.
3 legal exemption from penalties etc. incurred.

ME f. F indemnit{eacute} or LL indemnitas -tatis (as INDEMNIFY)



absolution, amends, amnesty, assurance, atonement, award, balancing, blood money, bond, certification, commutation, compensation, composition, compromise, consideration, counteraction, counterbalancing, damages, disbursement, endorsement, exculpation, excuse, exemption, exoneration, expiation, expiatory offering, grace, guarantee, guaranty, guerdon, honorarium, immunity, impunity, indemnification, insurance, lex talionis, making amends, making good, making right, making up, meed, nolle prosequi, non prosequitur, nonprosecution, offsetting, pardon, payment, peace offering, piaculum, price, privilege, propitiation, protection, quid pro quo, quittance, reckoning, reclamation, recompense, rectification, redemption, redress, reimbursement, remission, remission of sin, remuneration, reparation, repayment, reprieve, reprisal, requital, requitement, restitution, restoration, retaliation, retribution, return, revenge, reward, safety, salvage, satisfaction, security, shrift, smart money, solatium, sparing, squaring, stay, stocks and bonds, substitution, surety, tie, warrant, warranty, wergild




N compensation, equation, commutation, indemnification, compromise, neutralization, nullification, counteraction, reaction, measure for measure, retaliation, equalization, robbing Peter to pay Paul, set-off, offset, make-weight, casting-weight, counterpoise, ballast, indemnity, equivalent, quid pro quo, bribe, hush money, amends, counterbalance, counterclaim, cross-debt, cross- demand, compensating, compensatory, countervailing, in the opposite scale, equivalent, in return, in consideration, but, however, yet, still, notwithstanding, nevertheless, nathless, none the less, although, though, albeit, howbeit, mauger, at all events, at any rate, be that as it may, for all that, even so, on the other, hand, at the same time, quoad minus, quand meme, however that may be, after all is said and done, taking one thing with another, light is mingled with the gloom, every dark cloud has a silver lining, primo avulso non deficit alter, saepe creat molles aspera spina rosas.


N reward, recompense, remuneration, meed, guerdon, reguerdon, price, indemnity, indemnification, quittance, compensation, reparation, redress, satisfaction, reckoning, acknowledgment, requital, amends, sop, atonement, retribution, consideration, return, quid pro quo, salvage, perquisite, vail, douceur, bribe, hush money, smart money, blackmail, extortion, carcelage, solatium, allowance, salary, stipend, wages, compensation, pay, payment, emolument, tribute, batta, shot, scot, bonus, premium, tip, fee, honorarium, hire, dasturi, dustoori, mileage, crown, remunerative, remuneratory, munerary, compensatory, retributive, reparatory, rewarding, satisfactory, fideli certa merces, honor virtutis praemium, tibi seris tibi metis.


N forgiveness, pardon, condonation, grace, remission, absolution, amnesty, oblivion, indulgence, reprieve, conciliation, reconcilement, reconciliation, propitiation, excuse, exoneration, quittance, release, indemnity, bill of indemnity, act of indemnity, covenant of indemnity, deed of indemnity, exculpation, longanimity, placability, amantium irae, locus paenitentiae, forbearance, forgiving, placable, conciliatory, forgiven, unresented, unavenged, unrevenged, cry you mercy, veniam petimusque damusque vicissim, more in sorrow than in anger, comprendre tout c'est tout pardonner, the offender never pardons.

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