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in suspense



in suspense

abeyant, addled, anxious, apathetic, apprehensive, at a loss, at issue, baffled, bamboozled, beat, buffaloed, cataleptic, catatonic, conditional, conditioned, confounded, confusedly, contingent, dazed, dazedly, dead, dependent, depending, disconcertedly, dopey, dormant, doubtfully, dubiously, dull, flat, floored, foul, fuddled, groggy, heavy, in a daze, in a dilemma, in a maze, in abeyance, in question, in the balance, inactive, inert, keyed-up, languid, languorous, latent, leaden, licked, lifeless, logy, mazedly, muddled, mystified, nonplussed, on edge, on tenterhooks, on tiptoe, open, passive, pendent, pending, perplexed, perplexedly, phlegmatic, puzzled, quivering, sedentary, slack, sleeping, sluggish, slumbering, smoldering, stagnant, standing, static, stuck, stumped, suspended, suspenseful, tame, taut, tense, thrown, torpid, unaroused, uncertainly, uncounted, undecided, undetermined, unestablished, unfixed, unsettled, untold, up for grabs, with bated breath, with muscles tense


in suspense

Physical Inertness

N physical inertness, inertness, dullness, inertia, vis inertiae, inertion, inactivity, torpor, languor, quiescence, latency, inaction, passivity, mental inertness, sloth, inexcitability, irresolution, obstinacy, permanence, rare gas, paraffin, noble metal, unreactivity, inert, inactive, passive, torpid, sluggish, dull, heavy, flat, slack, tame, slow, blunt, unreactive, lifeless, dead, uninfluential, latent, dormant, smoldering, unexerted, inactively, in suspense, in abeyance.


N uncertainty, incertitude, doubt, doubtfulness, dubiety, dubitation, dubitancy, dubitousness, hesitation, suspense, perplexity, embarrassment, dilemma, bewilderment, timidity, vacillation, diaporesis, indetermination, vagueness, haze, fog, obscurity, ambiguity, contingency, dependence, dependency, double contingency, possibility upon a possibility, open question, onus probandi, blind bargain, pig in a poke, leap in the dark, something or other, needle in a haystack, needle in a bottle of hay, roving commission, precariousness, fallibility, uncertain, casual, random, changeable, doubtful, dubious, indecisive, unsettled, undecided, undetermined, in suspense, open to discussion, controvertible, in question, vague, indeterminate, indefinite, ambiguous, equivocal, undefined, undefinable, confused, mystic, oracular, dazed, perplexing, enigmatic, paradoxical, apocryphal, problematical, hypothetical, experimental, unpredictable, unforeseeable (unknowable), fallible, questionable, precarious, slippery, ticklish, debatable, disputable, unreliable, untrustworthy, contingent, contingent on, dependent on, subject to, dependent on circumstances, occasional, provisional, unauthentic, unauthenticated, unauthoritative, unascertained, unconfirmed, undemonstrated, untold, uncounted, in a state of uncertainty, in a cloud, in a maze, bushed, off the track, ignorant, afraid to say, out of one's reckoning, astray, adrift, at sea, at fault, at a loss, at one's wit's end, at a nonplus, puzzled, lost, abroad, d_esorient_e, distracted, distraught, pendente lite, sub spe rati, Heaven knows, who can tell? who shall decide when doctors disagr.

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