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Adjective haughty has 1 sense

  • haughty(s = adj.all) disdainful, imperious, lordly, overbearing, prideful, sniffy, supercilious, swaggering - having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy; "some economists are disdainful of their colleagues in other social disciplines"; "haughty aristocrats"; "his lordly manners were offensive"; "walked with a prideful swagger"; "very sniffy about breaches of etiquette"; "his mother eyed my clothes with a supercilious air"; "a more swaggering mood than usual"
  • Derived form noun haughtiness1


haughtya. [OE. hautein, F. hautain, fr. haut high, OF. also halt, fr. L. altus. See Altitude.].
  •  High; lofty; bold.  [1913 Webster]
    "To measure the most haughty mountain's height."  [1913 Webster]
    "Equal unto this haughty enterprise."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Disdainfully or contemptuously proud; arrogant; overbearing.  [1913 Webster]
    "A woman of a haughty and imperious nature."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Indicating haughtiness; as, a haughty carriage.  [1913 Webster]
    "Satan, with vast and haughty strides advanced,
    Came towering.
    "  [1913 Webster]


haughty, adj. (haughtier, haughtiest) arrogantly self-admiring and disdainful.

haughtily adv. haughtiness n.
extension of haught (adj.), earlier haut f. OF haut f. L altus high



Olympian, aerial, airy, aloof, altitudinous, arrogant, ascending, aspiring, belittling, big, boastful, cavalier, clannish, cliquish, colossal, complacent, conceited, condescending, contemptuous, contumelious, derisive, detached, disdainful, distant, dominating, domineering, egotistic, egotistical, elevated, eminent, ethereal, exalted, exclusive, high, high and mighty, high-and-mighty, high-faluting, high-flown, high-headed, high-nosed, high-pitched, high-reaching, high-set, high-up, highfalutin, hoity-toity, indifferent, insolent, la-di-da, lofty, lordly, monumental, mounting, outtopping, overbearing, overlooking, overtopping, overweening, patronizing, presumptuous, pretentious, prominent, proud, purse-proud, reserved, scornful, self-important, self-satisfied, smug, sneering, sniffy, snobbish, snobby, snooty, snotty, soaring, spiring, steep, stuck-up, sublime, supercilious, superior, superlative, supernal, swelled-headed, topless, toploftical, toplofty, topping, towering, towery, uplifted, uppish, uppity, upreared, upstage, vain, withering




N severity, strictness, harshness, rigor, stringency, austerity, inclemency, arrogance, precisianism, arbitrary power, absolutism, despotism, dictatorship, autocracy, tyranny, domineering, oppression, assumption, usurpation, inquisition, reign of terror, martial law, iron heel, iron rule, iron hand, iron sway, tight grasp, brute force, brute strength, coercion, strong hand, tight hand, hard lines, hard measure, tender mercies, sharp practice, pipe-clay, officialism, tyrant, disciplinarian, precisian, martinet, stickler, bashaw, despot, hard master, Draco, oppressor, inquisitor, extortioner, harpy, vulture, accipitres, birds of prey, raptorials, raptors, severe, strict, hard, harsh, dour, rigid, stiff, stern, rigorous, uncompromising, exacting, exigent, exigeant, inexorable, inflexible, obdurate, austere, hard-headed, hard-nosed, hard-shell, relentless, Spartan, Draconian, stringent, strait-laced, searching, unsparing, iron-handed, peremptory, absolute, positive, arbitrary, imperative, coercive, tyrannical, extortionate, grinding, withering, oppressive, inquisitorial, inclement, cruel, haughty, arrogant, precisian, severely, with a high hand, with a strong hand, with a tight hand, with a heavy hand, at the point of the sword, at the point of the bayonet, Delirant reges plectuntur Achivi, manu forti, ogni debole ha sempre il suo tiranno.


N insolence, haughtiness, arrogance, airs, overbearance, domineering, tyranny, impertinence, sauciness, flippancy, dicacity, petulance, procacity, bluster, swagger, swaggering, bounce, terrorism, assumption, presumption, beggar on horseback, usurpation, impudence, assurance, audacity, hardihood, front, face, brass, shamelessness, effrontery, hardened front, face of brass, assumption of infallibility, saucebox, insolent, haughty, arrogant, imperious, magisterial, dictatorial, arbitrary, high-handed, high and mighty, contumelious, supercilious, overbearing, intolerant, domineering, overweening, high-flown, flippant, pert, fresh, cavalier, saucy, forward, impertinent, malapert, precocious, assuming, would-be, bumptious, bluff, brazen, shameless, aweless, unblushlng, unabashed, brazen, boldfaced-, barefaced-, brazen-faced, dead to shame, lost to shame, impudent, audacious, presumptuous, free and easy, devil-may-care, rollicking, jaunty, janty, roistering, blustering, hectoring, swaggering, vaporing, thrasonic, fire eating, full of sound and fury, with a high hand, ex cathedra, one's bark being worse than his bite, beggars mounted run their horse to death, quid times? Caesarem vehis, wagahai wa (expressing superiority).


N contempt, disdain, scorn, sovereign contempt, despisal, despiciency, despisement, vilipendency, contumely, slight, sneer, spurn, by-word, despect, contemptuousness, scornful eye, smile of contempt, derision, despisedness, contemptuous, disdainful, scornful, withering, contumelious, supercilious, cynical, haughty, bumptious, cavalier, derisive, contemptible, despicable, pitiable, pitiful, despised, downtrodden, unenvied, unrespectable (unworthy), contemptuously, Int, a fig for, bah!, never mind!, away with!, hang it!, fiddlededee!, a dismal universal hiss, the sound of public scorn, I had rather be a dog and bay the moon than such a.

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