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fannie mae



Noun fannie mae has 1 sense


fannie mae

Federal Agency bond, Ginnie Mae, Series E bond, Series H bond, adjustment bond, annuity bond, appreciation bond, assented bond, assumed bond, baby bond, bearer bond, bearer certificate, bond, bond anticipation note, callable bond, collateral trust bond, consolidated annuities, consolidated stock, consols, convertible bond, convertible debenture, corporate bond, corporation stock, coupon bond, coupon rate, current income bond, current yield, debenture, deep-discount bond, defense bond, deferred bond, definitive bond, discount bond, equipment bond, equipment note, equipment trust, equipment trust bond, equipment trust certificate, extended bond, first mortgage bond, firsts, general mortgage bond, general obligation bond, government bond, guaranteed bond, high-grade bond, income bond, indenture, interchangeable bond, interim bond, joint bond, mortgage bond, municipal bond, negotiable bond, nominal rate, nonnegotiable bond, optional bond, par bond, participating bond, perpetual bond, premium bond, purchase money bond, refunding bond, registered bond, registered certificate, revenue bond, savings bond, second mortgage bond, seconds, secured bond, small bond, state bond, tax anticipation note, tax-free bond, treasury bond, trust indenture, trustee mortgage bond, unsecured bond, voting bond, war bond, yield to maturity
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